Small Business Commandments Part 2


  1. I will treat my staff with the utmost respect. When you truly understand that every human being has feelings no matter how much you may dislike them, you eventually realize that we are all the same. When you treat your staff well, they will be good to you in my experience. They will stay back, come in early, work harder, be punctual and rarely leave. In 8 years I had one person leave because my staff loved my easygoing approach. Be approachable not militant. You will reap the rewards, trust me on this one.
  2. Network as much as you can: I cannot emphasis how important this is. I know you are all busy but please try and speak to one person a month who has a business and you will be surprised what you can learn. I recommend successful people as you have plenty to learn from them. Go there with a list of questions. Ask them what they are up to, what projects they are currently involved in, what marketing are they doing? People love talking about themselves. Its human nature. You will walk away with so many ideas that you will not know what to do with yourself.
  3. Opportunities are everywhere: Unfortunately there are many people out here who do not see opportunities. Everything is negative and all the good opportunities are taken already. This is complete rubbish. Everywhere I go I look for opportunities. When I’m on the plane travelling, I always find great things in magazines, new gadgets, investment opportunities, entrepreneurs telling their stories and so on. When I’m overseas I look at each ad on TV and wonder if I could bring that idea back to Australia.

My point is, ideas do not show up on your door step. Even if your best friend has one, he’s not going to tell you. You need to have your eyes and ears wide open. Talk to your accountant, solicitors and ask them if they know anyone who may need to sell something because they are in financial hardship. Be pro active.