Content Marketing And SEO Works Together

What comes to mind when you are thinking of SEO. Would your business coach know?

As we all know, SEO was this mysterious thing. You would have to write articles, then SEO it for even greater success (Since when is SEO a verb?), and hoping against all odds that your site or blog would move up in ranking on the search engines. It wasn’t long and the super cool and hip folks moved in with a new thing known as content marketing that was apparently very sophisticated and white hat, which is so much better than black hat techniques that were being used by so called SEO people in the know.

How Can SEO and Content Marketing Work Together?

With the transition to content marketing, some would think that SEO and content marketing are mutually exclusive. They would even go as far as to think that the two are in opposition to each other. Honestly speaking, nothing could be farther from the truth. Then you might as well think of SEO as a verb (something you do to the article).

Now, here’s the thing. When using SEO, social networks, and content marketing together, it is more a wholistic process done step by step, and not anything you would do to information. It so happens whenever you write some interesting content that is in line with what your audience want, and moreover, written in such a way that the search engines pick it up as natural content, that it turns out to be both useful and authoritative.

According to the Small Business Mentor, SEO, content marketing, and social networks are all part and parcel of what can be seen as a complete marketing strategy that would have amazing potential in building your business.

Would Building and Growing Your Brand Be the Only Thing that Counts?

Your business coach can honestly say, that it is more than that, You should also stay open. The whole idea that any of essentials we are speaking about can be considered as just a fad, is not true. It could have dire consequences for your business! You need to look at it long and hard to realize that your audience is actually online.

What would you think would be the first thing they would do when looking for a new service or product? They would “Google it!” That is right, one of the first places people turn to is the search engines. Occasionally they would use Bing, Yahoo or MSN, but in most cases, they would use Google.

The Small Business Mentor will indicate that if you are not close enough and listed on the first few pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs), then prospects will not find you. Unless of course, you happen to have a phenomenal amount of followers who spread the word about you. Having the idea that you do not need social media marketing is simply not true.

The best thing you can do would be to create content that people would want to share with their list of followers. It is so simple, yet often overlooked by most business owners who are so involved in all their back end work, and in marketing their businesses. Content that is interesting, and that gets shared, would organically beat any optimized content hands down.