My Small Business Journey (Part 6)

Furthermore, I do not run a marketing company. I do not do sales copy, websites, landing pages, SEO, PPC campaigns or anything of that nature. I have started all my businesses from scratch so I know how hard it is for businesses to succeed especially in today’s brutal and competitive environment.

The minute you have a good idea someone copies you. It has happened to me many times and there is almost nothing you can do about it. You need to keep learning and stay ahead of your rivals. There is no other way. As a business person and a self taught marketer, I am here to help you with your business, not try and take your money and leave you confused.

If you want to hire 10 different companies to help you then this book is no good for you. Stop reading now.

Yes, you can get a marketing company to build you a flashy site and a nice landing page and set up your PROFILES.

The million dollar question is, can they do the following:

  1. Show you what do exactly when you get a lead
  2. How to have all your social media integrated simply
  3. How to e-mail your leads without making one phone call.
  4. How to see what people are doing on your site each and every day.
  5. How to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content on the internet today
  6. How to grow your business without getting analysis paralysis
  7. How to have a blueprint or a path to reach the chosen land?

When you build a business there are so many things that you need to consider. You have cash flow, staff, expenses, accountants and the list goes on. In the background you want to achieve sales. It does not matter how smart you think you are or how you perceive your business. You need to sell, end of story. Sales cures all evils. When people come up to me and tell me that they are about to start a business and are excited about getting business cards printed I literally laugh in their face.

They look astonished. I did not print business cards for 3 years. What for? I throw them out when I get them. I rarely look at them. I take down the e-mail if it is important but other than that I don’t really care. I tell people instead of worrying about your business cards, try doing this. Write a sales letter, come up with headlines, work on your website, start writing articles, submit your website to directories, look for a mentor, network with smart people, work on your brochure, get your autoresponders ready, subscribe to business magazines.