Small Businesses: Myths # 1

“You need to be smart and educated to succeed in business”

I  look back at high school and see all the guys I used to go to school with that were A grade students. We caught up at a reunion not long ago and I chatted extensively to them. Only one of them was doing well in a large stock broking firm. The rest were just getting along and complaining about having large mortgages and not living the life they thought they would have. When I told them that I ran several successful businesses they were dumb struck. They could not imagine that I would be successful based on my high school performance.

They figured that because they mastered high school that they would master the rest of their lives. Unfortunately society has ingrained us to think that once you graduate from school, you will have the white picket fences and an endless income stream. The problem is, people stop learning when they leave school. I’ll be honest, I hated school. I was okay at it but hated studying because I knew even back then that I would not use this knowledge in real life. I used to come first in multiplication races and I know now that we use multiplication all the time, this is a tool that works in the real world. Learning algebra, geometry or just having a degree doesn’t help that much I believe.

I had 8 choices on what University I wanted to go to and the only one that accepted me was my last choice, the one that I did not want to go near.  I was embarrassed when I got accepted in the marketing course. After University, I educated myself on selling, marketing, leadership, negotiating. I use this everyday and see the fruits of my labor today.

If you are prepared to develop yourself and have an incredible desire to succeed, then forget having hang-ups on high school. The most successful people on the planet today never went to University. If I had my time again, I would not have gone either.