Small Business: Customer Feedback

  • One thing I’ve learnt is to always get feedback from your customers.  For example, if you send out a product you should always ring them or email them a week later and ask how they found it.  You would be very surprised.  I’ve found that when I did this I got all kinds of responses; even some people saying they didn’t receive my product so don’t ever underestimate the power of what your clients think.  Always ask them what did you find good in the product, can I make it better? The thing is, you may have a customer who after receiving your product wanted nothing to do with your company ever again, but because you rang them and showed them that you cared, and appreciated what they did for you, well then, they definitely want to do business with you again.  So not only are you making them happy you’re also trying to figure out ways to improve your business.  Examples are: your packaging may have broken while they got your product, or the product wasn’t what they expected, you were going to give them 1000 printed labels and instead they got, say, 900; and believe me some people do count.  The amount of reasons why people will not come to your business ever again is mind boggling so don’t ever assume that just because people received your product they’re happy.  Always do that so that in the future so you can make your future prospects and clients much happier.
  • Customer feedback for your small business is essential in improving your product or service in the future.