Productivity Is The key For Your Small Business Success

Growing up I used to put everything off until the next day. In high school (strict Catholic school) our teachers gave us a diary which we used to put in what we had to do the next day. I would always put a line through it and put it on next week’s agenda. When I had an assignment, I would leave it to the last day. My productivity was a shambles. The only thing I was good at in high school and University was hanging around the cafeteria.

I would have received a Masters of Cafeteria studies if it was available as I missed most of my lectures and just wasted time. It got that bad that a lecturer asked me what I would like on my headstone when I died as a form of what symbolized who I was. I said “Procrastinator”, he couldn’t stop laughing. This is from a man who I never saw laugh in 4 years so it made an impact. Scary part was that it was true.

As you get into business, you need to be super productive, that is if you want your business and life for that matter to run smoothly and not in chaos. I can tell instantly with most people how productive they are. I see people whose cars look like they haven’t been washed in years, their desks at work are a shambles, their bedroom looked like a war torn country and so on. This is generally how their life is, in total chaos and disarray. The point is, if you are lazy or unorganized, your whole life will be like this. Without being OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) it is good to get super organized.

If there is one skill that I have improved considerably over the years is my organizational skills. Every day and I mean every day I know exactly what I will be doing. I hate surprises and I never like to forget anything. I have a daily to do list. This will include tasks such as online banking, checking all my accounts, checking e-mails, marketing, returning phone calls, new projects and so on.

I make sure these are all out the way as soon as possible. The rest of the day I basically can work on my business which is what I want your ultimate goal to be.