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Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy – How To Position Yourself Better By Means Of Backlinks

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Anyone who possesses a blog or website would want to make use of an effective guerrilla marketing strategy that involves backlinks to get themselves recognized as expert marketers. As a result, you may be keen to discover how backlinks can improve the ranking of your site or blog.


The whole purpose of backlinks is to attract prospects to your site or blog once they came across a comment or post made by you. It is just another way of networking where your customers are not even aware of it. Why all the hype about backlinking. Learn more about it in our next section.


Why are Backlinks So Important


Backlinks serve to get any webmaster or blog owner to rank higher with regards to page rank. It is crucial for website owners to attract a quality backlink as it could either count in their favour or against them as far as getting top quality traffic is concerned. It goes to show how guerrilla marketers reason. They will do what it takes to rank higher on the search engines. There is no need to splash around a lot of cash to achieve this. All it takes is time and patience.


We looked at some useful ways on how to get backlinks that actually means something


Natural Back linking


You must guard against making use of automated tools where you would rake in 1000s of backlinks in a short space of time. This is not how guerrilla marketing works. Besides, Google loves natural backlinks. Do not fall for schemes where you get to submit posts to thousand of sites as this will bite you in the back and get you banned by Google.


How many Backlinks do You Have?


Make an effort to find out how many backlinks you have. This will ensure you know what authority you have in the world wide web universe. You could use Open Site Explore or SeoMoz for this.


Utilising Forums to Get Backlinks


Forums are a great way to obtain quality backlinks. Not only will it serve to improve your visibility on the search engines, but you stand a very good chance of improving your page rank. It is another form of networking as you would be sharing points that are related to what you have to offer. This way your blog or site will automatically become a backlink. How cool is that for an effective guerrilla marketing strategy?


As long as you remember to comment regularly and actively get involved in discussiont that relates to your niche. It is one of the best ways to drive good traffic and backlinks that would mean something.


More marketers than ever before realize the importance of FREE guerrilla marketing tactics to get your business the recognition it deserves. One should therefore never undermine the power blogging has to help you obtain high quality backlinks.


Backlinks are an excellent way to attract more traffic. Having said that, it is really about where they come from that makes a difference.


One way to get the best backlinks is through posting legitimate comments on blogs that rank high or blogs within your niche. This way you get to post your link which in turn serves as your backlink.


People who find your comments valuable and informative will most likely head over to your website. This is how guerrilla marketers would go about leveraging the power of backlinks.

What To Look For In A Quality Online Marketing Course?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The market place is currently inundated with thousands of online marketing course offerings that will leave the prospective client with nothing tangible that they can apply in their daily and routine business activities. There are however a select few that is designed by individuals that has achieved success in their own careers and make tools available to their clients to improve their skills and business practices dramatically. When investigating these online courses the client is well advised to research the author and his achievements before enrolling.


A great online marketing course written by a successful and published author is the guerrilla marketing course on types of marketing tools and skills that the business owner can apply in his own enterprises to grow his business. The author and presenter of the course will show the entrepreneur how to attract new clients and the required strategies needed to improve the effectiveness and service to their client base.


The online marketing course is designed for the use of internet marketing as the new tool in expanding a business into a huge and effective business conglomerate by following their simple and easy to use proven strategies. The business environment has changed so dramatically over the last decade that the skills offered at universities in marketing and business degrees has become obsolete.  Their value has diminished considerably as the skills taught have not kept pace with the new and exciting world opened by the advent of internet marketing.


The internet is a life medium and only a realistic online marketing course can keep the entrepreneur abreast of changes happening every second of the day. Enrolling on a course where the staff is active in internet marketing and has the track record to prove this can change the whole image and mission of the organisation that is ready to adopt these strategies into their own business environment. Having their experience and skills available as part of the course to discuss unique problems add value to the course.


The current financial climate has deteriorate over the past few years and the information gained from a top quality online marketing course and the latest strategies to improve your marketing share is vital for the future growth of a company. This is the best investment any organisation or individual can make to ensure they keep pace with the high technological strategies of internet marketing. Internet marketing will enable the entrepreneur to widen his client base and exposure of his products or services to an international market.

What Is The Three Biggest Mistakes An Online Marketing Course Will Highlight?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Marketing ideas that can be used in most businesses and is the core of a quality online marketing course. The effective online marketing course that is presented by experienced business entrepreneurs can highlight certain mistakes that are present in most companies and their marketing strategies. By using their past experience and having made the same mistakes this advice can help the participant in avoiding or improving the areas that is important.


The biggest problem that an online marketing course has identified in most participants it that entrepreneurs will prematurely abandon a great concept or idea after having invested large amounts of capital and energy into it. The online marketing course will teach the participants that repetition is the only way to get your message across to the clients. The mistake that most companies and marketing people make is to look at initial results and based on that may cancel the campaign. Ending a campaign prematurely will leave the marketing specialist without prove of failure or success.


The second important factor that an online marketing course will emphasize to the participants is the fact that most companies use to few tactics to generate new leads to grow their business. The suggested method is to find as many different avenues as possible to explore and use for the expansion of your client base. Companies or entrepreneurs must constantly evaluate the marketing ideas and strategies to keep abreast of the developments and changes in the market.


The last mistake that an online marketing course will identify as not being utilised correctly is the incorrect deployment of their strategies into areas that is unproductive and fails to yield profits to the business. When spending revenue on a strategy or marketing campaign the results that the strategy deliver must be measureable and must contribute to the profitability of the business. The employment of new tactics should only be considered once the existing tactics id working favourably for the company and yielding the desired results.


In summarising the advantages and benefits that an online marketing course can offer their participants the above three areas needs to be honestly and critically evaluated by the business owner. The entrepreneur on recognising the areas that need change or adjustment will see the immediate and drastic results this will make in the profitability of the enterprise.


The effective marketing strategies must be measurable and after running its course a decision on its effectiveness must be taken by the business owner.


What Is The Advantages Of An Online Marketing Course?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The advantages of an online marketing course lie in the fact that the course presenter is imparting knowledge and skills to the participants that can be applied in a practical way. The presenter has designed the effective online marketing course to help the participants avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that he has managed to overcome in building a successful business.


Most entrepreneurs doing an online marketing course has attended some form of formal tertiary education and afterwards realised that most of the material studied was outdated and totally impractical in the fast moving business climate. The presenter and author of an effective marketing course having being exposed to various business ventures that was successful can educated and lead the participants to achieve success.


When doing an online marketing course the participant is free to manage his organisation and at the same time start implementing the strategies learned on the course without being away from the office. The pace of the online course can be structures to coincide with the schedule of the participant.  During the online course the participant can experiment with the material received and the opportunity exist to share some ideas with fellow participants and the course presenter and staff. This exchange of ideas is a great benefit that could lead to increased value and functionality of the online course to the participants.


The strategy that is presented by experience and accomplished presenters of the online marketing course is ideas that the presenter has formulated through experience in their own enterprises.  Some of the strategies presented on the online marketing course is revolutionary and the unfortunate things is that formal tertiary training does not present this to their students. The online courses are also the domain of individuals that has put these new and revolutionary different strategies to work in their personal business ventures and has proved their use and effectiveness.


The benefit that an online marketing course can offer the organisation is that this can be used as additional training to improve the skills of the employees whilst improving the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of the organisation. Exposure to new ideas and concepts in modern marketing can improve both the profitability and growth of the company. Internet marketing is a new and exciting concept that some of the older and more settled organisations can use to increase their market share and also expansion into related products and services.


What Can The Experience Of An Online Marketing Course Presenter Have On Its Effectiveness?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Because of the mass of courses and online courses available in various disciplines on the internet the credibility and track record of the online marketing course presenter will have to be impeccable. The organisation or individual seeking to broaden their knowledge and use of modern strategies and techniques must be assured that the knowledge gained will benefit their enterprise. This makes the past successes of the presenter the focal point in the decision to invest both money and time into doing an online course.


The experience that the online marketing course is going to share with the participants must be advice and strategies that the presenter has used to improve the profitability of his company. The strategies that are presented must further be practical and the various advantages of using these strategies must convince the participants that it could be easily implemented in their respective businesses.


When the presenter of the online marketing course is an individual that has published a textbook or papers on the subject this will make acceptance of the credentials and the course easier to market. The image that the presenter will give to his audience when presenting the course is extremely important and participants demand that the presenter is capable of delivering the facts in a clear and simple way. The presenter must further be able to captivate his audience with the material and present proof of its effectiveness.


The content of the online marketing course must reflect the experience of the presenter as an entrepreneur that has managed and started a number of high profile businesses using these strategies. The businesses of the presenter should further prove that his experience and use of the strategies in not restricted to certain industries or products. The wider the field that these strategies can be used in the better the acceptance in the market will be.


The most important factor that participants of an online marketing course will demand is that the strategies is tested by the presenter over a number of years and in different situations. During the course the presenter should proving the facts in a way that the students can relate to and understand. This implies the some technical terms may require explanations to old school participants new to this concept of marketing.


Internet marketing for many entrepreneurs is still a foreign concept and although many have started moving their marketing campaigns in this direction they acknowledge that online courses can increase their understanding of this concept.

The Effective Marketing Plan That An Online Marketing Course Will Suggest

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The creation of an easy simple marketing plan is the vital component an online marketing course will teach their students. This document should be short and the staff must be able to understand the mission of the company and what the plan serves to accomplice. The best marketing plan that will work in most organisations and enterprises consist of seven parts and this will form the back bone of the marketing plan for immediate and future use.


The online marketing course will determine in its marketing plan what the purpose of the campaign is going to be. The campaign must clearly outline what it wants to achieve with the message and what the response of the audience to the message should be. How the clients will react to the message is important to the success of the marketing effort. The plan must further outline what the target market for the marketing campaign is and whether this target market is reached with the message. The marketing plan must be very specific as to the exact market they are aiming the campaign at.


The next vital component that the online marketing course is going to teach their students is the methods or media that is going to be utilized to reach this target market. Is the campaign going to use the main media or is the campaign strategy geared for less expensive campaigns such as bumper stickers. The course will further suggest that the most effective ways involve at least thirty or more different tactics to ensure an effective campaign. The campaign must outline the benefits that the organisation will offer their clients as opposed to use a competitor. Benefits to the client are extremely important and must be stressed in the campaign.


The culture of the company is a factor that is stressed in an online marketing course as this determines what the client will experience during their business dealings with your company and its staff members. The experience that the client takes away with them after a business transaction is vital as this is the memory they will have of the experience and how they were treated.


The last item that an online marketing course will teach is that a good and well prepared marketing plan must clearly define the budget allocated for that purpose. This expenditure in marketing must be either in a percentage of sales or a fixed amount per year that is budgeted for. Staying and spending this budget is important to ensure constant exposure to the market and must grow in relation to the sales of the company.

How To Learn All There Is To Know About Guerrilla Marketing

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Marketers live and die by being able to sell their services or products successfully online or offline. Unless, you happen to be one of the lucky few who can afford to pay for top of the range marketing services or marketing agency, you have to be your own best marketer. This is where guerrilla marketing comes in. Through making use of a host of innovative marketing strategies and tools, you can virtually market for free or at a low cost.


When talking about being a guerrilla marketer, we are not saying you need to go around and pester everyone around you. The way to do this is to come across as naturally and professionally as possible. Your main aim should be to gain exposure and attract buzz along the way. This type of marketing is especially suited to small businesses who struggle with limited advertising funds.


There are however a few essential skills that a guerrilla marketer need to display when wanting to learn how guerrilla marketing may help them.


Essentials Skills Every Guerrilla Marketer Need to Know


One of the areas where you could successful live out your skills as marketer would be as a blogger. You will soon be seen as an expert in your particular field of interest. After all, not everyone knows what they should know when starting out as a guerrilla marketer. You might have to hire a designer to ensure your blog come across as professional. The graphics and photos can be uploaded from places like stock photo for a minimum fee.


Networking or collaborating with others is another way to become successful in marketing your services or products. You may want to offer to do a guest post on someone else’s blog. This way you will be able to reach a wider audience and get to attract more visitors to your site or blog.


If you are in the service business, it might be a good idea to offer your services on various freelance job sites like Elance or other well-known sites. When you do your profile on these sites you could easily link to your blog or site where potential customers are able to contact you personally. It is certainly one of the more effective and free ways to practice effective guerrilla marketing techniques.


Most business people would carry a business card with them. This is something you could do too. But be careful in not overselling yourself on your business card. You need to keep it simple. All you really need is your name, your email address and the service you provide. Sometimes less is more effective.


The most popular form of learning how to practice your guerrilla marketing skills would be to perfect your email skills. You could draw up a short and powerful pitch about yourself and your services. One or two paragraphs will do. Again, you want to come across as professional and not be seen as a spammer. You could even offer your prospects a link or two so they can see your work. It is all part and parcel of how to learn guerrilla marketing.


Creating an Interest In Your Brand is a Very Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

It is best to analyze how brand awareness as a guerrilla marketing technique can contribute to your brand being recognized by prospective customers. When you look at your brand and how it may influence people either in a positive or negative way, note that as a company or business, you are up against companies who offer the same type of services or products you currently have. They may already have created an awareness of their particular brand through using social media such as Facebook.


As a matter of interest 84% of respondents visit Facebook, and more than 58% visit it on a daily basis. YouTube use is also high; 86% of respondents visit it, but daily use is lower, at 29%. Twitter has a 45% visitation rate, and 22% of respondents use it at least daily. In fact, if Facebook was a country, it would the third largest one in the world. While social media is significant, it’s not enough on its own to get your message across. People who advocate your brand are needed. Brand awareness proves to be a very powerful guerrilla marketing strategy as well as influential in getting your message out to targeted buyers.


How Fans May Prove To Have More Influence in Creating an Awareness of Your Brand


It has been said that fans of yours are three to four times more likely to recommend a particular brand online which will give your brand more exposure than just relying on the influence your product or service will have on its own. A fan is someone who used your product or service and are now actively promoting it without being compensated for it.


So, when considering using fans of yours to advocate your brand, you may want to look at more effective guerrilla marketing tactics you can use to curate more than twice as many communications about your particular brand than what would normally be possible. What is very useful, is that they could write meaningful content that will be shared on sites that are highly visible.


In the info media world that forms part of guerrilla marketing, online sharing is even more powerful due to the ease and comfort with which internet users get to share their experiences they had with a particular brand with their friends and family. This will more than likely give businesses a fighting chance against their competition.


How Advocates for Your Brand Are Great information Providers


There are three kinds of people who make social movements possible: salespeople, connectors, and maven. Now, fans of your brand can be seen as both a maven and a connector. They just love connecting people with interests similar to theirs. They are great information providers as can be seen from recent studies conducted. Advocates of your brand are 70% more likely seen as a reliable source of information. They are also 50% more likely to create valuable social media content to influence future purchases.


What is more, is that they thrive on recognition and insider information from companies or businesses. Certainly, there is no mistaking that any business or company would be foolish not to use the powerful influence an advocate of their brand will have on people.

How To Build A List As Guerrilla Marketer Through E-media

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Most online business owners are crippled technologically as they are clueless about list building techniques using e-media. Some of them do not even know how to create a squeeze page which is one of the main list building techniques used to get subscribers on your list. But, what if you were shown by a seasoned guerrilla marketer how to pull this off.


List Building Strategies That Works


Here are some innovative ways that will demonstrate how to build a list as guerrilla marketer by means of e-media:


  1. Squeeze Pages – One of the best ways to boost your list building strategies is to create highly effective squeeze pages as a means to attract visitors to your services or products that are on your website. A squeeze page is also a landing page to solicit or get visitors to give you their name and email addresses. They will then become subscribers of you.


  1. Free Gift of Value – Giving people who visit your website something that they would perceive as valuable is crucial to get them to subscribe to your list. It can be anything from eBooks, 25 page e-report on a topic of interest to them, podcast, or even free software that could be making them money. The point we are trying to make is that you need to have a good converting offer when making use of squeeze pages.


  1. Auto Responders – A good list building course will show you that you need a very good auto responder such as AWeber or even Get Response in order to follow through with your offer by making use of campaigns. Both these are highly recommended by top internet marketers due to the ease of using the various tools provided by them. Besides, companies like AWeber and Get Response make you look professional which in turn will help you build trust with your subscribers. They will see you as an expert and would willingly join your list.


  1. Create a Sales Funnel – The sole purpose of the sales funnel is to nurture your best customers or subscribers. It acts like a filter where you get to filter out any mismatches to what you have to offer. You are therefore zoning into your target market through identifying consumers who are ultra-responsive to what you have to offer. They key point to remember here is that you need to plan the processes involved in creating a super optimized sales funnel.


  1. Solo Ads – These are very cheap and effective guerrilla marketing tools to help you build your list with. Here you make use of an ad that goes out to your subscriber list. Someone who already have a credible list will transfer their authority over their list to you. They will therefore recommend your product or services to their list. This way you become a credible expert. The best source of traffic would be recommended traffic which is what Solo Ads will help you accomplish.


These are just some of the ways you as guerrilla marketer can become successful and attract targeted visitors to what you have to offer.

How Guerrilla Marketing And SEO Will Get You Found On Google

Monday, November 4th, 2013

It is marketers dream to be found on Google. Especially if it can be on either the second page or first page. You want people to find your website and you heard that you need to make use of SEO and guerrilla marketing tactics that involves a good copywriting ability, and things like PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), email marketing, article marketing, etc. It will certainly be a very good idea to do what guerrilla marketers do who make use of their writing ability and outsourcing skills to get them on the first page of Google.


Guerrilla Marketing Tools that Helps to Attract Targeted Visitors


Advertising your business is just as important. There are several ways to advertise your business online, and getting your web design right to draw targeted visitors forms a very important part of you guerrilla marketing warfare and SEO. Capitalizing on the expertise of seasoned guerrilla marketers is one way to make it to the first pages of Google.


Once you made an effort to get your web design up to scratch, you need to devote time in sourcing optimal keywords so that potential visitors may find you on the search engines. To help you in your guerrilla marketing efforts, you could use keyword tools such as WordTracker so you can locate targeted keywords for your particular niche or offering.


Part of being a guerrilla marketer involves making use of effective headline copy, then utilize your writing abilities to create an informative piece that has relevance to your product or service for distribution to various article directories. You are in effecting focusing on getting good traffic to your site.


SEO – The Importance of Getting It Right


It involves a lot of sweat and tears to get your guerrilla marketing tactics to work, and there is a special science to getting SEO right which involves getting your web design right with content that is optimized with the right keywords and links that are strategically placed within your article.


Good content coupled with an attractive headline copy will instill trust in any visitor who lands on your website. It is also a great way to establish a good relationship with other webmasters and bloggers who will link back to your site without you having to ask them to do so.


As guerrilla marketer you should focus on ways to add more pages and more content to your website so that it adds value to the life of your customers. This is due to search engines viewing bigger websites as more reliable and prestigious. This is what guerrilla marketing is all about. You must look at every conceivable avenue to direct you to find ways to make the most out of your marketing warfare, so that you have all the right tools to get you on Google.


What You Can Expect From Guerrilla Marketers

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Guerrilla marketing is a kind of in your face type of marketing where marketer would rely on either word of mouth or viral marketing to get the word out about their products or services. This form of marketing often catches people unawares as it pops in places where one would least expect it. You will find that guerrilla marketer manages to make an impression that is long lasting as people cannot stop talking about what they just saw or heard. To pull it off would often involve using your imagination and elbow grease (hard work). This way you get to maximize your ability to get to your target market without having to spend too much.

Some techniques would be to offer free information that is value packed, getting involved in public speaking and answering any questions with sincerity and honestly. For instance, If you do not know the answer, then say so.


Various website building experts tend to offer their customers a host of all inclusive website and hosting packages where customer of theirs can choose from hundreds if not thousands of very professional looking template to customize it the way they see fit. In addition, you may even be offered a site building service with e commerce solutions as well as various add-ons, secure e shopping carts, and so forth.


My question has always been, will all the bells and whistles on offer make you money in the end. Guerrilla marketing is about to change all that. After all, your marketing budget does not have to be all that big for you to boost your brand. That it the beauty of Guerrilla marketing. It is specially designed for to accommodate low budget internet marketers. This can be done in a number of very cost effective ways that would include things like comments, posting links, images and videos as well as using social media mediums like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.


Another way to make headway would be through posting guest blogs where a back-link to your website is in there somewhere. My aim as guerrilla marketer is to help you as small to medium sized business owner for find what is working for you in terms of internet marketing, using social media, and a host of other guerrilla marketing arsenal to shoot your competition out of the marketing waters so to speak. All this is not just a dream as I am living proof of it.


What Makes Guerrilla Marketing The Small Business Marketing Solution

Monday, October 14th, 2013

One thing is for certain, and that is guerrilla marketing has a whole new approach compared to traditional marketing methods. This is covered extensively in various guerrilla marketing resources such as our site over at


The main differences are the following:


Instead of spending all your advertising dollars on traditional advertising media, guerrilla marketing would replace this with time, imagination and energy. Many of these techniques are free to use and specially designed for small to medium sized businesses. While traditional advertising would focus on brand preference, brand awareness, and market share, guerrilla marketing would focus on making profit instead.


It is easy to see why guerrilla marketing is the perfect solution. Besides, it mainly achieves success due to building strong relationships with competitors, suppliers and alliance partners. There should be no doubt in your mind that as things are getting tougher, more and more businesses are finding it hard to market and sell their wares. This is why guerrilla marketing, being a low cost as well as no cost marketing method is where place where people will turn their attention to when things get tougher.


Guerrilla marketing wins hands down in that it is a great tool for helping you get ready for a recession. In short, the Guerrilla marketing plan for any business should be short and to the point for everything to do with your business. Do not fall victim and be called a sheep and not a guerrilla as far as practicing marketing strategies are concerned. This is especially true during recession time when a lot of business owners lay low as they would reason that people do not have money to spend, so why waste time and effort in going all out with marketing what you think would be a good deal. During this time, you should utilize guerrilla marketing as an unconventional way of getting involved in marketing.


Some Questions that Will Provide answers.

  • What kind of outcome are you expecting using guerrilla marketing?
  • Are there any main benefits associated with guerrilla marketing, and what are they?
  • Who do you hope to target?
  • How strong is your marketing position?
  • What guerrilla marketing weapons will be used?
  • Do you have a real identity out there?
  • Lastly, do you have a budget to help you make provision for any unexpected costs?

Overall, going with a reliable guerrilla marketer like myself and the members of my team would be considered as the best way forward.

Guerrilla Marketing Know How – Just How Important Is PageRank?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Just Enough Knowledge can prove to be Dangerous to the Continued Existence of your online venture of offline venture.

As a devoted guerrilla marketer I soon discovered that a lot of information is available for free online. However, it does require a lot of effort and money to sift through it all. In addition I found that your chances of being successful is so much better when you make the effort to test it and test it again, before you take out more money.


One of the biggest problems when wanting to be on the first pages of Google is to put your trust in so called SEO experts who lead others to believe that they’ve got it all and will take you to number one in no time at all. You will find that one expert will tell you that topic x is the most important thing to use. Another expert in SEO will recommend you use topic y or topic z. Yet another will shoot all these theories down, and come up with their own set of rules for SEO.


From my years of doing whatever it takes to get successful online, I discovered that many would be marketers will accept certain SEO advice as the truth. Scrupulous SEO experts would make use of one or the other dubious method to hook you into doing business with them. How will you be able to tell the difference? On a limited budget, it is very unlikely that you’ll survive long enough to find out what really works and how you too can improve your PageRank, so you can attract the ideal prospect to your site. It is best you opt for guerrilla training so you can learn all the ins and outs with regards to SEO and other well-known marketing techniques to give your business the boost it deserves and move up in PageRank.


Another effective guerrilla marketing technique is using well-optimized content. You need to pay close attention as to how many times your keyword shows up, and in what manner. This is so as Google would closely scrutinize keyword density and usage. Other factors such as the title length, your domain name, and the value provided by your content all play a very important role with regards to how well you will rank on Google. In our experience instead of wasting too much concerning yourself with link building, you should rather work at improving your site content and position your keyword correctly.


Guerrilla Marketing Brand Building On A Budget

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It is no easy task building, then marketing your brand. But luckily, you can make use of various guerrilla marketing strategies to give your brand the recognition it deserves, this much I can tell you. This is especially the case if you are just starting out as an online business person or company. You may find the following tips to be useful when attempting to expand your business and realize bigger profit margins:


Building your brand yourself


Building a web presence in an all-natural way using guerilla marketing strategies, then publishing your website to showcase what you’ve got in terms of product or brand would be in your best business interest. Unfortunately most wannabe online marketers find it to be daunting and costly, not to mention the many hours it will take to make this happen.


The good news is that it does not have to be so as there is help in the form of top coaching techniques by guerrilla marketers like myself. G Training is geared towards helping new and existing small to medium businesses find what will works for them.


Making use of a professional looking site that is geared towards attracting targeted traffic is one suggestion. Knowing what you need to do to make this site work for you will take a lot more marketing knowledge than you think. Let me and my team provide you with the necessary guerrilla marketing techniques to get you where you want to be.


Whichever way you look at it, the key purpose of branding always stays the same. You must communicate effectively to your customers as to who you are, what it is you do, and how you go about doing it. Using the web is the simplest and most direct way of accomplishing building your brand on a budget.


After all, every business owner in Australia should make a name of themselves using a website. It literally costs a few pennies as organic search is still the best way to driver traffic to what you have on offer. This is the case whether you are a small or medium sized business owner who does not have the time or experience needed to drive traffic.


As expert guerrilla marketers, we can tell you that your main good should be to focus on getting new business. It is all about how you relay any messages to your customers and defining the image of your firm in a positive light.

Guerrilla Marketer Show How to Build Your List When You Are Just Starting Out

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Everyone who is into internet marketing knows the importance of having and maintaining a list. Several budding internet marketers often overlook the importance of their one single most power marketing tool, their list of email addresses.


Just think about it for a moment. You may already have the email addresses of people who displayed an interest in what you are offering them. Guerrilla marketers like myself want to help you make a huge difference and show you how to do business using known marketing tools like email list building.


Having said that you must make use of the email addresses, it might not be the only thing you require. This is where I and my team come into the picture as guerrilla marketers. Did you know that there are as much as 70 tips and more on how to build your list effectively?

Many of the techniques that were successfully used by me and my team are a set of very interesting marketing tools that we like to call the tool box of internet marketing and list building. You need to remember however that it is not what you have, but how you use it that counts.


While the key to making online lies in having a list, it is not what is on the list as to how you position yourself that really matters. An extensive list of contacts who do not have a passion for what you stand for may not mean much to you.


One thing I have learned through the years is that you need to commit yourself in continuously working on your list of contacts, provide value and establish a relationship with them. After all, one of the largest expenses for any new internet and existing internet marketer would be attracting customers to what you have to offer.


Most prospects would be prompted into opening the email sent if the subject line proves to be interesting enough for them to actually open and read the email. Another very useful tip kept in mind by us guerrilla marketers is to ensure that any marketing emails only gets send at a specific time of the day. A good rule of thumb would be send out mail just after 8pm and before midnight the time zone of the country you are mailing it to. This is a prime time where most people are sitting in front of their computers.


You must always remember to be consistent in your efforts and keep on sending marketing messages without annoying your prospects by sending it too frequently.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 1 Building Your List And Market It

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Any entrepreneur that are without a marketing budget do not have to throw in the towel yet. There are always ways and means to spread the word about your business as one very important guerrilla marketing tactic covered over here will show.


Often times it takes a little creativity and being around the places where your target market is most likely going to hang out. This would mean using every moment or opportunity to gain more followers whether it be at a sports event, nephew’s wedding or wherever, you have to keep making conversation and promote your business.


Guerrilla List Building and Marketing Tactics


Ten to one you already have a website. You will find that some form of SEO is present, you need to ensure that it is good SEO to guarantee a steady flow of traffic. The main idea is to direct visitors who will opt in to your list which in turn will allow you to make use of various marketing techniques to establish a good relationship going forward. How is this done?


Guerrillas know how easy it is to attract targeted visitors to your site which is something that I have come to master over the years. Providing value and giving something away for free is the first marketing tactic you can use. What is more, is does not have to cost you anything.


You can have your free offer in place which can be anything from a podcast to an eBook. Adding subscribers to your mailing list is the name of the guerrilla marketing game.


Having a Guerrilla Marketing Plan


Besides, who goes to war without having a plan in place? You need to strategise and plan you every move when involved with guerrilla marketing. Write your plan down and do not just have it all in your mind. Consider what a famous Chinese sage called Confucius once said – “The faintest ink is stronger than the clearest memory” We should all take a page out of his book.


In order to be successful with your list building efforts, you need do your marketing well enough which is why you have to have a guerrilla marketing plan. There are seven indicators to show you that your marketing efforts might not be good enough. Here they are:


  1. Your target market is driven by price.
  2. Prospects cannot see the difference between what you are offering and your competitors
  3. You are using out of date sales gimmicks
  4. Your plan for delivering your marketing message is not unified
  5. Almost all of the sales leads are only coming from your sales people
  6. Customers are not aware of all the services you offer
  7. You do not have a customer base


To be successful, you have to spread the word about your products or services. What is really nice is that it does not have to cost an arm and a leg as various types of guerrilla marketing tactics are available to you.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying – Part 5 Marketing Your Business Through Print Media

Monday, October 14th, 2013

You can be very frugal (user friendly cost effective way of doing things) using only a printer and some paper to market your business with as part of your guerrilla marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts can be very guerrilla like in a way by not making your efforts to market your business look to obvious.


For instance, if you happen to run a shuttle service for school children, you could gain a lot more customers by simply slipping in a business card or two at the next parents meeting of social get together or market day at school. I have been in the game of sales for many years now, and I can tell you that the printed medium still works very well in spite of the powerful presence of the internet these days.


Heck, you could even have your marketing ads printed if it is something that appeals to women, then have it covered in kisses with colourful tear-off slips that hosts your name and contact number on it. After all, guerrilla marketing is a way of marketing where creativity in getting a new business of the ground plays a large role. Advertising on foot is not such a bad idea at all, and something I have done successfully before.


The whole idea is to post printed ads all around certain locations where public bulletin or notice boards feature. Even some coffee shops would have a place demarcated for this purpose. Do not just leave it up to your printed ads to do the footwork for your business, but make time to talk to others what you are most passionate about, your business!


Maxi media mediums such as direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, radio spots, and other forms of printed advertising are often overlooked as effective guerrilla marketing strategies. Just look at billboards as an example. Until now they have been seen as pretty dull and uninviting. However, have you noticed what IBM managed to pull off recently? What they have done it establish an effective way to interact and advertise at the same time by simply bending their billboards to serve the needs of people. One of the billboards act a ramp for moms struggling to get their strollers to the top of stairs while another one would serve as cover for when people get caught in the rain. How cool is that?


This is the end of our series of guerrilla marketing tactics. If you want to learn more inexpensive ways to attract feet to your small business, then please head over to our next coaching and training course page where we will gladly assist you so you can come out tops.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Try – Part 4 Why You Should Form A Joint Venture And Branch Out

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Never underestimate the power of joint ventures as a guerrilla marketing tactic of note. Doing so will allow you to share various marketing materials, lists and even offer special promotions on bundled products or services. Forming a partnership with another business owner who has the same interests as you, but without becoming competitive is the way some guerrilla marketers operate these days.


This is especially useful if you can tap into various resources and utilize the brain power of other powerful guerrilla marketers who like you think outside the box. Just think about it. It is a case of the one hand washing the other. Have you ever heard someone say “You wash my back, and I will wash yours” Giving a hand to other marketers by means of a joint venture is one way of branching out and reaching other horizons where you get to tap into their list of followers who may very well be interested in what you have to offer them.


What is more, an effective guerrilla marketing technique would be to feature links to one another’s webpages and mark it as related info or similar to this or the other product or service, and doing so on your homepage. This is powerful, and not something to be sneered at. You could label this type of information under a section called partners. It will show your visitors that you are supportive to other ventures and care about people in general.


On the other hand, you will be able to get a much need cash injection without worrying about how you are going to manage your marketing budget. When involved in any form of marketing which include guerrilla marketing, there is always a need which you have to fill from time to time.


What is more, the joint venture partners are often experienced in their respective niches, and have the ability to show you how you can avoid common pitfalls that is associated with marketing in the business world. On the upside, you may find that guerrilla marketing strategies cost you just about nothing. The downside however is that may not be as successful as you hoped you would be. This will mean you have to start spending some advertising dollars to push your visitors in the right direction. As this requires capital, making use of joint ventures may just be your best way forward.


You need to remember that your online business is exactly the same as any offline business would be. Utilizing the power of joint ventures to give your business the boost it needs might not be such a bad idea after all.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 3 Creating A Meme Or Fun Character To Promote Your Brand With

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Take a tip from an experienced guerrilla marketer. Most business people get so involved in their businesses that they start forgetting that people are not just leads, but they are people like anyone else out there. If you do not take the time needed to come up with something fun and creative that will catch their attention, then you may as well give up trying as they will not even notice you or what you have to offer.


After all, you are dealing and communicating with human beings who thrive on something humorous. So be fair, helpful and make them laugh whenever possible. This will mean so much for your business and is part of what we guerrilla marketers stand for. Even though helping others cannot always be free, the fact remains that guerrilla marketing tactics are often times open to you for very little money.


Creating a meme or cartoon character that resembles what you stand for is a very innovative way to create a brand awareness and get a smile on people’s dial everywhere. All it takes is a little thinking out of the box and some creativity, and wham! Very soon you will have all sorts of visitors flooding towards you as they see you as another human and not just another business out to make money. I learned to apply this one guerrilla marketing strategy very early on in my successful online career.


In order to pull this off, you need to have a knowledge of your market. From the moment you set up your business to researching what your target market would value, you need to buy out the time needed as a guerrilla marketer yourself to evaluate what it is they want. Having a thorough knowledge of the market you are targeting is invaluable and crucial to the survival of your business in the future.

Once you have a true picture of your customer base, you would be able to successfully assess the viability of your business, and guard against the temptation to just push ahead. Therefore, you should take the time needed to carry out an in depth search and analyse the results. You will soon discover if what you are hoping to achieve will indeed be possible or not.

One such guerrilla marketing technique would be the ability to identify your target market based on your products or services. For instance, who would you be selling to, their age, marital status, sex, income and lifestyle, should you be selling to individuals. If you want to target businesses, then you need to know the size, service requirements and their product buying habits. As stated in the beginning, try and differentiate yourself from what others do and make your offer irresistible by creating a meme of fun character when you are promoting your brand.



Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 2 Using Social Media In A Visual Way

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Never underestimate the power of video and images in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Everyone nowadays are on the lookout for something visual they can share with their friends. As guerrilla marketer myself I can tell you that some of the best social media campaigns I used went viral due to fantastic images and creative video or photos.


Just of the top of my head, an effective guerrilla marketing tactic would be to turn the launch of your business into a short movie and posting it to YouTube. Through using Photoshop you could easily highlight your company name and position it at an unusual place like in front of a prominent landmark or so. With social media sites like Pinterest, you could post a series of photos and sort of tease your audience in looking forward to your next lot of photos. It can be real fun and result in a stream of visitors coming your way.


YouTube has always been a favourite medium for spreading the word about your business and should definitely not be overlooked as part of your guerrilla marketing visual strategy. You could even include a video within your weekly blog posts to help generate leads. Take a page out of my book, if you are going to feature in your video, then you should ensure you look presentable before going live.


Taking Social Media beyond the Ordinary


With so many business owners making use of social media as part of their guerrilla marketing arsenal, It’s simply not enough just to set up their accounts to then post some generic items once or even twice a week. Social media offers much more than that. Some business owners have really stepped up their game while others took a less serious stance.


How You Can Take Your Business to the Next Level through Social and Multi-media



Even though it has been reported that social media is a powerful advertising medium on its own, the most potent and innovative approach would be to combine all types of media such as TV, social media, and even smartphones. Nowadays, teens and adolescents make a habit of consuming any available media from the comfort of their laptops and smartphones. Therefore, it makes logical sense to integrate social media will all known media as the next guerrilla marketing tactic. Small to medium sized business who are able to get this under their belt will be the one who move forward.


Do I Need To Know Everything Before I Start A Small Business?

Friday, June 21st, 2013

I get this question asked all the time. The answer is a resounding NO. You will learn allot as your business life evolves. I didn’t even know how to use a computer when I first had the idea of starting an on-line business.  Computers were only starting to become the norm around the time I was at University and the internet only came onto the scene after I graduated.

In addition to this, I was a one-finger typist.  I was so slow that my sister used to get so frustrated watching me and ended up typing most of my essays/assignments.  Since then, I never used a computer again.  The point of my telling you this is that being computer illiterate could have potentially been the obstacle from turning an idea that I had, into a business.  It’s the same as any industry, really.  For a lot of people, their dream or ambition would have stopped right there. Maybe that’s where I’m different, because for me, that was just one of the stepping stones to getting closer to where I wanted to be. I wanted to have a successful small business.

I’ve got a brain, but the most important quality I had at the time was drive or as I like to call it “fire in the belly”.  For the first time in my working life, I actually knew what I wanted to do and I was passionate and hungry enough to want to work hard for it. I wasn’t doing this for anybody else, but for myself.

Although I wanted to prove my parents and the other skeptics around me wrong about what I could achieve, I really needed to prove it to myself. The goal is to just start. Your website, your sales pitch, your marketing, can all be improved. Nothing is set in stone. I changed my website 10 times over the years. The idea is to sell. Block out all the minor things and step forward. Each day you will find out new things. Some things work and some don’t. There is only one way to find out. Just do it. Start ASAP.

My Small Business Journey (Part 9)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

My Small Business Journey (Part 9)

This is the future my friends. Embrace it, love it, breathe it, eat it. I said it 10 years ago and I’ll say it again, I cannot think of another business model on the planet that will take you to places you never dreamed off. When you wake up in the morning and you have loads of inquiries that came in while you were sleeping, it is the most exhilarating feeling on the planet. You feel proud, powerful, strong and  confident. I don’t know about you but that gets me out of bed each day. While everyone is on the freeway to work this is what goes on in their head, “Gee, can’t wait for Friday to finish work and get my paycheck” I think the following,” I cannot wait for next week because the potential in my business knows no boundaries. I don’t want the same paycheck every week. I want to rise, rise and rise again”

Hope you’re pumped. I’m getting goose bumps as I’m typing this. I have no template or guide, this all comes straight from the heart. Whatever I’m thinking I just write it down. I love small business and I thank my father for this. At 12 years old, he showed me how to do a profit and loss statement. He told me “Son, the only way you are going to make it in this world is to get your own small business” He was right. My professor at University drove the worst car and dressed like a vagrant but that’s cool, his choice. My point is, he is the smartest guy I know intellectually but it doesn’t produce results.

You don’t need to be smart to succeed in business. There is no mystique about being a millionaire. Its hard, gut wrenching, earth shattering but if you apply the steps I show you then you will make it. It has all been done before 1,000 times. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

It is your time to shine. I read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill  before I started my first business. There was a story about an army going to war. They had to cross this bridge to get over to the other side. On the other side an opposing army outnumbered them 20 to 1. Once they crossed the bridge, the commander chopped off the rope of the bridge so they could not go back. The soldiers cried, “General, how do we go back if we start losing?”

The general said ”You are not going back. You either win or you die” What do you think happened? They won, there was no other option. This is my attitude to business and marketing. Go all out every day, don’t take prisoners, don’t be weak, stay focused and glory will be yours. I hope you are inspired because I am.

Let us  begin……….


My Small Business Journey (Part 8)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

I can sit here and regurgitate what you need to succeed like determination, courage, strength, never give up, hope etc but that is a complete waste of time. If you don’t have that, don’t even bother starting your business. As I stated previously, I will show you not just marketing tools but actually day to day business acumen that I developed running different businesses.

If you asked me how to look at life as a business owner I would say it is almost like baseball. Instead of having a pitcher throwing one ball at a time, you have 20 pitchers throwing balls at you at the same time relentlessly all day every day. You have to manage this barrage. However, once you manage to build a system in your business, the amount of balls coming at you will be much less. You will always encounter some problems or spot fires but this can be brought to a bare minimum. I will show you how, once and for all.

Don’t buy 100 books like I did, keep it simple. This book will simplify it and make it easy for you to understand.  You will never stop learning, EVER. Once you succeed in one business, start another one. Why not? Reach for the stars. Richard Branson runs hundreds of companies, surely we can run at least 2 or more.

The amount of millionaires that were made from an online business is incredible. The power to leverage nationally and worldwide is quite a phenomenon. The good old corner store is a thing of the past. The big companies made sure of this and drove them all out. Well guess what, its payback now for the big companies because we the small business community can compete with you online. I don’t need a showroom on a main road, I have my website. I don’t need a TV ad , I have thousands of followers on my blogs page which costs me nothing.

My Small Business Journey (Part 6)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Furthermore, I do not run a marketing company. I do not do sales copy, websites, landing pages, SEO, PPC campaigns or anything of that nature. I have started all my businesses from scratch so I know how hard it is for businesses to succeed especially in today’s brutal and competitive environment.

The minute you have a good idea someone copies you. It has happened to me many times and there is almost nothing you can do about it. You need to keep learning and stay ahead of your rivals. There is no other way. As a business person and a self taught marketer, I am here to help you with your business, not try and take your money and leave you confused.

If you want to hire 10 different companies to help you then this book is no good for you. Stop reading now.

Yes, you can get a marketing company to build you a flashy site and a nice landing page and set up your PROFILES.

The million dollar question is, can they do the following:

  1. Show you what do exactly when you get a lead
  2. How to have all your social media integrated simply
  3. How to e-mail your leads without making one phone call.
  4. How to see what people are doing on your site each and every day.
  5. How to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content on the internet today
  6. How to grow your business without getting analysis paralysis
  7. How to have a blueprint or a path to reach the chosen land?

When you build a business there are so many things that you need to consider. You have cash flow, staff, expenses, accountants and the list goes on. In the background you want to achieve sales. It does not matter how smart you think you are or how you perceive your business. You need to sell, end of story. Sales cures all evils. When people come up to me and tell me that they are about to start a business and are excited about getting business cards printed I literally laugh in their face.

They look astonished. I did not print business cards for 3 years. What for? I throw them out when I get them. I rarely look at them. I take down the e-mail if it is important but other than that I don’t really care. I tell people instead of worrying about your business cards, try doing this. Write a sales letter, come up with headlines, work on your website, start writing articles, submit your website to directories, look for a mentor, network with smart people, work on your brochure, get your autoresponders ready, subscribe to business magazines.

My Small Business Journey (Part 5)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The website my partners and I started in 2012 was ready to go. The landing page was ready, I put a full time employee on, added some testimonials, flashy colors, beautiful copy, easy to navigate.  All ready to roll.

Put the brakes on RIGHT NOW.

We were going nowhere. My horror story was only beginning.

Website: Designer made a million errors. We changed it ten times and still didn’t get it right. Should we do it in WordPress or Joomla or concrete? Can someone speak in English please? What happened to flash?

Each time I requested a change I would receive an invoice from the developer. My webmaster was fighting with the website builder who was fighting with the programmer. I was in the middle helpless. They were concerned with winning their political battles while I just wanted to get my website up and running.

SEO: Who can you trust? They all promise page 1 but rarely deliver. Did not even bother. How could I afford their fees as a start up? Maybe down the track like it did before but not up front.

Spent a fortune on the landing page: Free 30 day trial? Who could say no to that? No one was signing up. Why? What was I doing wrong? Everyone who looked at the site loved it yet no one signed up. We needed more content I was told. Start writing blogs and articles. What? I want clients to buy shares through our platform, why would I want to write a blog for? I don’t have any content. You want me to write content? I was lost at this stage. This was not my idea of building a business. I know how to sell and I know what a website needs but now I was out of my depth.

Social Media is the key I heard. Social what? Oh you mean Facebook? Yeah that is good if you are bored and want to exaggerate to the world how brilliant your life is. That’s not for me, sorry. Then I was told that businesses were using it and creating online communities where they would share their thoughts and ideas and share it with their friends. Now, I was in real trouble.

I then did some research on social media. There are a million gurus out there specializing in different platforms. How do I link them all together? How do I tweet and the whole world knows about it? What about LinkedIn  How can I get people to notice me? No idea. Sure, there are loads of people who can create a profile. I can create my own profile. I want leads, I want traffic, I want guidance. I want sales. WHO CAN HELP ME??????

Everyone in the world is taught about niches. Marketing 101. Niches are everywhere apparently. I’m the best copywriter, I do the best landing page, I’m an SEO specialist, I’m this, I’m that, well guess what? I don’t need you anymore because I have decided to write a book. Not because I need to but because I want to.

I want no one to go through what I did. Now it is my time to show any business in the world how I did things without the 10s of thousands of dollars I wasted

My Small Business Journey (Part 4)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

After a holiday in Brazil for Christmas in 2011 I was ready to take on 2012 all guns blazing. All I need to do is copy what I did back in 2003, this would be easy. I could not be further from the truth. The next 8 months were an absolute nightmare.

Fast forward to August 2012 and I just realized whatever I knew about marketing years ago is almost non-existent compared to what is out there today. Having a degree in Marketing at University and having an online business from 2003 to 2010 has helped me a little but nothing could have prepared me for what I have gone through in my new business venture.

What has happened in the last few years has revolutionized business and marketing. The paradigm has shifted. It is breathtaking at the speed in which this change has happened. It is impossible to fathom how much has changed from technology to communication to innovation. To be on a train and see everyone surfing the internet on their iphone is just one major change that has happened. People ordering items from their iphone. Professor, you never mentioned this. You are not even talking about it today. Why not?

Now you need online marketing as well as offline marketing. Mass media is declining fast while social media is exploding. So many things are happening at the same time. We are all aware of the change but we can’t grasp these changes yet alone implement them. The old marketing formula was easy in early 2000. Build a nice website, throw in a few benefits, a 1800 number, testimonials, do some Google Adwords and you were on your way to internet stardom.

Now, let us go to 2012. The landscape is a whole lot different. Google was very cheap back in early 2000. I used to pay a few cents for the keyword “stickers”. I started a website and ran it from Australia. The whole business was conducted in the US yet I was receiving calls in Australia and had all my staff in Australia. This shows you the power of the internet and more importantly the leverage it offers. Back to Google, try bidding for a keyword today as a start-up business. Unless you have very deep pockets it is not going to work anymore. The competition is so fierce because everyone knows it works. Google is outstanding but it is not going help you if you follow the same formula I used 10 years ago.

Small Business: Being An Online Entrepreneur

Friday, June 21st, 2013

In order to become an online entrepreneur you have to have a certain mindset. Your resolve has to be enormous. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities. You must be ready to tackle each day with venom.

The first trait of an entrepreneur is that they must have a vision. You need to know before you start where your venture will go. Do you want to sell your product state wide, nation wide, do you want to open up several locations; do you want to franchise your brand? Although businesses do change, an entrepreneur will have a clear vision of what direction the business will take or what the end result will be.

An entrepreneur must be confident. You must believe in your self and what you can achieve. An entrepreneur understands that they will make mistakes, overspend on budgets, and take time to grow and so on but that underlying confidence must always be there. This cannot be shaken by anyone or anything. They see the vision every day.

This is all part of running a small business.

While I was alone doing night shift, I would always picture myself relaxing while I had staff doing everything for me. No matter what happened, my confidence would not waiver. I always knew I had a great business model. Confidence will invigorate you.

An entrepreneur will always have an exit strategy. They know what to do all in all situations. What if I run out of cash? What if I need to sell? What if I need more partners? They will have this planned before hand. I strongly advocate never giving up. It is the cornerstone of every aspect of your life. However, an entrepreneur knows when to quit. A smarter person will know when to quit while the not so smart business person will hang on.

My Small Business Journey (Part 7)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The biggest lesson I have learned this year is that when you are running a business you are always looking at gaining that edge. Little things that you can refine and do better. Answer the phone after 3 things and smiling when you answer, being pleasant and listening to customers instead of selling to them in a forceful way, cleaning up your store, doing a makeover of your website, writing a blog, sending out a press release to let the world know about you. This will be the case for as long as you have your business whether it is a start up or has been around for 50 years.

Before you do these things however you need a cornerstone and the fact is plain and simple, you cannot do all of this by yourself. Let me give you an example. I went through my website the other day and broke it down piece by piece to see who helped me put it together. Here is what I came up with.

Each item below was created by a separate company. I wanted the best and as I mentioned before not many companies do lots of things well so I had a combination as I wanted the best in each field. When my site goes live, I want it to look like an authority site, not some rubbish done by an amateur.

Each item was done by a different company

  1. Website
  2. Logo
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Sales funnel
  5. Copy writing
  6. Social Media set up
  7. Content writing
  8. Video
  9. Landing page
  10. Google AdWords set up
  11. 11. Article submission

I could go on and on. I know what I am doing, NOW that is. Painfully I had to guess and call and pray and make mistakes. You don’t need to endure this pain. You will be shown once and for all what the blueprint is for running a successful business online and offline.

Small Businesses: Keyword Research

Friday, June 21st, 2013

One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make when trying to optimize their website for search engine rankings is choosing the right keyword to target. This is an experience I will never forget. I had used the keyword sticker and stickers for nearly a year until one day I decided to spend some time analyzing the keywords. I realized that people typing in sticker, only wanted one sticker only. This was no good for me as we sold them in quantities of 250 or more.

I then looked at my competitors under this search term and they were selling them as individual stickers. Why didn’t I research this before? I didn’t know any better. I wasted thousands of dollars on a keyword that did nothing for my business. Now, I don’t make that mistake anymore. The following is what I do when researching a keyword.

I look for keywords that I can target so that I can get ranked on the first page of Google, FAST. Preferably, in the first 3 positions. Did you know that 65% of all search engine traffic comes from the first 3 spots on Google? An example I will use is the keyword Flowers. If you tried to get to page one for the keyword flowers it could take years so you don’t want to use this strategy. This term is too competitive and too broad. You would rather go for a term such as Melbourne Flowers or San Diego Flowers. Although these are competitive, they are nowhere near as competitive as flowers on its own.

The advantage of this strategy is that it will take less time to get to page one of Google. Furthermore, your conversion rate will be higher as your competition will be less. I would rather be on page one of Google for Melbourne flowers instead of page 5 for flowers on its own. How many times have you gone to page 2 of Google to buy something? Not often I bet. Page one is where you want to be. Small businesses everywhere need to follow this keyword research strategy.

What Are Your Favorite Small Business Books?

Friday, June 21st, 2013

No matter how much you know, there is always someone who out there who knows something that you don’t know. The best way to learn besides networking is reading. The following is a book that I have read again and again over the years. Each time I read a book I highlight the important pages and write the number of these pages on the index page of the book so that when I go back I can quickly brush up on what I read instead of reading the whole book again. Time is scarce so you need to be efficient in all aspects of your life.

I try to read books on different topics. There is no point reading 10 books on negotiating or motivation. One or two will suffice.

My all time favorite book on small business: the E Myth by Michael Gerber

Without a doubt a must read for all business owners. One of the biggest problems that business owners face is not letting go and let other people do the work for them. The E-Myth will open up your mind to a whole new world. The book details systemizing your business from A to Z so that if you are unable to go to work, the business will run smoothly without you.

Most business owners work extremely hard and are not rewarded for their hard work. This book explains that the reason you go into a business is to have a life and not to be totally consumed by your work. If you want to work 80 hours a week, get a job. The E-Myth will change all the myths you had about having a small business.

Creating Content For Your Business

Friday, June 21st, 2013

When creating content you need to engage your audience. Be confident and your audience will love you. Show them why you think your brand is the best in the world. “How to” content is the best in my opinion.

A major advantage of content is that you do not need to create it again. If you create a webinar (, you can record it and distribute it anytime. Millions are being spent each year on content. Video series, DVD packs, Audios, and eBooks are huge industries. Self-development is growing at break neck speed. Everyone wants to look better, feel better, and educatF themselves.

You can create content not just to sell it but also to build your database. When people opt-in to your website you can offer them a free video series which will get your prospects excited. Once they give you their details, you have permission to keep them on your mailing list. The key to all this is to create valuable content. A prospect will think that if you are giving them great content for free, imagine what they will get if they become actual members. You need to build that anticipation by providing free content.

The more content you provide the better. People will share this content with their friends and associates and before you know you will have hundreds if not thousands of people looking forward to what you have to say. The bigger your database, the more conversions you are likely to get.

Small Business Commandments Part 3

Friday, June 21st, 2013
  1. Don’t be emotional: “A man is not measured when times are good, he is measured by when times are bad” One of the best quotes I have ever heard. The same person who brags when he is busy is generally the same person who freaks out when times are quiet. You need to remain calm. We use to get between 80 to 100 e-mails a day from prospects as we were spending a fortune on Google ad words. I noticed one week we were getting 5 a day. This kept happening and I was beginning to feel very uneasy. Instead of cursing and complaining, I tested every inch of our website from quote submissions to order submissions. We ended up finding out that the website was perfect.Our e-mail server had a glitch. Once the glitch got fixed, 300 e-mails came through as they were sitting on the server for weeks. You need to focus and not be reactive. If you are reactive in front of your staff, they will not respect you. This shows weakness. It is bad for your health, your image and most of all your business. Instead of complaining to other people how slow business is, do something about it.
  2. Make things happen: There are 2 kinds of businesses in this world, ones that make things happen and ones that wait for things to happen. Please, make it happen. Do not site there and hope. When I see business owners who tell me how inconsistent they are, I generally notice that they don’t do any marketing. If they have a big week, it’s a fluke, it happens. More often than not their sales are sporadic. One week good, 3 weeks bad, one week average and so on. You need to make sure that each week you give it your best shot. E-mails, cold calling, blogging, just try something. Do not complain you are quiet if you don’t make it happen. This will improve consistency and most of all cash flow. That’s what you’re in business for.

Small Business Commandments Part 4

Friday, June 21st, 2013
  1. Business is a game: As tough as you need to be, please enjoy business. I sold my business after I lost passion for it. Once the passion is gone it is time to go. If not, let someone else run it completely and live off the income. I enjoy building a business. I am not an operation person. I love to create something from nothing, build a site, build traffic, make money, create a passive income and then move to my next project. Other people wouldn’t dream of moving from their industry because they love it. That is fantastic. If you enjoy your business, enjoy the game. The game of sales, negotiating, growing, improving, building your wealth. I love it all. At the end of the day, business is a game; you just have to play it better than your competitors.
  2. Patience: My worst virtue. I want to be a million dollar company overnight but it doesn’t work that way. You need to be patient and wise. Test all parts of your marketing; learn what works and what doesn’t. When you find what works, smash it as much as you can. Just go for it. Eventually you will know what advertising works for you, who your ideal customer is, how to crush your competition. Most businesses grow slowly. I don’t like this personally. I believe you start of slowly but once you get that giant wheel moving, you should be grow at breakneck speed. Grab your opportunity as much as you can.
  3. Be the best: I really mean this. When you wake up in the morning, go in a with the attitude that you are the best. You are the alpha male or female. You have an aura about you. People want to do business with you. You ooze success. Don’t go to work and relax, be the best to your customers, your staff, your marketing efforts, your workout after work. Don’t stop. The rewards are there if you want them. Most people say they are ambitious but I strongly disagree.Just because you want a Ferrari doesn’t mean that you are ambitious. It’s the person who is willing to sacrifice more than anyone else that will succeed. The person who can put it all on the line each and every day. The person who gets up early every morning and stays disciplined all your round, not when he feels like it. The person who can see opportunities and take them. No one remembers second so be the best in your industry, no matter what it is.

Success Steps – The Small Business Mentor Will Show You How

Friday, June 21st, 2013

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when wanting to start a small business as per your business coach, The Small Business Mentor.

By taking the time to closely follow the advice given by your small business coach, you stand a better chance of making a success out of it. You need to take hold of the advice given and apply it to your business in order to prosper financially.

Steps You Need to Take Note of as Small Business Owner

It goes without saying, to be successful as business owner you should get into a Niche where people are burning to take what you offer them. Should you try and sell something that is hardly wanted or needed, because you think everyone needs it, you may very well be championing a good cause, but you are not going to be building a huge information business doing that.

Your business coach, The Small Business Mentor will go on to demonstrate that you should tap into a good source of traffic that is relevant to your Niche. Without traffic, your odds of being successful is zero to none.

Building a community of prospects should be the next thing you should strife for. Your business coach will suggest that you consistently communicate with your client base (Most experts would use an email list when they do). This will help you as business owner to find out their needs, and then create products that they will buy based on their needs.

Another thing that The Small Business Mentor will point out to you is that you need to create multiple products as one product rarely cuts it. Many people would want a lot more from you than just one information product.

Writing a series of books is the in-thing lately. People do not have a lot of time and would appreciate business course material that is divided into sections of 20 to 30 page mini eBooks or reports.

Having a coaching program where you teach others about what is needed with your particular Niche is a brilliant idea. Who better than the Small Business Mentor to show you how you can have your own coaching program.

Very important too, would be to systematize everything you do. This is very useful when you have multiple products. If your company lacks a business system, then you might pick up problems with regards to getting the right products into the hands of the right customers.

When you look around, you will notice that most info businesses have more than one product. Why be any different? This is the best way to let yourself be known as an expert in your Niche. Do not delay in consulting your business coach who will show you what is needed to successfully create your information business. Keep this in mind as you make your plans for 2013.

Where Will You Find The Next Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Friday, June 21st, 2013

You might not think it necessary to enlist the services of a business coach. The saying goes that it is looks easy when you see others succeed, which might get you to think you could easily replicate what they are doing. Besides, isn’t it time you stop vegetating (standing on the sidelines), and start making the kind of money that others can only dream of!

It could be that you have fallen for all kinds of push button scams before. There is no better time than right now to invest in a better future for you and your family. You are encouraged to make the change soon so you can start seeing dollars instead of cents in your bank account. At one time or another, we have all been were you are in terms of struggling to feed your family or to pay your bills.

The Small Business Mentor found a surefire foolproof method that works. By now you would have realized that the online market place is filled with get rich quick products where one Guru would try to out-stage another. While some of them might work, the majority of these don’t. Weirdly enough, a lot of the online marketing methods promise quick riches with very little effort, no websites needed, etc. The question is, who should you believe?

Having a business coach who can take you through the steps needed to ensure you become an internet marketing Guru yourself would be the best thing to do right now!

Do not buy into all the Hype out there about this or the other magic software that will go on to make you millions. Rather invest in something that will not only turn your life around, but give you financial freedom that you dreamed would be possible.

Tap into the business knowledge that your business coach have developed through the years, and go on to make the changes needed to reap huge financial rewards down the line. The Small Business Mentor have years and years of business experience both online and offline. He used his years of internet marketing and make money online Niches to implement his own successful blueprint which include social list building secrets.

If anything, you should be on board the new way of marketing on the net according to your business coach. Gone are the days where you could simply put up some content, use PPC and other tried and tested methods in the hope of attracting your target market. This is where we are in 2013! Nowadays people want to build a relationship with you first before they would trust you enough to do business with. Let your business coach show you how to win the trust and loyalty of your prospective customers.

How You Can Get To Love Everything To Do With Building Your Business Online

Friday, June 21st, 2013

One thing that your business mentor loves about coaching other people is the ability to help them find solutions to making it in the online world. Just the feeling that others actually needs his help is enough satisfaction for him. He will go on to tell you that you get to the stage as coach where you get to truly understand how your skills, knowledge and gifts once imparted, can have a huge impact on others. It really makes all the hard work, hurdles and failures worth it at the end of the day.

List building is one of the fundamentals that is needed to ensure certain success online. What would be the key points to focus on with regards to list building? Follow along as your business coach explore a few possibilities:

Making Your Offer Irresistible

You need to re-position your offer if you are not getting opt-ins. Your offer need to be something that your visitors want. For instance, a webinar full of testimonials that does not provide much value will not do you any good. You might have to look at providing a step by step system that can be implemented right away. This is what makes your offer irresistible. You could look at offering an eBook or Video course as well

Knowing Your Target Market

It is crucial to the survival of your online business to know who your target market is. What would motivate them, and what would they look for? What type of challenges are they desperately trying to solve, and what are they inspired by? In other words, what would keep them awake at night? You just have to look at some weight loss ads to know that they are not positioning themselves right. Some ads would focus on how great tasting the weight loss formula is. What they should be focusing on instead should be how great you are going to look in that gorgeous new night dress once you shed some weight. It is essential to speak to your prospect in their language, and appeal to what is important to them.

Build a Solid Relationship Through Blogging

Content done right is always great, but you need to find a way to build a good connection with your audience. We are all bombarded with data, facts, and figures on a daily basis through newspapers, financial journals, etc. What really matters to people is stories, relationships, and being engaged with the latest news. Most people would welcome a fresh approach. Focusing on social media would help a great deal to help you understand the importance of building solid relationships. It is all about connecting with your target audience.

Your business mentor is always there if you need him. In fact, you are encouraged to reach out to others who will need your help and encouragement. You can start out on your road to online success by connecting with your business mentor and coach today!

How Business Coaching Will Help You With Network Marketing

Friday, June 21st, 2013

By playing your cards right, network marketing could be both exciting and rewarding. When you choose to make use of business coaching, you could potentially make yourself a handsome income. In the past you may have approached your best mates and even family to get them to join your venture. You were attracted to the promise of making it big in the online world.

Who knows, you may have sent out countless of emails, made a couple of phone calls to try and convince people you know, to join in, only to find that they were not really interested. You got to a point where you got tired of being rejected, and were ready to throw in the towel. Then, one day out of the blue you saw an email that was forwarded by a good friend of yours.

When you first read the email about making use of business coaching by someone living in Australia, you were a bit skeptical. You have been burned in the past, and viewed the content with caution. Then, all of a sudden, something struck a cord with you, and got the old spark coming back inside of you.

The Power of Attraction Marketing

The body of the email got your attention as it stated that you do not have to engage in hard selling or bugging your friends just to make a sale. You also liked the fact that business coaching was mentioned more than once as the way forward if you ever hope to be successful online. Besides, you should not let pride stand in your way. The Small Business Mentor based in Australia told you to stop wasting your time on friends and family who might never see your point. It is high time that you move on into another direction.

You were super excited when being told that you should rather make use of attraction marketing when presenting your offer to people. This is how powerful business coaching is. With someone who cares by your side, you will be able to tackle anything and make a success of it. Your Small Business Mentor went on to advise that you should learn to view network marketing as a numbers game, with well structured systems and powerful sales letters where you recommend a specific opportunity as the way to do it.

By reaching say 60 prospects with your opportunity, you could say that at least 1% of these people will join your network if you have positioned yourself correctly, that’s to say. In turn that 1% will get others to join, and so it will spiral a few levels deep. This is why they call it a numbers game. Whatever you do, never sweat the small stuff when engaging in any marketing. Do what you need to do, and the rest will take care of itself.

Through business coaching you will soon come to realize from the Small Business Mentor that you should simply point out the benefits of joining your particular network, and never come across too eager. Instead, you should make it look like your are showing them how they will benefit themselves by joining.

Facebook Fanpages and Your Small Business Mentor

Friday, June 21st, 2013

How can business coaching help you further your business online. You just have to look at social media platforms to realize the power of companies like Facebook. It is amazing what Facebook would allow you as a business to do with your very own Fan Page. There is absolutely no limit as to the number of Fan Pages you can have. You can create multiple pages within Facebook Fan Pages, then link it directly to the main Fan Page.

By enrolling your business to receive business coaching from someone like The Small Business Mentor, you will be well on your way to making your first fortune on the Internet. Once you get to follow all the essential steps needed to set up your fan page, you will come to realize just how powerful social media networking is. Through being coached you will be shown how easy it is to set up fan pages for your business. What we are talking about here is the customization of your Fan page to include optimized information about the services or product you are offering your visitors.

It goes without saying that any business would need a professional image that will capture people’s attention. The image will give your customers a better understanding of what your business is about.

Any business needs a professional image that will immediately capture Peoples attention. Your business image will help to show what your business is about. Getting exposed to business coaching from someone like The Small Business Mentor will put you in a very powerful position with regards to you business. You will be shown how and where to find all kinds of images that can be used on your site that is available from sites like or

Amazingly, from here it is a case of editing your profile page that is situated just below the page title. It is very important to customize your Facebook Fan Page at this stage. The reason for this would be that you will have targeted visitors landing on your Fan Page who are actually looking at what you are offering.

On customizing your Fan Page, you should pay close attention to the following aspects as per The Small Business Mentor:

  • Name – Your Fan Page Title. Here you would want to incorporate keywords that are relevant to your page
  • Address – You would only need this field when you create a Fan page that links to a local business or service
  • About – It all depends what your Fan page is about as you may or might not need to complete all the profile fields.
  • Description – You should ensure you include keywords that will help your Fan Page gain higher PR in the search engines for the designated or targeted keyword
  • Mission – Do not be like most people that would leave this area blank. On getting business coaching you would most likely receive useful advice to show that you should take advantage of this opportunity to include a strong message that would really connect with your target audience. How powerful is that!


Content Marketing And SEO Works Together

Friday, June 21st, 2013

What comes to mind when you are thinking of SEO. Would your business coach know?

As we all know, SEO was this mysterious thing. You would have to write articles, then SEO it for even greater success (Since when is SEO a verb?), and hoping against all odds that your site or blog would move up in ranking on the search engines. It wasn’t long and the super cool and hip folks moved in with a new thing known as content marketing that was apparently very sophisticated and white hat, which is so much better than black hat techniques that were being used by so called SEO people in the know.

How Can SEO and Content Marketing Work Together?

With the transition to content marketing, some would think that SEO and content marketing are mutually exclusive. They would even go as far as to think that the two are in opposition to each other. Honestly speaking, nothing could be farther from the truth. Then you might as well think of SEO as a verb (something you do to the article).

Now, here’s the thing. When using SEO, social networks, and content marketing together, it is more a wholistic process done step by step, and not anything you would do to information. It so happens whenever you write some interesting content that is in line with what your audience want, and moreover, written in such a way that the search engines pick it up as natural content, that it turns out to be both useful and authoritative.

According to the Small Business Mentor, SEO, content marketing, and social networks are all part and parcel of what can be seen as a complete marketing strategy that would have amazing potential in building your business.

Would Building and Growing Your Brand Be the Only Thing that Counts?

Your business coach can honestly say, that it is more than that, You should also stay open. The whole idea that any of essentials we are speaking about can be considered as just a fad, is not true. It could have dire consequences for your business! You need to look at it long and hard to realize that your audience is actually online.

What would you think would be the first thing they would do when looking for a new service or product? They would “Google it!” That is right, one of the first places people turn to is the search engines. Occasionally they would use Bing, Yahoo or MSN, but in most cases, they would use Google.

The Small Business Mentor will indicate that if you are not close enough and listed on the first few pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs), then prospects will not find you. Unless of course, you happen to have a phenomenal amount of followers who spread the word about you. Having the idea that you do not need social media marketing is simply not true.

The best thing you can do would be to create content that people would want to share with their list of followers. It is so simple, yet often overlooked by most business owners who are so involved in all their back end work, and in marketing their businesses. Content that is interesting, and that gets shared, would organically beat any optimized content hands down.

Productivity Is The key For Your Small Business Success

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Growing up I used to put everything off until the next day. In high school (strict Catholic school) our teachers gave us a diary which we used to put in what we had to do the next day. I would always put a line through it and put it on next week’s agenda. When I had an assignment, I would leave it to the last day. My productivity was a shambles. The only thing I was good at in high school and University was hanging around the cafeteria.

I would have received a Masters of Cafeteria studies if it was available as I missed most of my lectures and just wasted time. It got that bad that a lecturer asked me what I would like on my headstone when I died as a form of what symbolized who I was. I said “Procrastinator”, he couldn’t stop laughing. This is from a man who I never saw laugh in 4 years so it made an impact. Scary part was that it was true.

As you get into business, you need to be super productive, that is if you want your business and life for that matter to run smoothly and not in chaos. I can tell instantly with most people how productive they are. I see people whose cars look like they haven’t been washed in years, their desks at work are a shambles, their bedroom looked like a war torn country and so on. This is generally how their life is, in total chaos and disarray. The point is, if you are lazy or unorganized, your whole life will be like this. Without being OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) it is good to get super organized.

If there is one skill that I have improved considerably over the years is my organizational skills. Every day and I mean every day I know exactly what I will be doing. I hate surprises and I never like to forget anything. I have a daily to do list. This will include tasks such as online banking, checking all my accounts, checking e-mails, marketing, returning phone calls, new projects and so on.

I make sure these are all out the way as soon as possible. The rest of the day I basically can work on my business which is what I want your ultimate goal to be.


Become Successful Through Using a Business Coach

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Become Successful Through Using a Business Coach. Anyone who is looking to make money soon, will be blown away when they get to realize how easy it can be with a business coach by their side. You can be sure that newbies and existing marketers who do not have much success, would love the opportunity of working with a coach who is a real person like them. Someone who also struggled to make a living at one time, but managed to turn their life around.


Online and offline marketers will sit up and take note of such a person who knows what is needed to be successful. After all, the internet is part and parcel of everyone’s lives these days.


More people are looking for ways to earn residual income from the comfort of their lounge or bedroom, if this is where they choose to set up their home office. The online world is so technologically advanced right now which makes it the opportune time to make money using the net.


Just think how easy it is to access the net from various portable media like iPhones, smartphones, iPads, and laptops, to name a few. Access to business coaching is therefore so much easier thanks to advances made. Your business coach can show you how it is all done no matter where you find yourself.


Getting The Right Tools from Your Business Coach


Going with a business coach is so much easier as they can help you make money with affiliate marketing programs that are showcased at places like Clickbank and JV Zoo. It does not matter if you are a electrician, plumber, or Internet marketer, you are going to need business tools.


Having the tools is one thing, but knowing how to use them can be mind boggling. Your coach will know what is needed when it comes to using business tools, and will give you definite guidelines on how to use it correctly,


Should you have your own site, but do not use a marketing campaign that makes use of a reputable Auto Responder, you are sure to lose targeted visitors that landed on your squeeze page. Your coach is the best person to show you what needs to be done to ensure you do not lose any visitors.


To Be Successful Requires Having An Action Plan


If you want to be successful with your online business, you would need to have a solid online action routine that will ensure you get results fast. Your business coach will give you all the advice you would need to make a success of your venture. While you cannot expect to be a millionaire overnight, the prospects of earning a good living is definitely on the cards.


Millions of people are looking for a solution or cure to their problem on a daily basis. You could provide them with the cure they need to solve their problems. Get in touch with your coach as he or she would be experienced in the many facets of running a successful Internet business.

Let Your Business Coach Guide You

Friday, June 21st, 2013

It it imperative in our modern world to know how to use videos in order to deliver powerful marketing messages. You might be surprised to learn that there are businesses making huge profits. All, without even meeting their customers. How do they do it? One way is through making use of video footage to help them promote their brand as well as inform customers of theirs of the latest developments. This could be you if you let your business coach guide you.


What Your Business Coach Will Tell You About Delivering A Powerful, Effective Marketing Message Using Video


Your coach might be in a position to approach video hosting site owners to source guidelines for you that will help you to effectively market your business. It sure is a very clever way to get the kind of exposure needed that will give you maximum benefit.


The secret when making use of video hosting sites would be to make use of subtle tactics and casually draw attention to your service or product without coming across too desperate in closing the sale. Your business coach will gladly assist you in getting this right.


In most cases, companies just want to show people how their service or product works. For this they will need to use video demos hosted by a particular hosting site.


Drawing Attention To Your Product Through Video Marketing


While it might be a good idea to have demo videos up, it is another story getting people to view your site to see what you are offering them.


Having a business coach proves to be useful as they will help to ensure your videos are of a good quality so you can grab and hold the attention of your viewers. Displaying inferior videos can be such a put off, and give viewers the wrong idea about your business.


As per your coach, it might be useful to see what other businesses are doing with their videos. The content of the videos must captivate as well as engage your audience. It is crucial that you make the effort needed to keep your visitors focused on what you are offering them.


Directing More Visitors To Your Videos


As a business, you need to ensure your demo videos are informative and interesting enough to direct your target audience to your site. They may be excited to know that so many others are viewing your videos too. It is one of the better ways to market your products. Your business coach will show you that it will not mean much if your target audience are not directed to your landing page so they can go on to purchase your products or services.


It really is about getting your marketing mix right by being careful in not giving too much info away through your videos. Your visitors need to be fired up in wanting to know more about what you have to offer them. Your coach is your ticket to sure success as they will show you how to use video marketing as a powerful tool in order not to get left behind.

Small Businesses: Myth # 2

Friday, June 21st, 2013

You don’t have to work 9 to 5pm hours

 Although this might seem to be the case to an outsider, the reality is vastly different, especially when you are starting out.  When you start on your own, you are doing absolutely everything.  So instead of working 9 to 5, you are probably working from 7 until midnight and thereafter.  And this will go on for some time until you reach a point when you know you need to employ somebody else.  But your hours don’t stop there.  Although you may have offloaded some of the duties to your employee, your free time then needs to be spent on other areas of your business that perhaps you had been neglecting because you were stretched so thin and did not have the time to do it. If you think that once you employ staff you can sit back and watch the money roll in, you are sadly mistaken.  The truly successful businessperson is the one that is constantly working on their business.  When you are very passionate about your product or idea, you virtually live, breath and eat it. Small businesses are filled with people who truly love their business. I can definitely say that my business became my life.  Sure, on some days you may decide to leave the office at 4 PM to do some personal things, but by the evening, you’ll find yourself back on your laptop whether it be at the office or at home, writing new e-mail blasts, thinking of other ways of increasing traffic to your website, etc.  And this is not just for the first few months of starting your business; it could be for the first few years.

I’m not telling you this to turn off any budding entrepreneurs out there; on the contrary.  I want people to remove those rose colored glasses and see what it really takes to start up a business and successfully maintain it.

Starting A Small Business: What Lifestyle Do You Really Want?

Friday, June 21st, 2013

I was happier creating businesses’ than simply making cash in a business that I hated. I could have made money in the pizza shop bit it gave me no freedom, I hated it. Do something you love if you can. Online is great because of the leverage it gives me and I don’t need to see people face to face. I love that. I can answer e-mails later, I don’t get overwhelmed.

This lifestyle I now have I cannot change for me. I’m used to it and I love it… I cannot work for anyone because I will lose my creativity, my freedom, my being, the spring in my step, the way I live, the people I meet, the rewards it gives me.

My lecturer never told me that I would love business this much. He taught me to be an employee, not a dreamer, not a visionary, not attention deficit disorder, not a creator. You don’t want to be held down. You want to be free, to go after the impossible, to stay away from negative people, to not be told when to go on a holiday, I crave this and that is why no matter how hard business gets, I will not change the lifestyle I have created for myself.

Going to work each day, I enjoy it but when I talk about business to other business owners my passion explodes. My voice rises. That’s why I wrote a book. I love business. I love the game. I cannot get enough and I love teaching people. It comes so naturally. I don’t need to think, it just happens.

I cannot write a handbook; I want to tell my experiences to the whole world because this is what actually happened. I have read so many books and took a few things from there but I wanted a book that you can take lots of things from there because you know all the hopes and fears that a business owner or start-ups have.

Being positive all day is tiring, you don’t need to be. Be disciplined. Stay on track. I almost fall asleep sometimes, it’s normal. Don’t think you need to be superman, this is a myth. You just need to be focused, know where you are heading and what needs to be done each day.

Millionaire? Not what you think. No slicked back hair and Armani suits. They invest and learn, create businesses. You don’t need 20 houses, you need freedom. The best thing I ever heard in a seminar was “what is wealth?” The speaker asked,” How many weeks can you stop working and pay for your lifestyle.” Most people said 1 week to 6 months because they were living pay check to pay check.  This is no way to live.

Why have all this debt just to have this lifestyle? Live within your means. I would rather have less houses and Ferrari’s and not have to work instead of working like a madmen and having the big house and luxury cars and a massive debt. Wealth is your ability to create income when you are not there, not being a billionaire.

Favourite Small Business Books

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The Purple Cow by Seth Goddin

Many businesses unfortunately are the same. Everything they do is the same as everyone in their industry. Standing out from your competitors is difficult. The purple cow is all about standing out from everybody else, hence the title, the purple cow. The key to this is for your customer to have an extraordinary experience. And your product or service to be truly remarkable.

Prospects are bombarded each day by marketing messages and it is only getting worse with social media taking off.  You need to get their attention. No matter what it is that you do whether it is you’re pricing, the way you answer the phone, your advertising, the colors that you sue, it must be unforgettable.

Why Now it is time to CRUSH IT cash in on your passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book will be enjoyed by anybody no matter what their background is. It is about people who are working but deep down their passion is doing something else. An example is a school teacher who in her spare time likes to renovate homes. When you do something you’re passionate about it is so much easier because it doesn’t seem like a job.

There is no better time in history now to have an online business and develop content for the masses. There are millions of prospects out there who value what you have to say. Building your personal brand is a great business model. Examples are Oprah.  You must be a great story teller.

You will be developing content for the masses. Most of your time will be spent following your passion, responding to other blogs and leaving a link back to your website. Social Media can take your personal brand allot cheaper than the old mass media formula.

You can make money by having affiliates, selling other people products, doing live speaking or writing a book.  This will not happen overnight so you need to be patient.  Chase your passion and not the money; you will be richer for it.

The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris

This book will change the way you think about long hours and hard work. It demonstrates that most people spend allot of time being unproductive and being distracted. They don’t outsource enough. By outsourcing and being less distracted by e-mails and answering the phone, you can spend your time focusing on your goals. This will result in you not having to work full time. You can literally work a few hours a week with the same result.

Although this idea is hard to fathom for most people, it will demonstrate how you can plan your week in a whole new way. This is a must read for anyone who wants to spend more of their time doing the things they love outside of work.

Business Coach: Affiliates

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Affiliates are people who promote and sell products for a percentage of a sale. When I coach my clients, I strongly recommend having as a part of their business model.

Affiliate programs are successful because both the person who created the product along with the affiliate can make money. The leverage is enormous.

Let’s say you have a product to sell like an eBook. You have an affiliate named Joe who has 500 people on his Facebook fan page. All Joe needs to do is send out an e-mail to his list with the product being sold. When someone from Joe’s list buys the product, Joe receives 50% of the sale price. Boom. Too easy.

Joe is happy and so are you. When you run an affiliate programme there are some essential tips that you should follow. Get someone to handle your affiliates for you when it makes sense financially.

For example, if you have 50 affiliates, you do not want to spend all day e-mailing them and make payments. You are better off outsourcing this.

Another tip is to offer a higher commission than your competitors, even if you make a loss initially.

With affiliate marketing, always have a low end information product no matter what business you’re in. This serves as the front end, with your higher priced product or service as the back end.

Use your knowledge, top 10 things on a certain subject. This is just for lead generation.

You know you will make a profit on the back end with other content that you have like coaching, DVD series Audios etc. You must think of the big picture. The more you give to affiliates, the hungrier they will be with selling your product. The more sales your affiliates make, the more leads you receive to get the bigger sales and the recurring sales afterwards. Too many people are short sighted unfortunately when it comes to dealing with affiliates.

Automation to your affiliate business is the secret. You need to make sure that your affiliates have all the tools they need to sell. Landing pages, FAQs, sales letters, copy, squeeze pages and everything else needed to ensure they succeed.

The number of affiliates you have can be huge but at the end of the day you will have 10 or so affiliates who drive 90% of the new business. Focus on them heavily and join them into Joint Ventures. We will talk about Joint Ventures later on this chapter.

Good software to use to help you manage affiliates include 1 Shopping cart, Infusion soft or Omni start.

Websites For Small Business

Friday, June 21st, 2013

A website is undoubtedly one of the best investments you will ever make with your business. No matter what industry you are in, you MUST have a website. The beauty about a website is the many benefits that it offers. People can view your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are able to add all your products and services on there and show your prospects what your business is all about. It saves you time speaking to each prospect while leveraging your time as well. 1000 people can be on your website all at the same time without you having to do anything.

Websites create awareness about your company, expands your brand on the worldwide web and most importantly generates leads and sales.

Building a website can be daunting but there are ways you can go about building one. You can go to,, and many other sites where contractors can bid for your business. Make sure you look at what work they have done in the past and preferably speak to clients that they have worked with to ensure their experience was satisfactory.

Building a website is one thing but building a brilliant website is another. There are a few things you need to know when having your website built. I have had lots of websites built and each time many challenges have been presented. When I find a contractor I use the following check list.

I generally e-mail the contractor 5 websites that I like the look of. Then I decide on which colors I want to use. Generally I stick to blue. This color leans towards the business and corporate look. The website must be easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. I suggest having tabs on the top of the page going from left to right.  The website must load fast. There is nothing more frustrating than a website that takes forever to load. This is bad for you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings and prospects will leave your website immediately.

Don’t be concerned about the initial investment you make on your website. It is without a doubt the best investment you will ever make considering the potential returns you will receive.

Marketing Lesson From The Small Business Mentor

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Today, the Small Business Mentor want to tell you a story that will help you understand the power of marketing done the right way. The thing is this, the lesson learned can be applied by both offline and online business owners all over the world. Although the story being told happened in the U.S, the key marketing principle being demonstrated apply to anyone involved in marketing.

It all happened in good old Portland on a beautiful hot summer day. On driving around motorists would often pass children who are trying to make some extra pocket money selling lemonade. The problem was that most would use the same old white board duct taped to their table with the wording “Fresh Lemonade at only 50 Cents”.

Many would simply pass these stands as they would have their own soft drinks. But, this particular day was different. It wasn’t long before this one gentleman cruising around came to an intersection only to see a youngish girl of around 10 or 12 waving a sturdy board that had flashing neon lights around the outer edge of it. Now, this was different to the same old boring white boards that were commonly used by most kids.

That was not all. The way the ad read intrigued motorists as well. The sign she held up read “Cool Off with Lemonade Freshly Squeezed Right in Front of You.” Unlike other boards, the wording was done in red. That was true advertising brilliance, and got many a motorist to pull off and stand in line for a cup of lemonade. Once you got to the table, you got service with a smile and were given the option to make your choice with the wording “Would you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”

Once you made your choice, you would have the privilege of seeing some magic unfold in front of you. The young girl would take 2 ripe lemons and lay it on her cutting board, quickly slice through it using a steak knife, and swiftly twisted 4 halves, added spoons of sugar, stir it and then drop ice cubes in it. Once she accomplished this feat, she would simply say “That will be $1.00 please”

When asked what prompted her to create the colorful sign and using the catchy headline, she commented that the previous white board did not achieve the desired results in getting people to stop, so she thought of using the strip of old Christmas lights back home and wrote the action she was performing anyway on a pink board instead of a white one. In addition, she managed to create some energy around her stand as passers by were buzzing around her Lemonade Stand. The enjoyed her friendliness, and the prompt way they were being served.

What Do We Learn From This Experience?

First, this young girl took it upon herself to change her marketing message and the way it was presented to attract people to her lemonade stand. Her message and the colourful way it was presented spurred people into action. You must remember that people were feeling hot and had a need to “Cool Off”. This young girl provided the solution by placing the action word “Cool Off” right up front on her advertising board. Then, she personalized her advertising message by putting in the word “You” in it.

The marketing lesson that we can take away from this would be that you need to test your sales message if you find the one you have is not working. Then you would need to rend excellent customer service that is fast and efficient so they will come back for more of the same. You can bet that the motorists, who experienced this, will tell their friends to stop by at this girl’s Lemonade Stand. Have you noticed what she does when her line dies down? She would grab the board and wave it around to attract attention to her stand.

True marketing genius indeed. She would make use of a headline that has a CTA (Call to action), coupled with a sales message that has an enticing benefit attached to it, “freshly squeezed right in front of you.” She would have a close by asking if you would like your lemonade to be sweet or sour, and let you witness the quality of her produce by squeezing fresh lemons. The girl would end it of with a call to action by saying, “That will be $1.00 please”

Let the Small Business Mentor help you to focus every effort that you put into your business toward your customers thereby satisfying their needs by showing you how you to test your market, tweak your messages, and build a solid relationship with your customers both offline and online.

My Small Business Journey (Part 3)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

My friend Matthew promised to guide me so I was ready to rock. He said, “Anthony, I can show you the tools and give you some direction but you have to work this all out yourself. There is no magic bullet, you need to test and try everything yourself.”  Work began at 12 am because Australia was 14 hours ahead of the US. It was a very difficult time as I entered a business with no experience in printing and had to do night shift and for anyone who has tried it they will tell you, it is painful. Your body never adjusts. So here I was ready to start my first business on my own. I didn’t know what a PDF was, didn’t know what CMYK was, didn’t even know what excel was, didn’t know what web hosting was, a webmaster, website template, a server, copy writing  autoresponders? Too bad, I am motivated. Lets just run with it I thought. No more 80 hours a week, this was my destiny. So, to say that I had a steep learning curve in front of me was the understatement of the year.

What I liked about online marketing was the following. This is the criteria I wanted to follow, not what my professor at University taught me.

  1. Can the business run without me one day? Yes
  2. Can it be systemized? Yes
  3. Are the start up costs low? Yes
  4. Is there massive potential? Yes

These are the questions I ask everyone when they have an idea. There is no right or wrong answer to those questions but if you want to have a lifestyle, you really do need other people to manage it for you while you are away from your business.

After 3 years the business was in auto pilot and I never answered an e-mail or phone call ever again. I truly was the boss and had brilliant staff working for me. I was living the dream. Great income, solid growth, unbelievable lifestyle and I was WORKING less than 10 hours a week. I would go to work, check my banking and e-mails, then leave. That was it. I had it all worked out. The term entrepreneur was now ingrained in my head and I wanted to have as many businesses as I could.

I started two more businesses after this from the scratch and used the same principles. I sold the sticker business in 2010 as the Australian dollar got too strong so exporting was useless now. My next challenge was now ahead of me.

My Small Business Journey (Part 2)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

I was now working 80 hours a week and after 2 years I was starting to get really depressed. No more gym, no more holidays, no more partying, no more life. I was in a prison but getting paid for it. One day I was getting a pizza at a girlfriends place and noticed a fridge magnet. On the back of the fridge magnet I noticed a phone number and thought it would be a cool idea for my pizza shop. First thing Monday I called the number in excitement and the guy who answered said “Hello, Mister Magnets, Matthew Bridges speaking.” I went to school with his brother and we spoke at length about fridge magnets. He came over to the restaurant and I ended up ordering these fridge magnets from him. Over a period of a year or so we became good friends and each time I would see him he was pumped.

Matthew would walk in the shop and basically it was like a bright light. Happy, confident, content, he had it all. He was a man on a mission. Every week he would come in and order pizzas and have a new story. I’m going to America to export magnets, I’m setting up a marketing team, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. I was in awe of this man.

I had so much respect for him. Every week I would look forward to him coming in to work. After a while he said to me, “Anthony, no offence to your business but you don’t belong here. Its not about being smarter than everyone at your work but you have so much to offer. You have a job, not a business. You are always working. You need to change your lifestyle”

He handed me a copy of the E myth and I read the book back to front in less than 2 days. I felt like I had been converted. It was the most intoxicating, exhilarating feeling I’d ever had. There was a better way to do things and now this was my once in a lifetime chance to do it.

After a few months of research I decided to start selling promotional stickers to the United States. Matthew was doing Fridge Magnets so basically I was replicating what he did but with a different product. When I told my father I was leaving he said that I was being brainwashed and that you cannot have a lifestyle in business. To prove your manhood you had to endure 80 hours of work a week. That was the sign of a real man according to him. Well DAD, maybe in 1970 but not in the year 2000. Talk about a false sense of reality. My mother was very positive as well, “Anthony, you will never get an opportunity like the pizza shop, you will be begging for your job back. You will amount to nothing, you lazy ——-“, well you get the picture.

My Small Business Journey (Part 1)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

My name is Anthony Khoury and I was born in Melbourne Australia. My father had a small business from the time he migrated to Australia back in the 1960s. He was a hard worker and extremely ambitious. He learned at a young age that you have 2 choices in life. You work with your hands or you work with your brain. It is that plain and simple. From a young age he instilled in me a work ethic and a tough as nails approach to life. Tony (my father) was the most charismatic, easygoing, charming person you over met but if he looked at you the wrong way, then you better start running. He was as tough as nails.

I was forced, yes really, forced to go to University after high school and ordered to do a Bachelor of Economics with a major in marketing. In the late 1980′s Marketing was the big thing and everyone wanted to take this up as a degree. Unfortunately, somewhere across this time period, people got this confused with sales so when you went for a marketing job, you ended up doing telemarketing (God forbid) and door to door sales. Not exactly glamorous.

I got through University, just and then went working in hospitality for 8 years. Running a pizza restaurant with my father was tough but a great experience. At 25 I was at the cross roads in my life. No money, a degree that I didn’t want to use and a very very bad attitude to hard work. Finishing 4 years of University and then going to work? What was my father thinking? What I did know though, was that I wanted my own small business.

Content For Small Business

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Small business used to have a simple formula in the old days. You sell a product or service that someone wants and you earn a profit. These days, it is not that simple. There are so many extra things you can do for your business to improve your brand and your sales. The buzz word these days is “Content.” No matter who I speak to, marketers, SEO companies, entrepreneurs, they always tell me to create content.

Content is basically information that you provide which can be distributed on the web. Examples of content are Blogs, Videos, Press releases, Audio and Articles to name just a few. When you create content you want to give value to your clients. What you say must make a difference to someone’s life. For example, someone may write a blog titled “7 easy ways to lose weight.”

By producing this content (blog) not only is you helping people who are interested in losing weight, you also are establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. Human beings gravitate to experts. If I read a good blog, I will look forward to the next one from that person. At the same time, I will gain interest in what that person is trying to sell. Like it or not, the name of the game is to sell you something. That is what most people who blog try to do and there is nothing wrong with that. By supplying content, you are able to form a relationship with your audience.

This doesn’t happen overnight but at the same time it is not difficult. Content once a week for a small business is enough. Go to other people’s blogs and make comments. When you make a comment, have a link going back to your website. By posting blogs yourself and making comments on other people’s blogs, you are leaving foot prints online. The more foot prints you leave, the more your profile rises and more importantly, brings traffic to your website.

Small Business: The Entrepreneur

Friday, June 21st, 2013

In small business, the term “Entrepreneur” to me has always had a mystique about it. I visualize someone on a yacht sailing the seas without a care in the world, having income without having to work and having a life only the rich and famous dream off. Some describe them as go getters or people who have a vision.

I believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur. You don’t have to start Facebook or Google to be classified as an entrepreneur. If you have a desire to conquer and an energy level that knows no boundaries, you will become a successful entrepreneur. While I was making pizzas years ago, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would begin so many different businesses in industries that I had no idea about and eventually write a book on my experiences. You see this is the thing that is so great about small business. You really don’t have any idea how far you can go. As you move along, you bring out qualities that you thought you never had. You improve on these qualities. You become a better negotiator, speaker, listener, salesman and so on.

Sure, you can say that you want to be a millionaire and most people can achieve that goal. What you don’t realize is that becoming a millionaire isn’t the greatest part; it’s the person you become. Take away the bank balance and physically you are pretty much the same person but deep down you are confident, driven and successful. All that fear, those sleepless nights, those lingering doubts have been eroded. You are now a person of stature. You have responsibility, people look up to you, you put food on people’s tables and help employees pay off their mortgages, and you are a distinguished member of the community. Before you were just another start up but now you made it.

I often get asked by people at what stage did I make decisions to start another business or what qualities did I have that helped me spot opportunities. The honest answer is, I don’t know. It just happened. You really just pick it up as you go. You see an opportunity, you look at the worst case scenario,you see if you can add value, then you just go for it because you know nothing is guaranteed. Even after all the experience that you have gained, all the great network of people around you, there is no guaranteed success for your idea.

Even when growing your business, you just figure it out. I may ask my accountant for advice on things but if I want to spend $30,000 on a large direct mail campaign, I can’t speak to him or my bank manager or my neighbor  I just do it. I test it a little, say spend $1,000 and if there is a little response, then I go for it. There is no magic handbook. You need to figure things out and that is why entrepreneurs are so respected because they venture out into the unknown.

On my wall I had a picture frame with the quote, “if you don’t spread your wings, how do you know how far you can fly?” This is my exact point. You just have to go through the motions. That is why business is so exhilarating yet nerve racking at the same time. Your learning curve is enormous. If you were to lose everything one day, you know deep down that you could do it again because you have that knowledge that no one can take away from you. Your spirit, your hunger, drive, ambition, it stays with you forever.

When you see people in their 70′s loving their work, I bet most of them don’t even need to work but they love it. The sense of accomplishment, having a routine, interacting with other humans, business is more than money; it is a lifestyle that people choose instead of having the security of a pay check each week. After what has happened since the GFC, a guaranteed check is not so guaranteed anymore.

An entrepreneur is someone who can see things that others cannot or chooses to see a glass half full. I have been told so many times that my idea wouldn’t work but that just gets me more motivated. You see, my theory is that any idea can work. How much it will work? That’s a different story altogether. So, instead of looking at things negatively, an entrepreneur has the mindset of how can he/she can sell their product or service to the masses while the average person will think of 50 ways on how it will fail. Furthermore, all their supposed friends will encourage their negativity and destroy any chance that person had of bringing their idea to life.

Allot of small business owners really get stuck in the detail of the business especially when they have experience in that industry. An entrepreneur will however, have the end game in mind. For example, when I got into the printing industry, my printer would tell me again and again about how many pixels were in the art work, why sometimes the colors never turned out the same as the proof, where the printer was made in Germany and discussions of that nature. My printer Paul was brilliant at what he did and much of my early success was attributed to his company as he gave me a chance that other printers would not give me.

While I appreciated his technical feedback and analysis, I was more focused on the end result, selling stickers to thousands and thousands of clients. Without being rude, I don’t care about the machine, or who made it or how many pixels there are or who worked on the press, it doesn’t interest me. I want SALES, SALES AND MORE SALES. That is it. Let your staff have these conversations, not you and that is why my designer Joe handled this. My ADD would kick in after 20 seconds because I am not going to increase sales talking about pixelations.

My point is, you don’t have to be a guru on every aspect of the business. A true entrepreneur sees the future and where the business is going. He can see his product all over the world. He doesn’t worry about obstacles because if he does, he will lose focus at the end game. Know your business, know what happens at each stage of the production process but don’t dwell on it. Just sell. Be a leader and show your team where you want them to go and you will truly be a successful entrepreneur.

Business Coaching: Systems Systems Systems!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Apparently the definition of a system is “an organized and coordinated method; a procedure.”  Well I can tell you that in the beginning, there were no systems in my business.  As I have said from the beginning, I started out with an idea to sell a product on-line.  What followed was a series of ad hock decisions, a lot of trial and error, lot’s of errors, which would eventually form the systems of my business.  There was no “guide” or somebody next to me telling me what to do next.  My gauge for when it was time to change things and develop better operations or “systems, was the business itself.

For example, as I said in the beginning of my business I was running around like a headless chicken, meeting the designer, driving to the printers; I was doing everything.  And that was fine in the beginning because it was all new and I was just so excited that my idea was beginning to flourish.  But after a while, I realized that there had to be a better, quicker way to do things.  And as the number of my customers increased, I realized that I could not continue operating the business this way, because I was being stretched too far and just not keeping up.  It was time to move to the next level and to find a better way to do things, so I could be more productive and meet the needs of my growing customer base.

An example of one of these systems was our ordering system.  The way we received orders was via e-mail, fax and phone.  When I started out on my own, I devised order forms with order numbers.  And over time, as orders became more detailed, and required more information, the layout and content of the order forms became more sophisticated as a result.  When an order was placed, the paperwork would go to the artwork designers so they could put together a proof and e-mail this to the customer.

Without going into too much detail, the ordering system involved a step by step process from when an order form is first filled in, to when the customer finalizes their payment and their order is sent to print, to orders being closed (that is, after the customer receives their product), and these orders are then filed away in folders in alphabetical order of the company or person’s name (this system eventually changed over time as well).  Over time this process was constantly fine tuned and I have to say that I was quite proud of where we ended up with it, because it eventually ran like clockwork.  This was important because it allowed us to implement another process of following up orders, i.e., orders that had received proofs, orders that were waiting for payments to be finalized, etc. When I do business coaching, I tell my clients to systemize their business from A to Z.

We operated with this ordering system for a while, but then we found that as a lot of customers were placing re-orders, it was such an arduous task locating their original order to find out what they had ordered previously.  The reason I say it was a time consuming process is because by this stage we had accumulated a lot of archive folders (where we stored all orders that had been closed off), and therefore had to be stored in a different room in our building.

It just wasted a lot of time.  It was around this time that I came across a software package called “ Sales force”.  It was a database system that we could customize to suit our business and products.  After some initial training, we implemented the system into our business, which meant that whenever we received an order, the order would be entered into Sales force straightaway and therefore no paperwork was required.

This was a much more efficient way of doing things because it eliminated the use of paper and everything about an order or the company/person that placed the order could be accessed with the click of a mouse. And when customers placed a re-order, we could access this order either by their name or previous order number. In addition to this, we could run reports and do analyses on our sales.  For example, if we wanted to find out which customers placed the most orders, or which products were being ordered the most, etc.  When we implemented this database system it became a turning point in our company because I remember we were all so happy and relieved to have a system that was easy to use and allowed us to work more efficiently.

Looking back, I found that we changed and developed different areas of the business as their need arose.  An example of this is in the beginning when I would receive endless phone calls from customers all asking the same question “where are my stickers?” This actually used to annoy me because even though I had tracking numbers, I just did not have the time to track every customers’ package.  Remember, I was doing everything on my own in the beginning, and if I had to respond to every customer that called and track their individual packages I would get nothing else done.

It wasn’t until I employed my admin/salesperson and warned her about these calls that she suggested, “why don’t you e-mail the tracking numbers to the customers so they can track their own packages and therefore leave you alone?”  I remember thinking “what a great idea!” Although it might seem so simple, it was something that I probably didn’t even think of because I was so involved in every minute detail of the business.  So from then on, after every package was shipped out, every customer automatically received an e-mail with their tracking numbers.  And this process became formed another part of the daily running of the business.

If there is only one rule you need to take from business coaching, systemize everything and you will be on the right track to small business success.

Small Business: Entrepreneur Myths

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

“You don’t have to work 9 to 5″

Although this might seem to be the case to an outsider, the reality is vastly different, especially when you are starting out in small business.  When you start a small business on your own, you are doing absolutely everything.  So instead of working 9 to 5, you are probably working from 7 until midnight and thereafter.  And this will go on for some time until you reach a point when you know you need to employ somebody else.  But your hours don’t stop there.  Although you may have offloaded some of the duties to your employee, your free time then needs to be spent on other areas of your business that perhaps you had been neglecting because you were stretched so thin and did not have the time to do it.

If you think that once you employ staff you can sit back and watch the money roll in, you are sadly mistaken.  The truly successful businessperson is the one that is constantly working on their business.  When you are very passionate about your product or idea, you virtually live, breath and eat it.  I can definitely say that the business became my life.  Sure, on some days you may decide to leave the office at 4 pm to do some personal things, but by the evening, you’ll find yourself back on your laptop whether it be at the office or at home, writing new e-mail blasts, thinking of other ways of increasing traffic to your website, etc.  And this is not just for the first few months of starting your business; it could be for the first few years.

I’m not telling you this to turn off any budding entrepreneurs out there; on the contrary.  I want people to remove those rose colored glasses and see what it really takes to start up a business and successfully maintain it.

Small Business Marketing To Grow Your Business

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

When you begin your guerrilla marketing campaign the best place to start is to start with a seven sentence marketing plan. This will make your focus razor sharp. I find that when you write a marketing plan you get to know your product or service from a different angle. You actually stop and work out what you have many more advantages over your competition than you previously thought. Sometimes, you even realize that your plan is not strong enough and needs further work. Either way, this is where you start.

The seven questions are:

  1. What is the specific purpose of my marketing plan?
  2. What is your niche market?
  3. What is your target audience?
  4. What is your identity?
  5. What marketing weapons will you use?
  6. What is my competitive advantage?
  7. What will be your marketing spend as a percentage of your sales?

Once again, what does it cost you? Nothing. You see there are 2 kinds of business people in the world. The business owner who just complains all the time and when they are busy they are happy, telling the whole world how busy they are and when they are quiet they blame the economy, their staff, the landlord, the customers, everyone is to blame but the business owner. This person WAITS for things to happen. The other business owner plans, thinks, dreams, ponders and always looks for a better way, even the smallest thing that can improve their business. They MAKE things happen. A marketing plan will help your small business grow and give it direction versus just running with it.

Business Coach – Don’t Be A Salesperson; Be A Problem Solver

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I tell all my coaching clients that sales is the one skill you have to master and it is not very hard to do.

Before I started my business, I knew nothing about sales.  Sure, if you asked me about pizzas, I could tell you why they’re fantastic, but let’s face it, if a person walks into a restaurant; they are usually guaranteed to buy something without your sales skills. So once again, I was entering into a whole new world.

What I did know was that I had a product that I believed was superior in the printing industry and I was ready to tell anybody who would listen. I was never formally trained to be a salesperson.  Everything I learnt was self-taught, and through my own experience, I gathered the relevant tools and skills which I think are most useful and effective when you are selling any product. Although I sold online, I would do door to door sales after work was finished. Picture this, I sell online to the US from 12 am to 8 am, get 3 hours sleep, then do door to door sales in Australia. It was exhausting and stressful but I didn’t care.

Failure was an option. I learnt pretty quickly that when I stopped trying really hard, sales would just flow. Whenever I tried to remember a script or tried to SELL, it rarely worked. It got to the point where I would turn up to a business owners door and simply say, “Hi, I know you’re busy and I don’t want to waste your time but I have something that that I think will really benefit your business” That was it, very simple.

This did 2 things. One, it made the prospect comfortable and he could relax and more importantly you have set up the scene for a potential sale. The biggest challenge for any kind of sale is the “I’m not interested” response. I have said it 1000 times myself and smile when I actually say it because I look forward to see what the salesperson says next. If it is bad, I will hang up, if it is good, I will listen. You literally have a short period of time to make a good impression and set the scene so there are a few things that I have learned over the years. Sales are without a doubt the lifeblood of your business, your oxygen.

If this runs out… well you know what happens, it’s over, real fast. This is business coach rule 101, sales cures all evils.

Small Business Commandments Part 2

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


  1. I will treat my staff with the utmost respect. When you truly understand that every human being has feelings no matter how much you may dislike them, you eventually realize that we are all the same. When you treat your staff well, they will be good to you in my experience. They will stay back, come in early, work harder, be punctual and rarely leave. In 8 years I had one person leave because my staff loved my easygoing approach. Be approachable not militant. You will reap the rewards, trust me on this one.
  2. Network as much as you can: I cannot emphasis how important this is. I know you are all busy but please try and speak to one person a month who has a business and you will be surprised what you can learn. I recommend successful people as you have plenty to learn from them. Go there with a list of questions. Ask them what they are up to, what projects they are currently involved in, what marketing are they doing? People love talking about themselves. Its human nature. You will walk away with so many ideas that you will not know what to do with yourself.
  3. Opportunities are everywhere: Unfortunately there are many people out here who do not see opportunities. Everything is negative and all the good opportunities are taken already. This is complete rubbish. Everywhere I go I look for opportunities. When I’m on the plane travelling, I always find great things in magazines, new gadgets, investment opportunities, entrepreneurs telling their stories and so on. When I’m overseas I look at each ad on TV and wonder if I could bring that idea back to Australia.

My point is, ideas do not show up on your door step. Even if your best friend has one, he’s not going to tell you. You need to have your eyes and ears wide open. Talk to your accountant, solicitors and ask them if they know anyone who may need to sell something because they are in financial hardship. Be pro active.

Business Coach: The Small Business Dreamer

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I truly believe everyone on this planet has dreams for a better life. Whether it is financial or spiritual, most of us aspire to be in a better place. Personally, I have always wanted the easy road. I found out quickly that this road doesn’t exist. Studying was never my thing and I couldn’t work with my hands. The only thing I enjoyed was sport and TV. Both gave me freedom and escape. Doing the same thing each day is without a doubt the worst possible scenario for some people while others enjoy it. I am unable to do this and that is the reason I got out of the food industry because it was repetitive and boring. There had to be another way and there is in small business.

Many people I associate with work 9 to 5. They enjoy their work but 2 things stand out to me when they talk about their work. Firstly, they get in a rut and start questioning whether they are in the right job, could they earn more, and their boss doesn’t appreciate them and so on. Secondly, they have no freedom. They have to ask their boss if and when they can take time off.

I often get asked, “I have an idea but I’m scared to start a business, it is risky”. This is a common theme and I understand how you completely. What if it fails? How do I pay the mortgage? I don’t have much in savings and don’t want to risk it. These are completely valid fears and we all go through this at one time or another. My view on this is that you do not have to leave your job. I left mine because I was single and living at home still. The conservative way to handle this is to keep your job and do something you love on the side.

Start slow. There is no rush. Keep your expenses low. Mentor someone, sell products on weekends, and write an eBook. There are plenty of ways to create an extra income. If this takes off, then you can leave your day job and work on your business full time.

I often start with my coaching clients, what is your dream? What do you really want to achieve in small business? Write it down and you will achieve it …………

Family & Small Business: Do They Mix?

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I think this topic can be a controversial one, because it usually conjures up images of either positive or negative experiences for people.  Fortunately and I guess unfortunately for me, I have had a mixture of both experiences.  The only good thing coming out of the negative side is I can now share this with you.

Every family dynamic is different, and I know there are a lot of families whose relationships with one another are quite dysfunctional, vitriolic, full of jealousy, etc.  So if you have this, you can probably guarantee they won’t be the best person/people with whom to mix business with. And let’s face it, there are a lot of people who probably consider their friends as family more than their own family.

Looking back at my experiences, I can now clearly see the reasons why having family involved were an integral part of running any of my businesses.  The first thing to point out is that I was and still am lucky enough to have a good relationship with a particular family member and for that reason, I trust them explicitly.  This is probably one of the prerequisites of having your family involved in anything in your life, whether it is business or personal issues.  Because I trust this person completely, this was a huge advantage for me.

For example, when it came to the financial side of things, it was a huge relief to have someone on “my side” that I could trust not to steal from me (e.g., the cash register in our restaurant).  When money was going missing from the cash register in many of our restaurants/cafes, unfortunately it ended up being the manager, every time. With a trusted family member you don’t have this worry.  I could give them access to all of my bank accounts online so they could do my banking, including transferring funds between accounts, paying wages, including their own wages, and so on.  And I could still sleep soundly at night.  Now I don’t know about anybody else, but you do not give this kind of access to just anybody.  As I’m writing this, I realize that I’ve probably taken this for granted because I cannot imagine what everybody else does.  Maybe they have a trustworthy accountant, bookkeeper, partner/spouse?  This is just one advantage, but as you can imagine, a significantly important one.

On the flip side  I had the opposite experience with an untrustworthy family member, and it cost me a fortune. They would sometimes not turn up to work, or come to work and then disappear for hours without telling anybody.  And I would find this out from my other employees or by going onto the computer and seeing that for a block of 3 or 4 hours, no e-mail inquiries were answered.  Or the next day I would wonder why we had very few orders come through.  It went on for years, even after their first, second and fiftieth chance.  Now you’re probably wondering “you idiot, why didn’t you get rid of them immediately?”  And my answer is, it’s just not that simple.  If it was just an employee or business partner, with no family ties, you would fire them on the spot and could cut them out of your life and write off the loss as a bad debt.

However, with family, and this is one of the tricky and frustrating parts of involving them in business, you cannot just dispel them from your life, and not talk to them again.  Well, not my family anyway. I know a lot of families have broken down because of similar incidents, but the way I was raised was to always love and support my family, no matter what.  Call it emotional blackmail, call it what you will, but that kind of sentiment is so hard to live by, especially if your family member has been partly responsible for the demise of your business.  But a lot of other people don’t operate this way, and will inevitably cut ties with their family member.  The point is, mixing business with the wrong or untrustworthy family member, has devastating repercussions.  For three reasons,

(1) the financial and psychological damage that this causes you,

(2) the extraordinary difficulty overcoming this experience psychologically because you are forever linked with family and therefore they will be a constant reminder of the carnage they caused you, and

(3) this type of experience can cause the break down of an entire family, especially when people begin taking sides. And that is the main point I want to make here.  That is, when you have this negative experience in a normal situation, you may lose a business partner or an employee and you can usually move on.  But when it is family, the big risk is that you will lose your bother, sister, cousin, brother or sister in law, parent, etc.  The latter is definitely a lot riskier and therefore a decision not to be made lightly.

Small Business: Customer Feedback

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
  • One thing I’ve learnt is to always get feedback from your customers.  For example, if you send out a product you should always ring them or email them a week later and ask how they found it.  You would be very surprised.  I’ve found that when I did this I got all kinds of responses; even some people saying they didn’t receive my product so don’t ever underestimate the power of what your clients think.  Always ask them what did you find good in the product, can I make it better? The thing is, you may have a customer who after receiving your product wanted nothing to do with your company ever again, but because you rang them and showed them that you cared, and appreciated what they did for you, well then, they definitely want to do business with you again.  So not only are you making them happy you’re also trying to figure out ways to improve your business.  Examples are: your packaging may have broken while they got your product, or the product wasn’t what they expected, you were going to give them 1000 printed labels and instead they got, say, 900; and believe me some people do count.  The amount of reasons why people will not come to your business ever again is mind boggling so don’t ever assume that just because people received your product they’re happy.  Always do that so that in the future so you can make your future prospects and clients much happier.
  • Customer feedback for your small business is essential in improving your product or service in the future.

Businesses, Hold Them Or Sell Them?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

At some stage in your business life you will encounter the situation of whether to keep your business or sell it. This can be quite daunting for so many reasons. However, there are some rules you can go by before you make that all important decision.

In my situation it was just before the GFC that I decided that I had had enough of my business. My passion was gone, I wasn’t willing to move to the US to take it to the next level, the dollar was getting stronger which was detrimental to me and I wanted a new challenge. Basically I was done. I thought I had a buyer but at the last minute they pulled out so I decided to hang on. The GFC hit and then the business wasn’t as profitable as it once was. In hindsight I should have made more of an effort to sell it before the GFC but we can’t turn back the clock. A few valuable lessons were learned during this time.

In my opinion, it is good to sell your business in the following circumstances.

  1. Your passion is gone. When you wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to work day in, day out, it’s time to go.
  2. Your business has reached its peak (in your eyes that is) and you cannot do anymore to grow the business. If all you see is dark clouds and sales are in a downward trend, it’s time to leave.
  3. If you receive an incredible offer that is hard to resist, take it. You can use this money to have a well earned break and then use this money to start another business venture.

If you can help it, do not run things into the ground. Most people when they sell, neglect their business. Their stock is low, their attitude is bad, and the work area is untidy and so on. You do not want this. A potential buyer will smell fear and desperation and you will receive much less than your business is worth. If you decide to sell, you want the new owner to walk into a successful and upbeat environment. They will have their own ideas on what they can do to improve the business. Just make sure that they are excited about the prospect of buying your business. Keep marketing and stay focused, I cannot overemphasize this enough. A sale can take months to even years, so you need to carry on your business as normal as you can.

If you are unsure about selling, believe me I still was even though I didn’t want it anymore, there are some other options out there.

  1. If the business is still making a good profit, let someone else manage it. Tell them you will be coming in once a month and that they are responsible for everything. Give them a bonus in their salary. They will love the opportunity to step up and earn more cash.
  2. Bring in a business partner. They can pay you half of what the business is worth and run the place for you. This way, you get a nice cash injection as well as keeping future profits. If after a while you just don’t want to be there at all, ask your partner to buy you out completely. This is a brilliant strategy for people who just cannot let go but still want to have some share in a business.
  3. If your business can be improved, please hold onto it. It is much easier to improve a business that is running than to start from scratch all over again.

I have seen many business owners sell for the wrong reason. They get bored and lose enthusiasm. Take a vacation. Sometimes that’s all you need. Selling something you have created is a massive decision so you want to be sure that you are making the right one. I looked at my business as a baby as I was there from day one. It is an emotional decision so try to be as less emotional as possible if you can.

Don’t ever take for granted what you have. Only sell if you really must. If I stayed open I would have eventually shut down due to the strong currency at the time. I was better selling it and getting something versus nothing.

If the dollar was weaker there is no way I would have sold it even if my passion was lagging. The weak dollar along with no passion was the last straw for me. Think carefully when you sell.

When people ask me what they should do I usually tell them the following ”If you sell, be happy, you made the right decision. If you stay, be happy, you made the right decision. Don’t have any regrets. Be comfortable with your decision and move on.”

My Small Business Beginning

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

I could tell you in detail about every single step that I took, every problem that I encountered, but I’m not here to bore you with logistics.  The point I want to illustrate is just how much I needed to know and learn, beyond switching on a computer.  And you don’t realize how much is involved until you progress through each stage.  If somebody had told me what lay ahead for me in my “business venture” after the fact, I’m not sure if I would have put myself through all the pain.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely.

No pain, no gain, or no risk, no reward.  Whichever motto you align yourself with, the underlying message is, if you don’t put in the work, you won’t achieve your desired outcome.  The problem is, when we look at rich and successful people, we have this perception that these individuals are special, untouchable, have a special gift or knack for business.   Because they make it look glamorous and easy.  I can tell you right now, it is neither of those things.  You know what it is? It’s going through the motions, every day, no matter how trivial, boring, frustrating it might be, to get to that end point.  It is hard work.  And the sooner you accept it, the less painful and enduring it becomes.

There was a guy at my gym who played table tennis professionally. He looked as though he was born with a racket in his hand. I asked him what made him so special? He told me he wasn’t special. He just hit the ball every day from as long a she could remember and it got easier and easier each day. He couldn’t stand doing some exercises each day but his coach made him do it. This was called discipline. Brilliance doesn’t happen when you perform some days and don’t bother training other days. You must be your best each and every day. When you’re going through hell, you keep going (Winston Churchill) If business was easy and being the best was easy, everyone on the planet would be a superstar but that is not how it works. When you see successful people with all the trappings of success you make excused like they were born with money or their parents are rich. This may be true sometimes but more likely they worked like crazy. That is why the rewards are so high because not everyone gets there.

I always tell people when they have a business that God is testing them. He is making you go through all kinds of pain before you succeed. You know why? He wants to see how bad you want it. Do you expect to be a millionaire in a few weeks? Does the Wimbledon champion win the tournament after training a few years? No. They hit the ball for 5 plus hours a day from when they are practically babies. You must work hard, harder than anyone you now.

While you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, “gosh when does it get easier?”  The answer to this is, yes.  But not for long.  The journey of starting and developing your business does not move in a linear fashion.  There are peaks and troughs, and this is why it can be such a roller coaster ride.  After I eventually employed a great designer, who also became my “ all rounder” for the business, I eventually moved out of my parents’ study and into a small townhouse.  This was a pivotal moment for not only my business, but also for myself,  because I was physically moving from the security of my parents’ place and out on my own with my “baby” which was both exciting and daunting at the same time.  As I said earlier, with each stage that you progress into, lay new challenges.  When I hired my first employee, I had to learn about salaries, wages, superannuation, and Work Cover  again, all foreign and all of which did not interest me but unfortunately was a necessary part of running the business.

When I look back, everything that I did and each step that I took for this business was a first for me.  I learnt everything as I went along.  The further I got into developing my business, the more irrelevant that degree on my wall began to appear.  Anything I already knew or thought I knew, could not and did not prepared me for this ride.  And I say this in a positive and inspiring note, because this reinforces my views earlier on the rich and successful.  That is, anybody with an idea and enough tenacity and drive, is capable of achieving their desired outcome.

Small Businesses: Myths # 1

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

“You need to be smart and educated to succeed in business”

I  look back at high school and see all the guys I used to go to school with that were A grade students. We caught up at a reunion not long ago and I chatted extensively to them. Only one of them was doing well in a large stock broking firm. The rest were just getting along and complaining about having large mortgages and not living the life they thought they would have. When I told them that I ran several successful businesses they were dumb struck. They could not imagine that I would be successful based on my high school performance.

They figured that because they mastered high school that they would master the rest of their lives. Unfortunately society has ingrained us to think that once you graduate from school, you will have the white picket fences and an endless income stream. The problem is, people stop learning when they leave school. I’ll be honest, I hated school. I was okay at it but hated studying because I knew even back then that I would not use this knowledge in real life. I used to come first in multiplication races and I know now that we use multiplication all the time, this is a tool that works in the real world. Learning algebra, geometry or just having a degree doesn’t help that much I believe.

I had 8 choices on what University I wanted to go to and the only one that accepted me was my last choice, the one that I did not want to go near.  I was embarrassed when I got accepted in the marketing course. After University, I educated myself on selling, marketing, leadership, negotiating. I use this everyday and see the fruits of my labor today.

If you are prepared to develop yourself and have an incredible desire to succeed, then forget having hang-ups on high school. The most successful people on the planet today never went to University. If I had my time again, I would not have gone either.

How To Hire A Great Assistant

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Many people look at resumes and think they have found the perfect assistant but I never found this to be the case. Although it states their qualities and experience, you never really know how qualified a person is until you interview them.

A resume only tells you so much.

I always have a list of 10 questions to ask them and write down what their response is during the interview. Some questions relate to what they know about the job and what they know about the company. I’m always impressed by someone who takes the time to go through my website and learn about the company. It’s a small thing but it shows that they are keen on working for me.

Other questions I ask relate to how they handle certain situations, whether they want to stay in the company long term and what salary they are after. If their salary is way above what I’m prepared to pay then I omit them from my list. There is no point wasting their time or mine.

Finally, I get them to type for me and demonstrate to that they can do research on the Internet. This shows whether or not the potential employee is cool under pressure. It’s a simple task yet some employees get very nervous and start making mistakes. I want someone who is confident. This simple task can weed out those employees who will crack under pressure.

In my experience and those of many other entrepreneurs I’ve come in contact with, a great assistant is somebody that we can trust, both personally and professionally.  An assistant will often be asked to undertake tasks that are personal, for example, organizing dinners, holidays, etc., so they are privy to a lot of personal information.

No boss wants their personal details being aired for the whole company to review.   I cannot tolerate office gossipers, and if a potential assistant is one of them, believe me they won’t last because everything always gets back to the boss.  So although people would love to share some juicy gossip about their boss and their personal lives, if an assistant wants to keep their boss happy and therefore keep their job, they will practice restraint and discretion.

A personal assistant’s personality is extremely important.  Some people want a no-nonsense, serious type of person they know will get the job done.  Personally, I want someone who not only can get the job done, but someone who also has a bit of a sense of humor, is gregarious and has a good energy about them, but can still carry themselves professionally in any situation.

Because you have so much contact with your assistant, exchanging ideas, going to meetings together, lunches, conferences, etc., you need to be able to “click” with that person. Just like any relationship you might have in your life.  If I’m going to spend a lot of time with somebody, I don’t want someone sullen who is just going to bring my mood down.  I cannot afford to have somebody like that around me.  It sucks the life out of me and everyone else around you.

A reference check is always important. An assistant who has worked for allot of companies id beneficial yet if they don’t last long, this sets off red flags for me. I want an assistant who is stable and makes my job easier, not one who jumps from job to job every few months.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Small Business

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

In no other time in history do entrepreneurs have the ability to reach so many people around the world with what is available to them.

Through social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube  and Google plus, you can connect to thousands and thousands of people for free. Friends in turn tell their friends and the word can be spread about your business like never before.

In the old days you would spend money on advertising through direct mail, radio and newspaper advertisement to name just a few. You would just send out your message and hope that people would respond. Believe me, I know. I remember sending out 3,000 letters which cost me a fortune in printing costs plus postage. One person called me. I was shattered.

These days, it is different.

There has been a huge shift to business going online versus having a shop on the street. It is much cheaper. Why?

  1. No big lease hanging over your head
  2. Your costs are extremely low when all you need is a computer connection, a website, a telephone and a great attitude
  3. Wages: outsource overseas for as little as $2 an hour.
  4. You can automate your business once you put systems in place
  5. Depending on your business, you can work anywhere in the world and not be a part of the rat race from 9 to 5

The world is getting more connected through computers and smart phones. The growth has been phenomenal. More and more people are buying online. You can profit from this as well.

No more local business. You can sell your product worldwide without moving an inch.

You can advertise with videos by using your laptop or smart phone instead of a sophisticated studio set up. In minutes your message can be spread whereas before you needed to go on TV in order to do this. What’s better is that people give you permission to send them your message. People are sharing this info with their friends. You can have access to an online community.

Other ways to spread your message is via blogs, podcasts, apps, mobile phone. Your leverage is incredible. Combine this with off page marketing; you can have a serious business like no other time in history.

Don’t want to leave your job? No problem. Go on your computer after work. Check your business e-mails during your lunch break. You can have the best of both worlds. You don’t need to be anywhere else. As long as you can access your e-mail, you can be in business.

No customers? You can use affiliates to get your message across. They already have a list of people they have a connection with. You can promote your product through them.

You can build your own database from scratch. Offer people value and they will gladly give your permission to speak to them.

Experience? You don’t need it. There are thousands of people who can help you no matter what it is. Everything you need to know is at the click of a button. The resources we have today thanks to our good friends at Google make it easy to learn anything you need to know.

How To Put A Business On Autopilot

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The best way to put a business in auto pilot is to put systems in place.

This will not only help you put an end to the cycle of putting out spot fires but also let you work ON your business and not in it. Once your business runs like a well oiled machine, you don’t need to worry about the menial tasks. You will now have time to look at the bigger picture which is what business is all about.

You need to set up an operations manual and keep it simple. It does not need to be fancy and you do not need to pay some consulting firm to do it for you.

The following is what I did to make my life so much easier.

Start with a table of contents. The first chapter is opening duties and closing duties. What exactly does your business do when they open the doors? This can include turning off the alarm, checking your website is working, checking your phone lines work especially if you have a toll free number, check your message bank, open the mail, resume your Google ad words campaign and anything else that needs to be done that gets the day started.

Next, I had a marketing section which includes how to follow up clients, how to up sell, how to answer objections, e-mail templates etc. This section basically reminds the staff of what they need to do every single day with the marketing of the business as well as templates in case they lose them. This ensures consistency every day of the year. DO NOT expect your employees to remember everything. You need to lead them. This system makes it dummy proof.

Next, we have FAQs. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. Have you ever had an employee ask you the same question again and again? We all have. A FAQs section will get rid of this problem forever. Each time someone asks me a question, I tell them to go to FAQs. If that question is not in the FAQS, I then ask the employee to add it to this section. After a while, your employees will never ask you a question again.

Not only does an operations manual put your business in auto pilot, it also makes training easier. As soon as a new employee comes on, you can show them, what your opening and closing duties are, what your marketing is structured around and most important the FAQs section which puts out all the spot fires.

Defining Your Competitive Edge

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

In my opinion, the most important a thing you will ever learn about business is Competitive Edge. What is your competitive edge? Why should I as a customer do business with you?

If you can answer this question, then you are already a winner. I have asked this question to many business owners and the majority of the time all I get is, “Well, I give good service”. That is not a competitive edge. Good service is expected. When people buy from you, they expect good service. Good service is paramount and is important but what is really important is the step before they order. What makes you different?

If I want to do roofing at my home and say I get 5 roofing guys to come over. What are they going to do to make me choose them over their competitors? Is it price? Is it the speed of their quote? I hate waiting forever for quotes. The faster I receive the quote the more chance I have with going with that company.

Is it the company who brings over a glossy brochure? Is it the way they present themselves? Do they have a showroom? Do they have superior products? Did they even bother to follow up their quote? Were they helpful?

All these factors influence the way a prospect thinks. Do not just answer the phone; give a quote and then hope. So many people do this.

Why not help the client? I mean really help them. Spend time with them; show them that you care, that you can save them money, that you really want the job, that you will solve their problem.

After you quote them, call them back a few days later. It is so simple yet many business owners do not do this. These are simple competitive advantages that you can have with a bit more effort.

I would rather give 10 quotes and get 3 jobs instead of quoting 100 and only getting 10 jobs.

Think about what you can do better than your competitors and your sales will skyrocket.

Learn From My Mistakes

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

When I got into small business I had no idea how much work was involved. I was confronted by employing staff, marketing, building a website from scratch, no experience, no pricing model and running the business from the other side of the world.

Along the way, I have learned many many lessons.

  • How to automate a business
  • How to grow a business
  • How to employ great staff
  • How to deal with suppliers
  • How to negotiate
  • How to spot opportunities
  • How to sell
  • How to do marketing
  • How to listen to my customers
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing to name just a few

You did not need to spend years developing these skills. You do not need to make mistakes like I did. You are able to learn all this quickly and easily and transform your business to a whole new level.

I can show you the right way to grow your business and sustain that growth.

How To Grow A Business And What To Look Out For

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Everybody’s dream is to grow their business enough so that they can be financially independent. However, you need to be aware of a few things while your business is growing.

  1. While your sales are growing, is your bottom line growing as well? Your expenses get higher every year through suppliers putting up their prices as well as landlords. You need to make sure that your profit stays the same. You may need to raise your prices.
  2. Business owners expend by increasing their advertising or leasing a bigger office. However, is their bottom line the same? I have heard many business owners say they made more money when they had 3 staff versus the 10 they have now. If you have 10 staff that are very busy that’s great, your sales will follow. However, when you employ more staff, you need to make sure that you keep them busy. There is no point GROWING and look busy yet at the end of the day you have less to show for it. More workers can mean more headaches so be very careful when employing your staff.
  3. You need to consolidate when your business grows. Stop, check all facets of your business, then expand again. Many businesses have lost everything when they expanded too quickly especially when they open several locations. Each location you open up exposes your risk. All of a sudden you are accountable to different landlords. If one location goes bad, it will spoil all the good work you have done with the other locations. Getting bigger does not always mean more profit.
  4. You need to reinvest in the business. I am a firm believer in putting back in the business to help you grow. It is great to take away all the profits but you also need to put money aside. Cash is king for any small business. There will come a time that you want to spend allot of money on renovating, advertising, developing new products. The extra funds you have can be used to pay for this and expand your business allot faster.
  5. Your competitors will try and copy everything you do. I have been through this many times. They will copy your website, your guarantee and your pricing. You have to stay ahead. You must always be building your database and have your marketing running like a well oiled machine. People can copy you but they are not you. The way you answer the phone, the way you sell, the quality of your products, the joint ventures that you have, your experience are all things that will differentiate you from your competitors. You must always be at the top of your game. Everybody wants to be number 1 in their industry. Once you get there you must make sure you stay there no matter what.

Do You Need Business Coaching?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

There is a saying that says no matter what you achieve, there is always someone out there who is better. A better house, a better job, a better partner, you name it. We live in a competitive world with everyone trying to outdo each other.

Sometimes, you need peoples help. Whether it is a personal trainer for fitness or a financial planner for your finances. Business is the same. You need someone who has been there before and can hold your hand so that your business reaches its full potential.

Most business owners are extremely busy. Managing staff, paying bills, answering the phone, talking to clients, going to meetings, the list is endless. There is always something to do. The problem with this is that you do not always get the chance to sit down and actually look at where your business is going.

Is it growing?

Is my marketing effective?

Can I implement more marketing strategies?

What is my market share?

What are my competitors doing?

Are my prices too cheap or expensive?

How do I expand?


Most of us get into a business not knowing everything and that is normal. However, a business coach will help you with all your problems and more importantly, keep you accountable. Having someone there each week watching over you makes a he difference. Otherwise, you end up procrastinating and make every excuse to put things off.

“I’m too busy; I will do some marketing next month. I’m too busy to call up clients to give me testimonials. I’m too busy to start my social media campaign”. We are all busy but having someone push you will make a massive difference to your business growth.

A business coach will see things that you won’t through their experience and the fact that they can stop, pause, assess your business without running around all day. The absolute key to your business success is to work on your business and not in it. This term is used allot these days. I don’t mean sitting at home doing nothing. Going to work is great and we all get allot of satisfaction from it. What I mean is when you are at work, you can sit down, look at where your business can improve and implement those strategies accordingly.

Running around, answering the phones, cleaning, making deliveries is all part and parcel but if you cannot have a profitable and growing business, you will face many hurdles later on.

A business coach will help you so that this does not happen.

How To Prepare A Simple Business Plan

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
  • When you start a business you do not need a fully blown business plan as there are too many unknowns. You never really know how many sales you are going to get, how many leads, what your expense will be exactly as they usually go over budget. What you can do is factor in the expenses that you can control. That’s what I do. For r example, when anyone asks me about the initial stages I always ask for exact figures on the following.
  • Firstly, what will your rent be? Will you run the biz from home? Will you be working at your current job and try and set up your new business after hours? Will you be operating on a main road or in a shopping complex?
  • Next I want to work out incorporation costs and accounting. Computer expenses, office furniture, building the website and internet expenses. Setting up businesses have been under 5K for me generally so worst case scenario I will end up with a computer and some office furniture if it doesn’t work out. As I have said previously, it is a small risk in the scheme of things. Think of it as a vacation you never had. Vacations are memories, success is forever.
  • My purchases are next. What stock do I need to purchase to get the business running? I then work out how many sales I need to break even. When I began the printing business I figured that I needed to make 10 sales a week to break-even. That was two sales a day. It was a no brainer. Rent was zero because the business was online and I was working from my mum’s study, little wages because I employed someone part time and no machinery as all the printing was outsourced. My only other investment was advertising to bring traffic to the website.
  • That is the formula I use each and every time I start a business. Now that I have more experience I move onto a second stage. The first stage only changes if you start factoring in putting on staff, having a large showroom, buying machinery. This involves a complex business plan. I want to specialize in low risk, big potential, don’t get my hands dirty kind of success. Sitting on a beach without the headache of large rental and lots of depreciating machinery. I would rather invest in marketing and people because at the end of the day that is what is going to make you successful.
  • In stage 2 I like to go into detail on the product or service I am offering. I research competitors, develop pricing, complete market research, interview potential clients, develop my unique selling proposition, laser in on my niche market, work out pricing and develop the overall process of how each sale is made. From the first point of contact to the delivery of the product.
  • Sales materials are developed, auto responders set up, submission forms are tested and packaging developed. The website will be built from top to bottom to make sure that all systems are working when we go live.
  • Marketing materials and strategies are next. What social media platforms will I use? What keywords will I use on Google ad words? Will I use affiliates? Advertise on radio? You need to work out the marketing weapons you will use for your particular industry.
  • When someone asks me about logos, I tell them what about your website, do you have an elevator pitch, what is your USP, why should I buy from you, who are you?, what is your niche, who is your customer exactly? They stare at me in disbelief. This is no joke. We are not playing with toys. This is business. A logo or business cards does nothing for you. I know some of you are probably laughing or cursing because I am sure you have been through this experience. It took me 4 years to get business cards. I don’t want them, don’t need them, and don’t care about them or my fancy logo. My first logo took 5 minutes, that’s it. Years later when I actually made money, I got one done professionally. Not the other way around.
  • Make money, SALES, SALES ,SALES, get the phone ringing, get me testimonials, get me in the media, that’s what I want to establish in my business plan, not petty rubbish.
  • The business plan is no experiment or scientific process. It is simply this. I want to set up the business with as little expense as I can without risking my families livelihood. I then want to sell to the customer in the fastest way possible and for him to tell his friends about it. THAT’S IT. If I see one more forecasting excel spreadsheet I’m going to have an anxiety attack. Please show me just one of these spreadsheets that actually work. I have not seen one yet. Show me your precious excel sheet after a month of going live, not 6 months before.

The Power of Social Media Engagement – How to Use it to Your Advantage

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

One thing is for sure, and that is Social Media has the power to change the landscape of marketing in ways we never imagined possible. It has a way of attracting people who are likeminded to one another. Social media is both appealing in terms of the personal content or impressions being shared by its users, and also powerful in that businesses get to showcase the best side of their products or services.

Take a photographer. If you happen to be an accomplished photographer wanting to showcase your profile with people, you can make use of your photographic expertise by simply displaying a few very interesting shoots through social media giants like Pinterest and Facebook to attract interest. This will give you an unfair advantage as your images will convey both powerful perspectives and something uniquely different when around everyday places and events. Should you want to achieve optimal appeal, all you need to do as photographer would be to add something personal yet insightful about the location or event you were at. We could use an environmental shot taken at someone’s wedding as an example of how you could simply add a few meaningful words to explain what moved you to take the specific shot at the location you were at. Now, just imagine the amount of likes, comments and even re-tweets you are gonna get from posting this on various social media networks.

There is of course a lot more to the power and magic of social media networks than just your own perspectives. In the past, you would simply judge whether someone actually liked your work or not, based on the number of hits you’ll get on your blog or website. Now with the power of social media, you actually get public feedback and get involved in various discussions the minute you exhibit your products or services. It is about acknowledging what many would refer to as the 3 C’s of social media effectiveness, namely, conversation, community, and collaboration. This would mean you need to be willing to interact with various individuals who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer.

In addition, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your followers something that they don’t. You may have to dig a little to find out what your followers would like to know, and what their preferences are. By taking on a different angle and positioning yourself as an expert in a specific Niche, you fans will begin to trust you and actually share the useful info you provide with their friends. This is what we call free promotion, and showing just how powerful social networking platforms can be.

You may want to delve a bit deeper into the topic of social media and discover 5 surefire methods as to how you can socially engage with your customers by referring to the White Paper on Social Engagement where you will find some very interesting information that can be used to your advantage.

Membership Site Ideas – Reasons Why You Should Start One

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

One often come across internet marketers talking about membership sites, and how you could create a very good recurring income for yourself through creating a membership site. In most cases, you will see that there are all kinds of membership sites, and that most of them are thriving in terms of the amount of members who are onboard. You just have to think of SFI where thousands of people become members on a daily basis to know what we mean. That is all fair and well, but how will this help you? What is more, what kind of membership would be the best one to start? Another concern you may have, is the amount of money you need to take out for membership scripts, specialized hosting, etc.

Before we delve into some ideas as to what kind of membership sites you can start, you need to know that it is not as difficult as some would make it out to be. You just have to think of the ease of using WordPress blogs when dealing with membership sites to realize that it can be fairly easy to manage. In addition, membership businesses are not as vulnerable to changes within the marketplace as other sites. Its been said that health oriented and building an online business membership sites are among the more popular ones in the marketplace.

On further investigation it was found that a lot of people are keen to join some of the following membership sites; Camping memberships, Membership for gyms, Travel sites for members. fitness membership sites, health club sites, memberships site creator membership, and more…

You will see that you don’t need to be an expert to start a membership site, and it would be in your best interest in the long term should you decide to create a membership site as it translates into a very lucrative recurring income stream. Furthermore, it offers stability as members are eager to belong to a community, and would be quite willing to pay a fee for the privilege of getting what they need on an ongoing basis. The owners of the membership site has the satisfaction of being able to interact on a regular basis with his or her clients. If you have a specific idea in mind, then you might be able to turn it into a membership site. You could even coach or give training through using a membership site.

It has been said, but we would like to re-iterate it again, that internet marketing is not like most people believe it to be, no hard work. Anything requires work, even a membership site as you need to produce regular content, interact with your members, and so forth. You may have struggled to make money online through various affiliate programs, tried your hand at blogging, and created some sites, all in the hope of a breakthrough.

But have you tried membership sites? Did you know that membership sites fetch a high price from business people and even investors as they are conscious of the value in having a buying customer base. Know that information sells. That is what makes membership sites so powerful. It often serves to inform members of life saving information should you have it in you to run a health membership site. Is it really so that you need to utilize expensive membership scripts and have a lot of technical know how to start a membership site? It will make for a very interesting as well as informative read to see what the eBook “Worldwide Membership Cash” has to say on the topic of membership sites.

What Makes A Good Salesperson?

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

For most people selling is one of the most difficult things to do. But, given the proper outlook, it can be seen as very easy to do. Once you are given the right guidelines and get properly motivated, it is pretty easy to almost sell anything. In most cases you simply need to solve a problem, overcome objections and make an irresistible offer where your prospects cannot wait to get their hands on what you have to offer them. It may even reach the point where they literally take out their cash or credit card to conclude the deal.

Are you one of those people who break out in a cold sweat when someone just mention the word sales? There are many people who feel exactly the same way. They would much rather do a bit of admin and answer customer queries than having to convince people to buy a product from them. Did you know that being a good salesperson is often just a case of knowing your product inside out, and enthusiastically encouraging your prospects to buy the product.

There are a few basic guidelines in being a good salesperson that you would do well to follow:

➢ Be attentive so that you can pick up on the prospect’s buying signals during the early stages of your sales pitch

➢ You need to believe in the product or service that you are selling

➢ Become skilled in communicating effectively by being a good listener and having a positive attitude while being transparent. More often than not, salespeople are talkers. By taking the time to ask questions and really listening to your prospect’s answers will give you a better idea of what they want

➢ Be confident, friendly and approachable and convey to your customers that you are there to help them and not milk them

➢ Your body and voice tone says a lot about you

➢ When you explain the benefits and features of the product, keep it simple and make sure that the most important part of your sales pitch comes across the clearest. Take care to highlight benefits more so than features

➢ If a customer is rude do not retaliate, be polite and say what you need to say

➢ Most of all, you should have integrity in that you never lie to the customer about the value of the product you are selling

➢ Know how to close and close again should there be any objections you need to overcome. The ABC of sales – Always Be Closing

➢ Do extra research on the product you are selling so that you are well equipped to answer any questions your prospect might throw at you

One thing that should really motivate you as a salesperson is the fact that you will never be out of work in being the ultimate salesperson. You may feel a little downhearted at times due to being rejected more than once when cold calling, or knocking on doors, but at the end of the day, nothing beats the sweet rewards of making that sale, and viewing selling as a form of art. This is exactly what “The Ultimate Salesman” eBook goes on to show.

How to Make Your Video Blogging Profitable

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

While video attracts a lot of visitors to your blog, there are certain things you can do with regards to video blogging that will have your prospects view you as a profession blogger.

For this to happen, you would need to spend some money which will also make you money down the line. Ideally, you should invest in a very high quality camera and top of the range microphone. You might even look into getting your hands on some very effective lighting equipment. In addition, you need to come up with some highly optimized video material that truly captures the attention of your subscribers so that they will be back for more on a weekly basis.

At a minimum, you should strive to post at least one video blog a week, and gradually increase your video posts as it becomes more popular. Once you have mastered the art of video blogging, you should look at monetizing your blogs to get a return on your investment. One word that always come to mind is ‘marketing’. One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to open it up to advertisers who will be keen to place their adverts on your blog due to the kind of exposure you have.

As long as you remain true to yourself and your followers by not coming across as an advertising site, it can be fairly lucrative to provide a bit of advertising to prospective advertisers. Most internet marketers and small business owners would tell you that it is a good idea to make use of Google Adsense. At least your visitors won’t be scared away from coming to your blog as they have to face pop up windows and other intrusive advertisements that take up most of the screen. You have to be careful which advertisers you make use of and what you will allow on your video blog.

Google Adsense,if used correctly, can very quickly help you to pay your car installment or cover other household expenses. It works in that you get paid every time someone clicks on your Google Ads that are displayed on your blog post. Essentially, you need to place your ads in strategic places so your visitors would want to click on it.

You will find the eBook “Video Blogging Cash System – The Ultimate Video Blogging Profit Plan” to be the perfect tool in showing you how to make Adsense Ads work for you. This eBook will even show you where you should be getting your videos circulated besides YouTube. In addition, you will be shown how to optimize your video blog posts for maximum exposure so your visitors will be taking action immediately after watching your broadcast.

Highly Effective Video Blogging

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Video blogging is pretty much the in-thing these days, and are often referred to as vlogging (Video + Blogging). It seems to be the new holy grail in getting others to pay attention to what you are saying. To make the most out of vlogging, you need to follow a few essential tips, which will be discussed next.

Highly Effective Tips for Vlogging

Capture people’s attention with what you are saying and make the information you are sharing useful by presenting tips and tutorials that people can benefit from. For instance, if you were selling beauty products, you could feature some of the best selling ones, and give your viewers an indication where they will be able to find these. You may even want to review one or two of the more popular products by featuring the benefits

Knowing how to edit your video blog will keep the audience entertained and focused. The recommended length for any video blog would normally be between 2 minutes to 12 minutes. The saying goes that short and simple does it for you. The main thing to remember over here is to ensure that the key thought was brought across to your audience to get them to take action on what they have just experienced from your video blog. In order not to bore your viewers, you should make use of some cool editing techniques.

Invest in a very good digital camera to take pictures with. Nothing can be more off putting than poorly taken images should you wish to do a tutorial or DIY demo when posting your video blog. People will regard you as unprofessional if you don’t use a good quality camera.

Your message should come across clear and done in an attractive way without distracting your viewers with sloppy pronunciations or weird facial expressions.

In addition, you should be quick in responding to any comments made on your vlog posts, and doing so in a respectful and courteous manner. As with any form of media, you will find people who will bash your video blog. The key thing to remember here is to take it with a grain of salt and focus on the positive feedback you get from interacting with your viewers.

In order to make the most out of your video blogs, you should link it to you social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more…

There are a few things that you’ll need to get started with your video blog. These would involve buying a domain name, getting hosting, making use of WordPress, get yourself a YouTube WordPress plugin, and invest in a good video player in time to come. Other things you would need is a fairly powerful computer.

Having said this, most entrepreneurs are not technically minded and will not necessarily know what programs to use, how to edit properly, or even create effective video scripts to promote their products or services thereby retaining their prospect’s attention all the way through to the point where they are ready to purchase the product. You can find some very useful advice from the eBook entitled “Video Blogging Cash System – The Ultimate Video Blogging Profit Plan”

Going Viral Providing Quality Content And Products

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Every Blogger or internet marketer would like their content, that promotes their products, to go viral. This way it will be shared thousands of times resulting in a massive amount of traffic to your site or blog. The only problem that you as marketer would have to face is that your server might crash as a result. To avoid this from happening you need to put certain things in place.

In addition, your blog or site content needs to be of a high quality so that your fans or subscribers would want to share it with their friends. While there certainly is no guarantee as to how well your content will be perceived by others, it still is well worth trying to give it your all. One way to achieve this is to let the reader think that they are missing out. You could be listing a problem and provide the solution in the heading of your content. This way the likelihood of your content being shared with other is so much better.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your content goes viral would be to position old information in a new way so your visitors will see it in a different light. You may even say something that isn’t the most popular opinion right now. People by nature are curious and would not be able to contain themselves in sharing something that is unusual or that was never seen before. You can be sure that your content will go viral if you brainstorm and always look at finding ways to share unusual events or news with your followers.

You could achieve this by writing an unusual idea or thought down the minute it comes into your head. It could even be emailed to yourself to ensure it is there for you to use later on. Often times by simply using the word ‘You’ in your title you immediately attract attention to your content. You better make sure that the body of your content elaborate on the topic you mentioned in your heading to ensure you do not lose your reader halfway through reading your article.

Making your content easy to share is something else you should always strive in doing. For if it isn’t easy to share, it will be going nowhere no matter how good your content is. Being an established blogger will also count in your favor as you will be perceived as an expert in your field and gain the trust of your readers. They will find that they are not making fools of themselves in front of their friends in sharing content that is worthless. However, if your visitors can see that you have been around for awhile and the information you share is always very interesting and valuable, they will not hesitate one bit to share it with their friends.

Through consistently providing high quality as well as thought provoking content while ensuring that it gets updated on a regular basis will ensure that it gets picked up and indexed by the search engines. Quality content is just one of many ways as to how you can ensure your information goes viral. Did you know that there are 20 other very useful viral traffic generation techniques you can make use of. To get to know what they are and how it can help you go viral it is suggested you read the eBook entitled “Viral Traffic Generation – 21 Ways to Flood Your Site in Traffic” by Anthony Khoury.

Why Twitter Is Huge And How You Can Make It Work For You

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Besides Facebook and You Tube, Twitter has also become a household name, and a very popular platform where celebrities, internet marketers and the like are posting their tweets just about all the time. There is no two ways about it, Twitter is huge and they can be seen as the face of the future. The old way of marketing is slowly but surely fading away where marketers were using “Push Marketing” techniques. Now with the likes of Twitter, marketers are utilizing “Pull People” business techniques instead. All it takes is regular tweets to give their followers the latest news and updates.

The question that rests on most small business owners minds are most likely – “How can I make Twitter work for me?

Taking a Closer Look at How You Can Profit from Twitter

It could be that you have tried to utilize the power of Twitter at some stage only to realize that it does not really work out that well. You may have tweeted regularly and eventually lost interest as it seems to be tedious process where you manage to get a few followers every now and again. Is it something that you are doing, or what is it that prevents you from attracting hordes of followers that you would like to turn into loyal customers eventually? After all, you would like to build an effective mailing list using the power of tweeting on a ongoing basis.

In essence, you do not just want a massive following, but would rather have a smaller list of followers who are particularly interested in your specific Niche, and more likely to respond to any broadcasts you would send out in the form of tweets. You should view Twitter in a similar way as you would a mailing list. It would be better to focus your attention on a 100 targeted followers than wasting time on a broad range of followers who runs into the thousands, but who are not really interested in your tweets.

Its a case of quality over quantity. How would you go about in securing quality followers that you could turn into customers down the line? It starts with setting up targeted Twitter accounts where you would focus on building your brand in that particular Niche.

How to Tweak Your Account with Twitter

First off, you should focus on optimizing your Twitter network before you market your business. It is about building a profitable list using Twitter. Your twitter username should represent either your company name or website URL. The next thing you should be doing is to set up your profile using your photo and a catchy slogan that represents your business. For detailed instructions on setting up your profile correctly, you should refer to “The Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” eBook. One very important tip we would like to highlight over here is that you should use keywords within your bio that relate to your products or services.

Once, you have set up your portfolio, it is pretty much all that you need to do to optimize your Twitter Account. From hereon it is a case of making use of special techniques to grow your list of Twitter followers.

What it Takes to Build A Loyal Following Using Twitter

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

You may experience a situation where you befriend people in your community, and then as time goes on, you begin to trust them, and would even buy from them. The same can be said about Twitter. It is about building relationships with people and getting them to trust you before you prompt them into buying from you. To make the most from using Twitter any internet marketing should have a squeeze page and blog in place already before they start using Twitter to get followers.

It is so much easier to build a following when you have something of value to offer. In addition, you should already be an active member within the Twitter community. People will be more keen to follow you if they see that you are a respected entity on Twitter.

Once you have a blog, website or squeeze page in place where you can direct your followers to, it gets so much easier to build your list of followers. The easiest way to start would be to incorporate your existing email contact list. You can bet that you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many of the people on your email list are already devoted tweeters, which means they will be eager to follow you.

Following that you should learn how to participate in the various Twitter based communities. For popular directories that you can use to broaden your horizons you should use “The Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” to show you how easy you can build a following using these. Some of these would even include a search tool as well as the top 100 people and the top 100 favorites that are being followed on Twitter.

How to Automate Your Marketing with Twitter

When using Social Oomph you could easily automate your list building process as it will allow you to send automated messages directly to those who begin to follow your updates. The message that is automated can be very useful as you could direct your new followers to your blog, website or even your squeeze page where your free report, article content or eBook will be awaiting them. As long as your product offers something of value, you are sure to build a list of loyal followers on Twitter.

The last thing you should be doing is to give away a product that is saturated online like some of the outdated PLR content you get. Rather do something original and fresh that is also dated. To be effective with your automated direct messages, you also need to ensure that every tweet is done for the benefit of your followers and not just an advert. Your tweets should focus on being entertaining and useful.

Most people would just link to a newsworthy story instead of providing a summary of the event and directing followers to their page so they can see the message you broad-casted instead. This is what we call a passive marketing strategy that seems to work very well when using Twitter. It will drive visitors to you blog where they are more likely to browse and look at how your products or services may benefit them. They may even want to subscribe to your mailing list based on the value you provided.

It is all about giving more so than receiving. If people have come to realize that you care about them, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family which will help you expand your list of followers in the long run. To discover a quick guide that will help you to build a following within your given Niche, you are encouraged to go to “The Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” eBook where you will soon see what is all needed to accomplish this feat.

The Wonderful World Of Video Blogging

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

People like the visual aspect associated with watching videos. So if you are not utilizing video in your sales letter, blogs and sites, you are missing out big time on making even more profits. Video blogging is probably the most popular way of engaging your audience. In order to be successful as a video blogger, you need to acquire a certain amount of knowledge, apply various strategies and use the right tools.

You just have to think of video based sites like Meta Cafe and You Tube to realize that text based media like books, magazines, and newspapers take second place. Video proves to be a very effective medium to generate leads with. It is the ideal way to redirect your viewers to your squeeze page. In addition, video can be used to improve your search engine ranking, get more traffic, promote your brand, make your customer testimonials stand out, and more…

As small business owner you may be wondering how much it will cost you to become a successful video blogger. Surprisingly, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. On the contrary, videos can be made cheaply, submitted in such a way that you would attract a lot of traffic and views. What is more if you make a video and showcase it on You Tube while ensuring it is keyword rich, you have a very good chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

The best way to establish yourself as an expert is through using video when blogging. As long as you remember to present your products or services in such a way that it shows your audience that you are an expert on the subject matter. Even though your videos do not cost much to make it should still be of a high quality.

The three secrets to effective video marketing would be to create videos that speaks of quality, submit it in the correct way, and then promoting it through the right channels. Its been said that there is no better way to attract visitors to your blog than through video marketing. Most internet marketers found that through utilizing video marketing they were able to propel more viewers into taking action than what would have been the case if they only used text based messages.

Using video in your blog posts adds life to the message you want to bring across to your viewers. It truly motivates your readers and get them to take action on what they experience. In addition, video helps to increase the value of your product in the eyes of your viewers. People would often comprehend things better through viewing visuals that go on to either demonstrate the steps they need to take or make things a lot clearer through proper instructions being given. The Video Blogging Cash Systems sheds more light on the subject of video blogging.

The Making Of A Good Salesman

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

There is a certain connotation attached to being a salesman. Almost everyone will see you as someone who likes to push products or service onto others. On the other hand it can be seen as quite prestigious to be referred to as a good salesman. It is quite an art to turn customers no’s into yesses and to overcome objections with ease to the point where your customer run out of objections and feel obliged to confirm the deal. As as salesman you should be proud of yourself that you have the ability to turn a no into a yes.

Come to think about it, the one profession, where what you could earn is not limited, is being a salesman. You are the one that determines your own paycheck at the end of the day. You may choose to work only one or two days in a week, but be sure that it will reflect on your paycheck at month-end if you chose not to give it your all.

Contrary to common believe it is really not necessary to subject your customers to small talk and getting to know the whole family before you try to close the sale. To have a greater measure of success, you should get straight to the point and use very few words. The saying goes that you can talk yourself out of making a sale. In fact, there is no need for you to be a smooth talking slick person to be a salesman, all you need is a positive attitude while being yourself to become an exceptionally good salesman.

The Key to Being A Good Salesman

Have you ever been in touch with a family member or friend of yours where you experienced a down feeling due to them being negative? It goes without saying that whatever mood the person you are facing are in, would rub off on you. One crucial point that every salesman should remember is to maintain a warm, friendly and positive outlook when out in the field, selling over the telephone, or when they are hosting a seminar or workshop. It will rub off on those around them and get them sales sooner than they think. Being positive as a salesman is key to being successful. No one is without problems, but you should set aside your concerns when you are out to close a deal as it can have a negative impact on the commissions you make for the day.

Another key component needed to being a good salesman is to make a solid first impression. By giving the other person a firm handshake while giving them a warm smile and looking them in the eye, instills confidence in your abilities as as salesman that knows his product while being able to relate the various benefit of the relevant product or service to the customer. Whether we agree or not, in almost all cases the customer buying the product is doing so due to the impressive way the salesman handled the whole transaction. They are in effect buying the salesman and not the product as they like him.

Unlike what some salespeople would think, it is important to mention the price of your product at the start of your sales pitch. Even though the customer may think that it is way to expensive, it gives you as the salesman the ability to convince them by listing all the benefits and features. In addition, they will not get a big fright at the end of it all and start thinking about their bills, school fees, rent, lunch money, etc.

Reading the customer is key to being successful when perfecting your sales technique. Some customers would be fearful, other will be prideful, and some would be caring. This will enable the salesman to choose which sales-pitch will have the desired effect. Fear is generally a good sales technique to make use of. When you think of very good vacuum cleaners, you will find that a good salesman would state how it can eliminate dust mites and other allergens that is harmful to their health. Looking at the customer’s body language when you do this gives you a good indication as salesman that they are ready to buy. The eBook “The Ultimate Salesman” is a good source as it goes on to demonstrate what is all needed to become good at what you are doing as a salesman.

Integrating WordPress With Twitter And Apply Twitter Magic

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Wow! Who would have thought that you could work from your WordPress Dashboard and connect with your Twitter account. But then again, the various plugins that are continuously made available makes it a breeze for business owners to work from their dashboard within WordPress. This is particularly useful as more and more small business owners are moving towards using WordPress due to the hands free functionality it offer them.

Most business people using WordPress know that it comes with thousands for plugin that cover a host of useful features. Luckily for everyone there are around 60 Twitter plugins that allow WordPress and Twitter to interact with one another. Ideally, you should look at the rating and how many ratings a particular plugin has.

Each plugin has a different functionality. Business owners need to determine  what their need are to ensure they are using the right Twitter plugin. For instance, would need a plugin that would post your WordPress posts to Twitter? Or, would you prefer to use a plugin that will show all your tweets in WordPress? Generally, Twitter WordPress or Twitter Tools are good plugins to use.

Most of the plugins would need little more than your Twitter username and password, whereas other plugins would need to be configured which are easy to achieve as you only need to follow certain instructions to get it right. Once achieved, you will have your Twitter Account and WordPress talking to each other.

Twitter Magic and SEO

What is more is that gets indexed like any other website would. But, it gets even better! Your website will get much quicker attention should you link to them from within your tweets. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this. Unknown to you some of your competitors might follow you too which will enable them to see what products or services you are displaying.

For this reason, you want to have a separate Twitter account with no followers so that you can bring your websites under the attention of the Search Engines for your business to benefit from SEO benefits. Ensure that the tweets you post contain your URL and some targeted keywords around it. You should take care to write as naturally as possible as that is what the Search Engines will be looking for from Twitter.

In doing this you take advantage of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) that would look for a related keyword around the link you posted. At the end of the day you want to make money with Twitter so your ultimate mission should be to build your list of followers and direct them to your blog or site where you can eventually monetize your list.

Twitter is therefore seen as a social marketing platform that takes a subtle approach to marketing. You cannot make use of aggressive marketing like you would if you were making use of a landing page or squeeze page. Business people have a good chance of being successful when they are active on Twitter, tweet daily, maintain a professional approach, and ensure that at least 80% of their tweets are related to their Niche. For more information it would be a good idea to see what the “Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” has to say.

Whats up With Pay Per Click

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

PPC can be seen as a wonderful asset to any website, provided your site have good quality content in place. What is also important is to regularly update your website on a daily basis. What is PPC, and why should business owners make use of it? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a wonderful and very powerful advertising technique used on the internet that is found on Search Engines, advertising networks and websites. It takes the form of sponsored links that are found in the form of text ads. These are generally placed close to search results for which an advertiser would pay a specific amount to any visitors that will click any links or banners that will redirect them to the advertiser’s website.

PPC is about bidding for the leading position on various listings and search engine results. Essentially, advertisers would either buy or bid on specific keyword phrases that are relevant to their product or service. Amazingly, the higher your bid, the better your chances of securing a higher spot on the search results. This increases your chances of getting found, and for people to click on it to get directed to your websites. Some people would call it “keyword auctioning. As advertiser, you would have to pay the bidding price every single time someone clicks through to your site. Other variations of PPC are; Pay per Placement, Pay per Ranking, Pay per Performance, Pay Per Position, and CPC (Cost per click).

Generally, PPC ads are quickly implemented as they can go online within as little as an hour once you won the bid and paid for it. PPC will provide your with good quality and well-targeted traffic. In addition, it will widen you reach as it provides extra traffic to your site, and not just from organic searches. You could also track your investment as PPC advertising uses a tracking system to give you a detailed overview of your visitors activities. This is extremely valuable when it comes to determining your ROI, conversion rates and acquisition cost-per-visitor.

Below are some important things to consider when planning on using Pay-Per-Click as per the eBook “The Pay Per Click Marketing Guide”

You get to ensure maximum Web Promotion using PPC. But there are certain benefits and drawbacks with regards to PPC

Due to very high rates in placing ads on TV and print, small business people are utilizing the faster growing approach that internet marketing brings them. In turn it brings their products and services much closer to people. One very popular internet marketing tool to help business people achieve this is PPC advertising. All it takes is to pay a fee every time that someone clicks your ad which is done through a bidding process. Should you be the top bidder, then you can be sure that your advert will take the number one spot on all the Search Engines.

As with everything there are various Pros and Cons associated with PPC that is discussed in depth by the “The Pay Per Click Marketing Guide” eBook.

But how would PPC advertising increase traffic, leads and sales?

This would take the form of Pre-qualified traffic, Instant exposure, and consistent top listings.

One thing any business owner should remember about PPC advertising is the importance of using the right keywords and phrases. In essence, you should select a specific number of keywords, 10 in fact, to give you the best traffic when users conduct their search. Secondly, you should ensure that your ad is creatively done and that you do not try and bulldoze your customer about what they can expect from your product or service. It should live up to its promise.

Important too would be to use lingo that is clear while including sufficient details about the price of your services or products. Do not forget to budget your bids as overbidding will make that you lose a lot of money. On the other hand, going to low will mean that your advert will never show up. You should always check your profit against your spending. If you do not see any progress made, then it would mean that you need to drop the ad campaign.

Even though PPC advertising is fairly new in online marketing, you can be sure that it will continue for many years still. This would mean less advertising expenses, more sales, savings, and a positive ROI as well as ad campaigns that are very effective.

The PPC Marketing Guide Book will go on to discuss how one can create a profitable PPC management campaign, how PPC bid management works, bid management tools to use, what does the PPC Appraisal Program involve, discuss two types of affiliate programs for PPC, and lastly should you opt for SEO or PPC?

The Power of Search Engine Leverage

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Small business owners everywhere know the importance of incorporating search engine optimization techniques in order to be found by the search engines and people looking for what they have to offer. Interestingly enough, most Search Engines would store more than just your website’s URL and commonly used words. Ten to one, it will also store the number of times the word you are using appears on a page. The value of the chosen words will increase if used towards the top of your document, in sub-headings, the title of your page, the META tags, and in links.

Commercial Search Engines will have a different formula to adding weight to the words in the index. This is why when you conduct a search for the same word using different Search Engines, you will find it produces different lists, and the pages will be presented in a different order.

The sole purpose of the index is to allow the user to find the information they are looking for as soon as possible. There are a number of ways as to how this happen. The most effective way would be to build a hash table where a formula is applied in order to attach a numerical value to a given word. The same formula is created to spread the amount of entries across a number of divisions that are predetermined.

Surprisingly, the numerical distribution of these words is different to the distribution of alphabetical words which is key to the effectiveness of hash tables. This is where the Search Engine software would search the index for information that is relative to the keyword or phrase as entered by the user. The searcher will be presented with a list of the most relevant web pages first.

Small business owners would almost always make use of an Internet marketing campaign for which they will find the services as provided by a Search Engine Optimization company invaluable. Companies specialising in SEO knows how to monitor Search Engine positions, how to raise it, and what adjustments are needed to compensate for undesirable results at any time.

When researching various companies who specialise in SEO, business owners should consider the approach employed to help lift their Search Engine positions. It is best to stay away from companies using cloaked, bridge pages or a doorway in order to raise your positions as this would violate Search Engine policy. In turn it will get your website severely penalized, and may even result in it getting removed from the Search Engine’s index.

In short, cloaked pages are invisible to regular users and coded to help detect the Search Engine spiders in order to redirect them to a special page that is set up to artificially boost your Search Engine position. Bridge pages and doorways make use of the same concept, but they are often found on entirely different servers. Beware that Google will remove your site from their index should they find you are making use of cloaked pages. Never ever employ companies that make use of these techniques.

Ensure that the SEO company you choose to work with have in fact done the work they claimed to have done. Do not fall for companies who are using their own company’s results to get you to sign up with them. To make sure, you could even call the companies that they are showing results for, and then ask what the name of the SEO company they are making use of is. Business owners should always ensure they make use of a successful SEO campaign where a wide array of keyword and phrases have been used as it will result in maximum exposure across various Search Engines. This will ensure that they stay in the forefront of their given marketing strategy.

In addition, small business owners need to be sure that any reports provided by SEO companies are easy to understand. Further to this, the company you are using should be monitoring the position of your pages on a monthly basis. The sample report shown to you should include their findings and recommendations of the site. In other words, the company you use should be hands on and actively participate in your SEO marketing campaign, and not just be an information gatherer.

You would also need to factor in your finances when choosing a SEO company. Do not forget that it is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign to enlist the services of reputable SEO companies. Always ensure the company you choose to use have very good references available. Ideally, they should be able to provide a minimum of two references. Essentially, the Search Engine Optimization company you use should be able to balance the needs of both the site visitors and Search Engines without any compromise. The eBook “Search Engine Manifesto” sheds some more light on the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization.

The Importance Of Using Keywords for SEO

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Just like we need a vehicle to drive us from point A to point B, small business owners would need Search Engines to drive customers to their websites. Without a road map or any road signs, the driver of a vehicle would find it hard to reach their destination. The same applies to your website. Specific pointers/signs in the form of carefully chosen keywords are needed to direct visitors to your site. Business owners can expect to get hordes of visitors coming to their website through using the exact keywords or word phrases.

On the other hand, if your keywords are too vague or overly used, then the possibility of your visitors making it to you site would be very slim. In turn, it will greatly diminish your profits. In essence, your keywords can be seen as the foundation of your marketing strategy. You should be very careful when selecting your keywords as it does not matter how good your marketing campaign is, the right people may never find what you have to offer them. Therefore, your first step should be to gather as well as evaluate keywords and word phrases.

The saying goes that you should think like your customers with regards to searching for specific keywords. Go directly to the source instead of just writing down a list of search words and phrases yourself. As business owner you should ask as many customers as possible what keywords they will be looking for.

In doing this, you will find that their understanding of your business and your understanding are worlds apart.

It goes without saying that the consumer proves to be an invaluable source. By accumulating words and phrases from them, you will soon find that these were the last thing on your mind. Only when you have their keywords on your list would you be ready to continue to the next step; Evaluation. When doing this, you should keep in mind three specific elements: popularity, specificity, and motivation.

Of the three, popularity is the easiest one to evaluate due to its objective quality. In essence, if your keyword is very popular, your chances of getting found due to users typing in the chosen keyword is so much better as it may even bring up your URL (WordTracker is a very popular software tool that is worthwhile using)

The next one to consider would be specificity. In using a specific keyword, the likelihood that your consumer who is ready to buy your product will find you is so much greater. Lets use the keyword “automobile companies” as an example to help drive the point home that we are trying to make. Should your company specialise in body shops, it would be better to focus on the keyword “automobile body shops” even though it ranks lower as it is more specific, and exactly what your target market would be looking for. The greater the specificity, the less competition you will have from other business owners targeting the same keyword.

Another factor to look at would be consumer motivation. Here again, it would require that you put yourself in the shoes of your customers to figure out what motivate them to look for your service or product in terms of keywords or phrases. To find people who are ready to buy would require subtle tinkering of the given keyword until you have managed to turn it into a more specific and targeted keyword phrase to attract motivated traffic to your site. Amazingly, there is software that analyses consumer behaviour in relation to consumer traffic that allows you to determine which keywords would bring you the best customers.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are often used to help as much as 85% of the world’s population find what they are looking for. The whole idea of optimizing pages to obtain high Search Engine rankings would be to attract targeted visitors to your site so they are inclined to make a purchase. The higher page rank you have in the Search Engines, the better your chances of converting traffic that gets directed to your site. That is exactly what SEO is all about.

In essence, SEO is a science and involves a meticulous approach and continual monitoring to ensure your website conforms to the latest requirements. In all probability it would be in your best interest to make use of a reputable Search Engine Optimization company in your local area to take care of all your SEO needs. There is a lot more to SEO than you think. To get a good overall understanding of what is all involved in getting your SEO right, we suggest you read “Search Engine Manifesto” where you will gain further insight into how to increase your search engine ranking, building your link popularity, protecting your SEO rankings and get to see which top search engines give you the most bang for your buck.

7 Top Strategies for Getting Stuff Done

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

The saying goes that if ever you need something done give it to a busy person. You can be assured that the busy person has a set of very useful strategies in place that helps them to get stuff done. Have you ever wondered what their secret is, and how these busy people seem to always get things done? Maybe it has something to do with “The Small Business Doctor”

We assume you would like a sneak preview of what it takes to be super efficient in getting things done.

Seven Productivity Strategies that Works

Your Game-Plan – If you want to be successful at what you are doing, you would need a Game-Plan. A wise profit was once quoted in saying ‘ Who would want to construct a building without first calculating the costs and the time it would take to complete the building project’. Having structure coupled with time-management with clearly set out directives will go a long way in getting your game-plan into motion.

Reduce Distractions – To make the most out of your working day, any busy person will tell you that you should avoid distractions as far as possible. Even though you may think you can multi-task effectively and deal with any distractions coming your way, you should still try to pinpoint which distractions are preventing you from being as productive as you would like to be.

The Power of Self-Discipline – One of the keys to being successful as an employee, small business owner or self employed individual is practicing self-discipline. Without it you will fall flat on your face in that you won’t be able to meet your given deadlines. It is a case of holding yourself accountable and rewarding yourself for having sticking power in getting stuff done.

Be Motivated – Staying motivated is essential if you want to accomplish the tasks that you have set out for yourself at the beginning of the day. There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving yourself a pat on the back, figuratively speaking, and saying to yourself ‘Well Done Mate’. in other words – Get excited about what you are doing, and you would soon want to do more

Having a Goal – Do you know where you are going in your work life? It is very important to have a goal that you work towards. If you know exactly what you want to achieve you will get their faster and get more stuff done. It is as simple as shifting your thoughts toward your goal and making it your sole aim or mission to focus on it until it gets completed. You will have smaller and bigger targets to concentrate on, but the important thing to remember would be to focus on accomplishing your given tasks.

Getting Organized – It is absolutely imperative that you get organized if you want to be successful as well as productive. Getting stuff done starts with being organized and knowing exactly what needs doing and in what order you are going to do it. You need to have a well organized list of things to do and set yourself timelines. In addition, your supplies and equipment needed to accomplish your task for the day need to be in order

Guard Against Burnout – One sure way to decrease your productivity levels is through burnout. Most people would refer to overworking yourself as ‘Burning the Midnight Oil’. A lot of people bring their work home with them or, in the case of small business owners and self employed individual who are always surrounded by work. This is not a good thing as every waking hour is spend focusing on work and work only. In the long run it will lead to anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and being depressed. In allowing this to happen you become counter productive. Best to shut yourself off at a certain point as tomorrow is another day.

There are still a couple more points that we could still talk about with regards to following certain strategies and key thoughts in being productive and getting things done. But, the points we highlighted over here happen to be the most important ones. For a more in-dept discussion which will also include other useful points that are worthy of your consideration, we suggest you head over to