Guerrilla Marketing Know How – Just How Important Is PageRank?

Just Enough Knowledge can prove to be Dangerous to the Continued Existence of your online venture of offline venture.

As a devoted guerrilla marketer I soon discovered that a lot of information is available for free online. However, it does require a lot of effort and money to sift through it all. In addition I found that your chances of being successful is so much better when you make the effort to test it and test it again, before you take out more money.


One of the biggest problems when wanting to be on the first pages of Google is to put your trust in so called SEO experts who lead others to believe that they’ve got it all and will take you to number one in no time at all. You will find that one expert will tell you that topic x is the most important thing to use. Another expert in SEO will recommend you use topic y or topic z. Yet another will shoot all these theories down, and come up with their own set of rules for SEO.


From my years of doing whatever it takes to get successful online, I discovered that many would be marketers will accept certain SEO advice as the truth. Scrupulous SEO experts would make use of one or the other dubious method to hook you into doing business with them. How will you be able to tell the difference? On a limited budget, it is very unlikely that you’ll survive long enough to find out what really works and how you too can improve your PageRank, so you can attract the ideal prospect to your site. It is best you opt for guerrilla training so you can learn all the ins and outs with regards to SEO and other well-known marketing techniques to give your business the boost it deserves and move up in PageRank.


Another effective guerrilla marketing technique is using well-optimized content. You need to pay close attention as to how many times your keyword shows up, and in what manner. This is so as Google would closely scrutinize keyword density and usage. Other factors such as the title length, your domain name, and the value provided by your content all play a very important role with regards to how well you will rank on Google. In our experience instead of wasting too much concerning yourself with link building, you should rather work at improving your site content and position your keyword correctly.