How To Put A Business On Autopilot

The best way to put a business in auto pilot is to put systems in place.

This will not only help you put an end to the cycle of putting out spot fires but also let you work ON your business and not in it. Once your business runs like a well oiled machine, you don’t need to worry about the menial tasks. You will now have time to look at the bigger picture which is what business is all about.

You need to set up an operations manual and keep it simple. It does not need to be fancy and you do not need to pay some consulting firm to do it for you.

The following is what I did to make my life so much easier.

Start with a table of contents. The first chapter is opening duties and closing duties. What exactly does your business do when they open the doors? This can include turning off the alarm, checking your website is working, checking your phone lines work especially if you have a toll free number, check your message bank, open the mail, resume your Google ad words campaign and anything else that needs to be done that gets the day started.

Next, I had a marketing section which includes how to follow up clients, how to up sell, how to answer objections, e-mail templates etc. This section basically reminds the staff of what they need to do every single day with the marketing of the business as well as templates in case they lose them. This ensures consistency every day of the year. DO NOT expect your employees to remember everything. You need to lead them. This system makes it dummy proof.

Next, we have FAQs. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. Have you ever had an employee ask you the same question again and again? We all have. A FAQs section will get rid of this problem forever. Each time someone asks me a question, I tell them to go to FAQs. If that question is not in the FAQS, I then ask the employee to add it to this section. After a while, your employees will never ask you a question again.

Not only does an operations manual put your business in auto pilot, it also makes training easier. As soon as a new employee comes on, you can show them, what your opening and closing duties are, what your marketing is structured around and most important the FAQs section which puts out all the spot fires.