Small Business Commandments Part 3

  1. Don’t be emotional: “A man is not measured when times are good, he is measured by when times are bad” One of the best quotes I have ever heard. The same person who brags when he is busy is generally the same person who freaks out when times are quiet. You need to remain calm. We use to get between 80 to 100 e-mails a day from prospects as we were spending a fortune on Google ad words. I noticed one week we were getting 5 a day. This kept happening and I was beginning to feel very uneasy. Instead of cursing and complaining, I tested every inch of our website from quote submissions to order submissions. We ended up finding out that the website was perfect.Our e-mail server had a glitch. Once the glitch got fixed, 300 e-mails came through as they were sitting on the server for weeks. You need to focus and not be reactive. If you are reactive in front of your staff, they will not respect you. This shows weakness. It is bad for your health, your image and most of all your business. Instead of complaining to other people how slow business is, do something about it.
  2. Make things happen: There are 2 kinds of businesses in this world, ones that make things happen and ones that wait for things to happen. Please, make it happen. Do not site there and hope. When I see business owners who tell me how inconsistent they are, I generally notice that they don’t do any marketing. If they have a big week, it’s a fluke, it happens. More often than not their sales are sporadic. One week good, 3 weeks bad, one week average and so on. You need to make sure that each week you give it your best shot. E-mails, cold calling, blogging, just try something. Do not complain you are quiet if you don’t make it happen. This will improve consistency and most of all cash flow. That’s what you’re in business for.