Defining Your Competitive Edge

In my opinion, the most important a thing you will ever learn about business is Competitive Edge. What is your competitive edge? Why should I as a customer do business with you?

If you can answer this question, then you are already a winner. I have asked this question to many business owners and the majority of the time all I get is, “Well, I give good service”. That is not a competitive edge. Good service is expected. When people buy from you, they expect good service. Good service is paramount and is important but what is really important is the step before they order. What makes you different?

If I want to do roofing at my home and say I get 5 roofing guys to come over. What are they going to do to make me choose them over their competitors? Is it price? Is it the speed of their quote? I hate waiting forever for quotes. The faster I receive the quote the more chance I have with going with that company.

Is it the company who brings over a glossy brochure? Is it the way they present themselves? Do they have a showroom? Do they have superior products? Did they even bother to follow up their quote? Were they helpful?

All these factors influence the way a prospect thinks. Do not just answer the phone; give a quote and then hope. So many people do this.

Why not help the client? I mean really help them. Spend time with them; show them that you care, that you can save them money, that you really want the job, that you will solve their problem.

After you quote them, call them back a few days later. It is so simple yet many business owners do not do this. These are simple competitive advantages that you can have with a bit more effort.

I would rather give 10 quotes and get 3 jobs instead of quoting 100 and only getting 10 jobs.

Think about what you can do better than your competitors and your sales will skyrocket.