Creating an Interest In Your Brand is a Very Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

It is best to analyze how brand awareness as a guerrilla marketing technique can contribute to your brand being recognized by prospective customers. When you look at your brand and how it may influence people either in a positive or negative way, note that as a company or business, you are up against companies who offer the same type of services or products you currently have. They may already have created an awareness of their particular brand through using social media such as Facebook.


As a matter of interest 84% of respondents visit Facebook, and more than 58% visit it on a daily basis. YouTube use is also high; 86% of respondents visit it, but daily use is lower, at 29%. Twitter has a 45% visitation rate, and 22% of respondents use it at least daily. In fact, if Facebook was a country, it would the third largest one in the world. While social media is significant, it’s not enough on its own to get your message across. People who advocate your brand are needed. Brand awareness proves to be a very powerful guerrilla marketing strategy as well as influential in getting your message out to targeted buyers.


How Fans May Prove To Have More Influence in Creating an Awareness of Your Brand


It has been said that fans of yours are three to four times more likely to recommend a particular brand online which will give your brand more exposure than just relying on the influence your product or service will have on its own. A fan is someone who used your product or service and are now actively promoting it without being compensated for it.


So, when considering using fans of yours to advocate your brand, you may want to look at more effective guerrilla marketing tactics you can use to curate more than twice as many communications about your particular brand than what would normally be possible. What is very useful, is that they could write meaningful content that will be shared on sites that are highly visible.


In the info media world that forms part of guerrilla marketing, online sharing is even more powerful due to the ease and comfort with which internet users get to share their experiences they had with a particular brand with their friends and family. This will more than likely give businesses a fighting chance against their competition.


How Advocates for Your Brand Are Great information Providers


There are three kinds of people who make social movements possible: salespeople, connectors, and maven. Now, fans of your brand can be seen as both a maven and a connector. They just love connecting people with interests similar to theirs. They are great information providers as can be seen from recent studies conducted. Advocates of your brand are 70% more likely seen as a reliable source of information. They are also 50% more likely to create valuable social media content to influence future purchases.


What is more, is that they thrive on recognition and insider information from companies or businesses. Certainly, there is no mistaking that any business or company would be foolish not to use the powerful influence an advocate of their brand will have on people.