Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 2 Using Social Media In A Visual Way

Never underestimate the power of video and images in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Everyone nowadays are on the lookout for something visual they can share with their friends. As guerrilla marketer myself I can tell you that some of the best social media campaigns I used went viral due to fantastic images and creative video or photos.


Just of the top of my head, an effective guerrilla marketing tactic would be to turn the launch of your business into a short movie and posting it to YouTube. Through using Photoshop you could easily highlight your company name and position it at an unusual place like in front of a prominent landmark or so. With social media sites like Pinterest, you could post a series of photos and sort of tease your audience in looking forward to your next lot of photos. It can be real fun and result in a stream of visitors coming your way.


YouTube has always been a favourite medium for spreading the word about your business and should definitely not be overlooked as part of your guerrilla marketing visual strategy. You could even include a video within your weekly blog posts to help generate leads. Take a page out of my book, if you are going to feature in your video, then you should ensure you look presentable before going live.


Taking Social Media beyond the Ordinary


With so many business owners making use of social media as part of their guerrilla marketing arsenal, It’s simply not enough just to set up their accounts to then post some generic items once or even twice a week. Social media offers much more than that. Some business owners have really stepped up their game while others took a less serious stance.


How You Can Take Your Business to the Next Level through Social and Multi-media



Even though it has been reported that social media is a powerful advertising medium on its own, the most potent and innovative approach would be to combine all types of media such as TV, social media, and even smartphones. Nowadays, teens and adolescents make a habit of consuming any available media from the comfort of their laptops and smartphones. Therefore, it makes logical sense to integrate social media will all known media as the next guerrilla marketing tactic. Small to medium sized business who are able to get this under their belt will be the one who move forward.