How To Build A List As Guerrilla Marketer Through E-media

Most online business owners are crippled technologically as they are clueless about list building techniques using e-media. Some of them do not even know how to create a squeeze page which is one of the main list building techniques used to get subscribers on your list. But, what if you were shown by a seasoned guerrilla marketer how to pull this off.


List Building Strategies That Works


Here are some innovative ways that will demonstrate how to build a list as guerrilla marketer by means of e-media:


  1. Squeeze Pages – One of the best ways to boost your list building strategies is to create highly effective squeeze pages as a means to attract visitors to your services or products that are on your website. A squeeze page is also a landing page to solicit or get visitors to give you their name and email addresses. They will then become subscribers of you.


  1. Free Gift of Value – Giving people who visit your website something that they would perceive as valuable is crucial to get them to subscribe to your list. It can be anything from eBooks, 25 page e-report on a topic of interest to them, podcast, or even free software that could be making them money. The point we are trying to make is that you need to have a good converting offer when making use of squeeze pages.


  1. Auto Responders – A good list building course will show you that you need a very good auto responder such as AWeber or even Get Response in order to follow through with your offer by making use of campaigns. Both these are highly recommended by top internet marketers due to the ease of using the various tools provided by them. Besides, companies like AWeber and Get Response make you look professional which in turn will help you build trust with your subscribers. They will see you as an expert and would willingly join your list.


  1. Create a Sales Funnel – The sole purpose of the sales funnel is to nurture your best customers or subscribers. It acts like a filter where you get to filter out any mismatches to what you have to offer. You are therefore zoning into your target market through identifying consumers who are ultra-responsive to what you have to offer. They key point to remember here is that you need to plan the processes involved in creating a super optimized sales funnel.


  1. Solo Ads – These are very cheap and effective guerrilla marketing tools to help you build your list with. Here you make use of an ad that goes out to your subscriber list. Someone who already have a credible list will transfer their authority over their list to you. They will therefore recommend your product or services to their list. This way you become a credible expert. The best source of traffic would be recommended traffic which is what Solo Ads will help you accomplish.


These are just some of the ways you as guerrilla marketer can become successful and attract targeted visitors to what you have to offer.