Small Businesses: Keyword Research

One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make when trying to optimize their website for search engine rankings is choosing the right keyword to target. This is an experience I will never forget. I had used the keyword sticker and stickers for nearly a year until one day I decided to spend some time analyzing the keywords. I realized that people typing in sticker, only wanted one sticker only. This was no good for me as we sold them in quantities of 250 or more.

I then looked at my competitors under this search term and they were selling them as individual stickers. Why didn’t I research this before? I didn’t know any better. I wasted thousands of dollars on a keyword that did nothing for my business. Now, I don’t make that mistake anymore. The following is what I do when researching a keyword.

I look for keywords that I can target so that I can get ranked on the first page of Google, FAST. Preferably, in the first 3 positions. Did you know that 65% of all search engine traffic comes from the first 3 spots on Google? An example I will use is the keyword Flowers. If you tried to get to page one for the keyword flowers it could take years so you don’t want to use this strategy. This term is too competitive and too broad. You would rather go for a term such as Melbourne Flowers or San Diego Flowers. Although these are competitive, they are nowhere near as competitive as flowers on its own.

The advantage of this strategy is that it will take less time to get to page one of Google. Furthermore, your conversion rate will be higher as your competition will be less. I would rather be on page one of Google for Melbourne flowers instead of page 5 for flowers on its own. How many times have you gone to page 2 of Google to buy something? Not often I bet. Page one is where you want to be. Small businesses everywhere need to follow this keyword research strategy.