My Small Business Journey (Part 8)

I can sit here and regurgitate what you need to succeed like determination, courage, strength, never give up, hope etc but that is a complete waste of time. If you don’t have that, don’t even bother starting your business. As I stated previously, I will show you not just marketing tools but actually day to day business acumen that I developed running different businesses.

If you asked me how to look at life as a business owner I would say it is almost like baseball. Instead of having a pitcher throwing one ball at a time, you have 20 pitchers throwing balls at you at the same time relentlessly all day every day. You have to manage this barrage. However, once you manage to build a system in your business, the amount of balls coming at you will be much less. You will always encounter some problems or spot fires but this can be brought to a bare minimum. I will show you how, once and for all.

Don’t buy 100 books like I did, keep it simple. This book will simplify it and make it easy for you to understand.  You will never stop learning, EVER. Once you succeed in one business, start another one. Why not? Reach for the stars. Richard Branson runs hundreds of companies, surely we can run at least 2 or more.

The amount of millionaires that were made from an online business is incredible. The power to leverage nationally and worldwide is quite a phenomenon. The good old corner store is a thing of the past. The big companies made sure of this and drove them all out. Well guess what, its payback now for the big companies because we the small business community can compete with you online. I don’t need a showroom on a main road, I have my website. I don’t need a TV ad , I have thousands of followers on my blogs page which costs me nothing.