Facebook Fanpages and Your Small Business Mentor

How can business coaching help you further your business online. You just have to look at social media platforms to realize the power of companies like Facebook. It is amazing what Facebook would allow you as a business to do with your very own Fan Page. There is absolutely no limit as to the number of Fan Pages you can have. You can create multiple pages within Facebook Fan Pages, then link it directly to the main Fan Page.

By enrolling your business to receive business coaching from someone like The Small Business Mentor, you will be well on your way to making your first fortune on the Internet. Once you get to follow all the essential steps needed to set up your fan page, you will come to realize just how powerful social media networking is. Through being coached you will be shown how easy it is to set up fan pages for your business. What we are talking about here is the customization of your Fan page to include optimized information about the services or product you are offering your visitors.

It goes without saying that any business would need a professional image that will capture people’s attention. The image will give your customers a better understanding of what your business is about.

Any business needs a professional image that will immediately capture Peoples attention. Your business image will help to show what your business is about. Getting exposed to business coaching from someone like The Small Business Mentor will put you in a very powerful position with regards to you business. You will be shown how and where to find all kinds of images that can be used on your site that is available from sites like www.Dreamstime.com or www.BigStockPhoto.com.

Amazingly, from here it is a case of editing your profile page that is situated just below the page title. It is very important to customize your Facebook Fan Page at this stage. The reason for this would be that you will have targeted visitors landing on your Fan Page who are actually looking at what you are offering.

On customizing your Fan Page, you should pay close attention to the following aspects as per The Small Business Mentor:

  • Name – Your Fan Page Title. Here you would want to incorporate keywords that are relevant to your page
  • Address – You would only need this field when you create a Fan page that links to a local business or service
  • About – It all depends what your Fan page is about as you may or might not need to complete all the profile fields.
  • Description – You should ensure you include keywords that will help your Fan Page gain higher PR in the search engines for the designated or targeted keyword
  • Mission – Do not be like most people that would leave this area blank. On getting business coaching you would most likely receive useful advice to show that you should take advantage of this opportunity to include a strong message that would really connect with your target audience. How powerful is that!