Small Business: Being An Online Entrepreneur

In order to become an onlineĀ entrepreneur you have to have a certain mindset. Your resolve has to be enormous. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities. You must be ready to tackle each day with venom.

The first trait of an entrepreneur is that they must have a vision. You need to know before you start where your venture will go. Do you want to sell your product state wide, nation wide, do you want to open up several locations; do you want to franchise your brand? Although businesses do change, an entrepreneur will have a clear vision of what direction the business will take or what the end result will be.

An entrepreneur must be confident. You must believe in your self and what you can achieve. An entrepreneur understands that they will make mistakes, overspend on budgets, and take time to grow and so on but that underlying confidence must always be there. This cannot be shaken by anyone or anything. They see the vision every day.

This is all part of running a small business.

While I was alone doing night shift, I would always picture myself relaxing while I had staff doing everything for me. No matter what happened, my confidence would not waiver. I always knew I had a great business model. Confidence will invigorate you.

An entrepreneur will always have an exit strategy. They know what to do all in all situations. What if I run out of cash? What if I need to sell? What if I need more partners? They will have this planned before hand. I strongly advocate never giving up. It is the cornerstone of every aspect of your life. However, an entrepreneur knows when to quit. A smarter person will know when to quit while the not so smart business person will hang on.