What Makes Guerrilla Marketing The Small Business Marketing Solution

One thing is for certain, and that is guerrilla marketing has a whole new approach compared to traditional marketing methods. This is covered extensively in various guerrilla marketing resources such as our site over athttp://www.gtraining.com.au.


The main differences are the following:


Instead of spending all your advertising dollars on traditional advertising media, guerrilla marketing would replace this with time, imagination and energy. Many of these techniques are free to use and specially designed for small to medium sized businesses. While traditional advertising would focus on brand preference, brand awareness, and market share, guerrilla marketing would focus on making profit instead.


It is easy to see why guerrilla marketing is the perfect solution. Besides, it mainly achieves success due to building strong relationships with competitors, suppliers and alliance partners. There should be no doubt in your mind that as things are getting tougher, more and more businesses are finding it hard to market and sell their wares. This is why guerrilla marketing, being a low cost as well as no cost marketing method is where place where people will turn their attention to when things get tougher.


Guerrilla marketing wins hands down in that it is a great tool for helping you get ready for a recession. In short, the Guerrilla marketing plan for any business should be short and to the point for everything to do with your business. Do not fall victim and be called a sheep and not a guerrilla as far as practicing marketing strategies are concerned. This is especially true during recession time when a lot of business owners lay low as they would reason that people do not have money to spend, so why waste time and effort in going all out with marketing what you think would be a good deal. During this time, you should utilize guerrilla marketing as an unconventional way of getting involved in marketing.


Some Questions that Will Provide answers.

  • What kind of outcome are you expecting using guerrilla marketing?
  • Are there any main benefits associated with guerrilla marketing, and what are they?
  • Who do you hope to target?
  • How strong is your marketing position?
  • What guerrilla marketing weapons will be used?
  • Do you have a real identity out there?
  • Lastly, do you have a budget to help you make provision for any unexpected costs?

Overall, going with a reliable guerrilla marketer like myself and the members of my team would be considered as the best way forward.