My Small Business Journey (Part 5)

The website my partners and I started in 2012 was ready to go. The landing page was ready, I put a full time employee on, added some testimonials, flashy colors, beautiful copy, easy to navigate.  All ready to roll.

Put the brakes on RIGHT NOW.

We were going nowhere. My horror story was only beginning.

Website: Designer made a million errors. We changed it ten times and still didn’t get it right. Should we do it in WordPress or Joomla or concrete? Can someone speak in English please? What happened to flash?

Each time I requested a change I would receive an invoice from the developer. My webmaster was fighting with the website builder who was fighting with the programmer. I was in the middle helpless. They were concerned with winning their political battles while I just wanted to get my website up and running.

SEO: Who can you trust? They all promise page 1 but rarely deliver. Did not even bother. How could I afford their fees as a start up? Maybe down the track like it did before but not up front.

Spent a fortune on the landing page: Free 30 day trial? Who could say no to that? No one was signing up. Why? What was I doing wrong? Everyone who looked at the site loved it yet no one signed up. We needed more content I was told. Start writing blogs and articles. What? I want clients to buy shares through our platform, why would I want to write a blog for? I don’t have any content. You want me to write content? I was lost at this stage. This was not my idea of building a business. I know how to sell and I know what a website needs but now I was out of my depth.

Social Media is the key I heard. Social what? Oh you mean Facebook? Yeah that is good if you are bored and want to exaggerate to the world how brilliant your life is. That’s not for me, sorry. Then I was told that businesses were using it and creating online communities where they would share their thoughts and ideas and share it with their friends. Now, I was in real trouble.

I then did some research on social media. There are a million gurus out there specializing in different platforms. How do I link them all together? How do I tweet and the whole world knows about it? What about LinkedIn  How can I get people to notice me? No idea. Sure, there are loads of people who can create a profile. I can create my own profile. I want leads, I want traffic, I want guidance. I want sales. WHO CAN HELP ME??????

Everyone in the world is taught about niches. Marketing 101. Niches are everywhere apparently. I’m the best copywriter, I do the best landing page, I’m an SEO specialist, I’m this, I’m that, well guess what? I don’t need you anymore because I have decided to write a book. Not because I need to but because I want to.

I want no one to go through what I did. Now it is my time to show any business in the world how I did things without the 10s of thousands of dollars I wasted