Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying – Part 5 Marketing Your Business Through Print Media

You can be very frugal (user friendly cost effective way of doing things) using only a printer and some paper to market your business with as part of your guerrilla marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts can be very guerrilla like in a way by not making your efforts to market your business look to obvious.


For instance, if you happen to run a shuttle service for school children, you could gain a lot more customers by simply slipping in a business card or two at the next parents meeting of social get together or market day at school. I have been in the game of sales for many years now, and I can tell you that the printed medium still works very well in spite of the powerful presence of the internet these days.


Heck, you could even have your marketing ads printed if it is something that appeals to women, then have it covered in kisses with colourful tear-off slips that hosts your name and contact number on it. After all, guerrilla marketing is a way of marketing where creativity in getting a new business of the ground plays a large role. Advertising on foot is not such a bad idea at all, and something I have done successfully before.


The whole idea is to post printed ads all around certain locations where public bulletin or notice boards feature. Even some coffee shops would have a place demarcated for this purpose. Do not just leave it up to your printed ads to do the footwork for your business, but make time to talk to others what you are most passionate about, your business!


Maxi media mediums such as direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, radio spots, and other forms of printed advertising are often overlooked as effective guerrilla marketing strategies. Just look at billboards as an example. Until now they have been seen as pretty dull and uninviting. However, have you noticed what IBM managed to pull off recently? What they have done it establish an effective way to interact and advertise at the same time by simply bending their billboards to serve the needs of people. One of the billboards act a ramp for moms struggling to get their strollers to the top of stairs while another one would serve as cover for when people get caught in the rain. How cool is that?


This is the end of our series of guerrilla marketing tactics. If you want to learn more inexpensive ways to attract feet to your small business, then please head over to our next coaching and training course page where we will gladly assist you so you can come out tops.