Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Try – Part 4 Why You Should Form A Joint Venture And Branch Out

Never underestimate the power of joint ventures as a guerrilla marketing tactic of note. Doing so will allow you to share various marketing materials, lists and even offer special promotions on bundled products or services. Forming a partnership with another business owner who has the same interests as you, but without becoming competitive is the way some guerrilla marketers operate these days.


This is especially useful if you can tap into various resources and utilize the brain power of other powerful guerrilla marketers who like you think outside the box. Just think about it. It is a case of the one hand washing the other. Have you ever heard someone say “You wash my back, and I will wash yours” Giving a hand to other marketers by means of a joint venture is one way of branching out and reaching other horizons where you get to tap into their list of followers who may very well be interested in what you have to offer them.


What is more, an effective guerrilla marketing technique would be to feature links to one another’s webpages and mark it as related info or similar to this or the other product or service, and doing so on your homepage. This is powerful, and not something to be sneered at. You could label this type of information under a section called partners. It will show your visitors that you are supportive to other ventures and care about people in general.


On the other hand, you will be able to get a much need cash injection without worrying about how you are going to manage your marketing budget. When involved in any form of marketing which include guerrilla marketing, there is always a need which you have to fill from time to time.


What is more, the joint venture partners are often experienced in their respective niches, and have the ability to show you how you can avoid common pitfalls that is associated with marketing in the business world. On the upside, you may find that guerrilla marketing strategies cost you just about nothing. The downside however is that may not be as successful as you hoped you would be. This will mean you have to start spending some advertising dollars to push your visitors in the right direction. As this requires capital, making use of joint ventures may just be your best way forward.


You need to remember that your online business is exactly the same as any offline business would be. Utilizing the power of joint ventures to give your business the boost it needs might not be such a bad idea after all.