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Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy – How To Position Yourself Better By Means Of Backlinks

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Anyone who possesses a blog or website would want to make use of an effective guerrilla marketing strategy that involves backlinks to get themselves recognized as expert marketers. As a result, you may be keen to discover how backlinks can improve the ranking of your site or blog.


The whole purpose of backlinks is to attract prospects to your site or blog once they came across a comment or post made by you. It is just another way of networking where your customers are not even aware of it. Why all the hype about backlinking. Learn more about it in our next section.


Why are Backlinks So Important


Backlinks serve to get any webmaster or blog owner to rank higher with regards to page rank. It is crucial for website owners to attract a quality backlink as it could either count in their favour or against them as far as getting top quality traffic is concerned. It goes to show how guerrilla marketers reason. They will do what it takes to rank higher on the search engines. There is no need to splash around a lot of cash to achieve this. All it takes is time and patience.


We looked at some useful ways on how to get backlinks that actually means something


Natural Back linking


You must guard against making use of automated tools where you would rake in 1000s of backlinks in a short space of time. This is not how guerrilla marketing works. Besides, Google loves natural backlinks. Do not fall for schemes where you get to submit posts to thousand of sites as this will bite you in the back and get you banned by Google.


How many Backlinks do You Have?


Make an effort to find out how many backlinks you have. This will ensure you know what authority you have in the world wide web universe. You could use Open Site Explore or SeoMoz for this.


Utilising Forums to Get Backlinks


Forums are a great way to obtain quality backlinks. Not only will it serve to improve your visibility on the search engines, but you stand a very good chance of improving your page rank. It is another form of networking as you would be sharing points that are related to what you have to offer. This way your blog or site will automatically become a backlink. How cool is that for an effective guerrilla marketing strategy?


As long as you remember to comment regularly and actively get involved in discussiont that relates to your niche. It is one of the best ways to drive good traffic and backlinks that would mean something.


More marketers than ever before realize the importance of FREE guerrilla marketing tactics to get your business the recognition it deserves. One should therefore never undermine the power blogging has to help you obtain high quality backlinks.


Backlinks are an excellent way to attract more traffic. Having said that, it is really about where they come from that makes a difference.


One way to get the best backlinks is through posting legitimate comments on blogs that rank high or blogs within your niche. This way you get to post your link which in turn serves as your backlink.


People who find your comments valuable and informative will most likely head over to your website. This is how guerrilla marketers would go about leveraging the power of backlinks.

What To Look For In A Quality Online Marketing Course?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The market place is currently inundated with thousands of online marketing course offerings that will leave the prospective client with nothing tangible that they can apply in their daily and routine business activities. There are however a select few that is designed by individuals that has achieved success in their own careers and make tools available to their clients to improve their skills and business practices dramatically. When investigating these online courses the client is well advised to research the author and his achievements before enrolling.


A great online marketing course written by a successful and published author is the guerrilla marketing course on types of marketing tools and skills that the business owner can apply in his own enterprises to grow his business. The author and presenter of the course will show the entrepreneur how to attract new clients and the required strategies needed to improve the effectiveness and service to their client base.


The online marketing course is designed for the use of internet marketing as the new tool in expanding a business into a huge and effective business conglomerate by following their simple and easy to use proven strategies. The business environment has changed so dramatically over the last decade that the skills offered at universities in marketing and business degrees has become obsolete.  Their value has diminished considerably as the skills taught have not kept pace with the new and exciting world opened by the advent of internet marketing.


The internet is a life medium and only a realistic online marketing course can keep the entrepreneur abreast of changes happening every second of the day. Enrolling on a course where the staff is active in internet marketing and has the track record to prove this can change the whole image and mission of the organisation that is ready to adopt these strategies into their own business environment. Having their experience and skills available as part of the course to discuss unique problems add value to the course.


The current financial climate has deteriorate over the past few years and the information gained from a top quality online marketing course and the latest strategies to improve your marketing share is vital for the future growth of a company. This is the best investment any organisation or individual can make to ensure they keep pace with the high technological strategies of internet marketing. Internet marketing will enable the entrepreneur to widen his client base and exposure of his products or services to an international market.

What Is The Three Biggest Mistakes An Online Marketing Course Will Highlight?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Marketing ideas that can be used in most businesses and is the core of a quality online marketing course. The effective online marketing course that is presented by experienced business entrepreneurs can highlight certain mistakes that are present in most companies and their marketing strategies. By using their past experience and having made the same mistakes this advice can help the participant in avoiding or improving the areas that is important.


The biggest problem that an online marketing course has identified in most participants it that entrepreneurs will prematurely abandon a great concept or idea after having invested large amounts of capital and energy into it. The online marketing course will teach the participants that repetition is the only way to get your message across to the clients. The mistake that most companies and marketing people make is to look at initial results and based on that may cancel the campaign. Ending a campaign prematurely will leave the marketing specialist without prove of failure or success.


The second important factor that an online marketing course will emphasize to the participants is the fact that most companies use to few tactics to generate new leads to grow their business. The suggested method is to find as many different avenues as possible to explore and use for the expansion of your client base. Companies or entrepreneurs must constantly evaluate the marketing ideas and strategies to keep abreast of the developments and changes in the market.


The last mistake that an online marketing course will identify as not being utilised correctly is the incorrect deployment of their strategies into areas that is unproductive and fails to yield profits to the business. When spending revenue on a strategy or marketing campaign the results that the strategy deliver must be measureable and must contribute to the profitability of the business. The employment of new tactics should only be considered once the existing tactics id working favourably for the company and yielding the desired results.


In summarising the advantages and benefits that an online marketing course can offer their participants the above three areas needs to be honestly and critically evaluated by the business owner. The entrepreneur on recognising the areas that need change or adjustment will see the immediate and drastic results this will make in the profitability of the enterprise.


The effective marketing strategies must be measurable and after running its course a decision on its effectiveness must be taken by the business owner.


What Is The Advantages Of An Online Marketing Course?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The advantages of an online marketing course lie in the fact that the course presenter is imparting knowledge and skills to the participants that can be applied in a practical way. The presenter has designed the effective online marketing course to help the participants avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that he has managed to overcome in building a successful business.


Most entrepreneurs doing an online marketing course has attended some form of formal tertiary education and afterwards realised that most of the material studied was outdated and totally impractical in the fast moving business climate. The presenter and author of an effective marketing course having being exposed to various business ventures that was successful can educated and lead the participants to achieve success.


When doing an online marketing course the participant is free to manage his organisation and at the same time start implementing the strategies learned on the course without being away from the office. The pace of the online course can be structures to coincide with the schedule of the participant.  During the online course the participant can experiment with the material received and the opportunity exist to share some ideas with fellow participants and the course presenter and staff. This exchange of ideas is a great benefit that could lead to increased value and functionality of the online course to the participants.


The strategy that is presented by experience and accomplished presenters of the online marketing course is ideas that the presenter has formulated through experience in their own enterprises.  Some of the strategies presented on the online marketing course is revolutionary and the unfortunate things is that formal tertiary training does not present this to their students. The online courses are also the domain of individuals that has put these new and revolutionary different strategies to work in their personal business ventures and has proved their use and effectiveness.


The benefit that an online marketing course can offer the organisation is that this can be used as additional training to improve the skills of the employees whilst improving the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of the organisation. Exposure to new ideas and concepts in modern marketing can improve both the profitability and growth of the company. Internet marketing is a new and exciting concept that some of the older and more settled organisations can use to increase their market share and also expansion into related products and services.


What Can The Experience Of An Online Marketing Course Presenter Have On Its Effectiveness?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Because of the mass of courses and online courses available in various disciplines on the internet the credibility and track record of the online marketing course presenter will have to be impeccable. The organisation or individual seeking to broaden their knowledge and use of modern strategies and techniques must be assured that the knowledge gained will benefit their enterprise. This makes the past successes of the presenter the focal point in the decision to invest both money and time into doing an online course.


The experience that the online marketing course is going to share with the participants must be advice and strategies that the presenter has used to improve the profitability of his company. The strategies that are presented must further be practical and the various advantages of using these strategies must convince the participants that it could be easily implemented in their respective businesses.


When the presenter of the online marketing course is an individual that has published a textbook or papers on the subject this will make acceptance of the credentials and the course easier to market. The image that the presenter will give to his audience when presenting the course is extremely important and participants demand that the presenter is capable of delivering the facts in a clear and simple way. The presenter must further be able to captivate his audience with the material and present proof of its effectiveness.


The content of the online marketing course must reflect the experience of the presenter as an entrepreneur that has managed and started a number of high profile businesses using these strategies. The businesses of the presenter should further prove that his experience and use of the strategies in not restricted to certain industries or products. The wider the field that these strategies can be used in the better the acceptance in the market will be.


The most important factor that participants of an online marketing course will demand is that the strategies is tested by the presenter over a number of years and in different situations. During the course the presenter should proving the facts in a way that the students can relate to and understand. This implies the some technical terms may require explanations to old school participants new to this concept of marketing.


Internet marketing for many entrepreneurs is still a foreign concept and although many have started moving their marketing campaigns in this direction they acknowledge that online courses can increase their understanding of this concept.

The Effective Marketing Plan That An Online Marketing Course Will Suggest

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The creation of an easy simple marketing plan is the vital component an online marketing course will teach their students. This document should be short and the staff must be able to understand the mission of the company and what the plan serves to accomplice. The best marketing plan that will work in most organisations and enterprises consist of seven parts and this will form the back bone of the marketing plan for immediate and future use.


The online marketing course will determine in its marketing plan what the purpose of the campaign is going to be. The campaign must clearly outline what it wants to achieve with the message and what the response of the audience to the message should be. How the clients will react to the message is important to the success of the marketing effort. The plan must further outline what the target market for the marketing campaign is and whether this target market is reached with the message. The marketing plan must be very specific as to the exact market they are aiming the campaign at.


The next vital component that the online marketing course is going to teach their students is the methods or media that is going to be utilized to reach this target market. Is the campaign going to use the main media or is the campaign strategy geared for less expensive campaigns such as bumper stickers. The course will further suggest that the most effective ways involve at least thirty or more different tactics to ensure an effective campaign. The campaign must outline the benefits that the organisation will offer their clients as opposed to use a competitor. Benefits to the client are extremely important and must be stressed in the campaign.


The culture of the company is a factor that is stressed in an online marketing course as this determines what the client will experience during their business dealings with your company and its staff members. The experience that the client takes away with them after a business transaction is vital as this is the memory they will have of the experience and how they were treated.


The last item that an online marketing course will teach is that a good and well prepared marketing plan must clearly define the budget allocated for that purpose. This expenditure in marketing must be either in a percentage of sales or a fixed amount per year that is budgeted for. Staying and spending this budget is important to ensure constant exposure to the market and must grow in relation to the sales of the company.

How To Learn All There Is To Know About Guerrilla Marketing

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Marketers live and die by being able to sell their services or products successfully online or offline. Unless, you happen to be one of the lucky few who can afford to pay for top of the range marketing services or marketing agency, you have to be your own best marketer. This is where guerrilla marketing comes in. Through making use of a host of innovative marketing strategies and tools, you can virtually market for free or at a low cost.


When talking about being a guerrilla marketer, we are not saying you need to go around and pester everyone around you. The way to do this is to come across as naturally and professionally as possible. Your main aim should be to gain exposure and attract buzz along the way. This type of marketing is especially suited to small businesses who struggle with limited advertising funds.


There are however a few essential skills that a guerrilla marketer need to display when wanting to learn how guerrilla marketing may help them.


Essentials Skills Every Guerrilla Marketer Need to Know


One of the areas where you could successful live out your skills as marketer would be as a blogger. You will soon be seen as an expert in your particular field of interest. After all, not everyone knows what they should know when starting out as a guerrilla marketer. You might have to hire a designer to ensure your blog come across as professional. The graphics and photos can be uploaded from places like stock photo for a minimum fee.


Networking or collaborating with others is another way to become successful in marketing your services or products. You may want to offer to do a guest post on someone else’s blog. This way you will be able to reach a wider audience and get to attract more visitors to your site or blog.


If you are in the service business, it might be a good idea to offer your services on various freelance job sites like Elance or other well-known sites. When you do your profile on these sites you could easily link to your blog or site where potential customers are able to contact you personally. It is certainly one of the more effective and free ways to practice effective guerrilla marketing techniques.


Most business people would carry a business card with them. This is something you could do too. But be careful in not overselling yourself on your business card. You need to keep it simple. All you really need is your name, your email address and the service you provide. Sometimes less is more effective.


The most popular form of learning how to practice your guerrilla marketing skills would be to perfect your email skills. You could draw up a short and powerful pitch about yourself and your services. One or two paragraphs will do. Again, you want to come across as professional and not be seen as a spammer. You could even offer your prospects a link or two so they can see your work. It is all part and parcel of how to learn guerrilla marketing.


Creating an Interest In Your Brand is a Very Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

It is best to analyze how brand awareness as a guerrilla marketing technique can contribute to your brand being recognized by prospective customers. When you look at your brand and how it may influence people either in a positive or negative way, note that as a company or business, you are up against companies who offer the same type of services or products you currently have. They may already have created an awareness of their particular brand through using social media such as Facebook.


As a matter of interest 84% of respondents visit Facebook, and more than 58% visit it on a daily basis. YouTube use is also high; 86% of respondents visit it, but daily use is lower, at 29%. Twitter has a 45% visitation rate, and 22% of respondents use it at least daily. In fact, if Facebook was a country, it would the third largest one in the world. While social media is significant, it’s not enough on its own to get your message across. People who advocate your brand are needed. Brand awareness proves to be a very powerful guerrilla marketing strategy as well as influential in getting your message out to targeted buyers.


How Fans May Prove To Have More Influence in Creating an Awareness of Your Brand


It has been said that fans of yours are three to four times more likely to recommend a particular brand online which will give your brand more exposure than just relying on the influence your product or service will have on its own. A fan is someone who used your product or service and are now actively promoting it without being compensated for it.


So, when considering using fans of yours to advocate your brand, you may want to look at more effective guerrilla marketing tactics you can use to curate more than twice as many communications about your particular brand than what would normally be possible. What is very useful, is that they could write meaningful content that will be shared on sites that are highly visible.


In the info media world that forms part of guerrilla marketing, online sharing is even more powerful due to the ease and comfort with which internet users get to share their experiences they had with a particular brand with their friends and family. This will more than likely give businesses a fighting chance against their competition.


How Advocates for Your Brand Are Great information Providers


There are three kinds of people who make social movements possible: salespeople, connectors, and maven. Now, fans of your brand can be seen as both a maven and a connector. They just love connecting people with interests similar to theirs. They are great information providers as can be seen from recent studies conducted. Advocates of your brand are 70% more likely seen as a reliable source of information. They are also 50% more likely to create valuable social media content to influence future purchases.


What is more, is that they thrive on recognition and insider information from companies or businesses. Certainly, there is no mistaking that any business or company would be foolish not to use the powerful influence an advocate of their brand will have on people.

How Guerrilla Marketing And SEO Will Get You Found On Google

Monday, November 4th, 2013

It is marketers dream to be found on Google. Especially if it can be on either the second page or first page. You want people to find your website and you heard that you need to make use of SEO and guerrilla marketing tactics that involves a good copywriting ability, and things like PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), email marketing, article marketing, etc. It will certainly be a very good idea to do what guerrilla marketers do who make use of their writing ability and outsourcing skills to get them on the first page of Google.


Guerrilla Marketing Tools that Helps to Attract Targeted Visitors


Advertising your business is just as important. There are several ways to advertise your business online, and getting your web design right to draw targeted visitors forms a very important part of you guerrilla marketing warfare and SEO. Capitalizing on the expertise of seasoned guerrilla marketers is one way to make it to the first pages of Google.


Once you made an effort to get your web design up to scratch, you need to devote time in sourcing optimal keywords so that potential visitors may find you on the search engines. To help you in your guerrilla marketing efforts, you could use keyword tools such as WordTracker so you can locate targeted keywords for your particular niche or offering.


Part of being a guerrilla marketer involves making use of effective headline copy, then utilize your writing abilities to create an informative piece that has relevance to your product or service for distribution to various article directories. You are in effecting focusing on getting good traffic to your site.


SEO – The Importance of Getting It Right


It involves a lot of sweat and tears to get your guerrilla marketing tactics to work, and there is a special science to getting SEO right which involves getting your web design right with content that is optimized with the right keywords and links that are strategically placed within your article.


Good content coupled with an attractive headline copy will instill trust in any visitor who lands on your website. It is also a great way to establish a good relationship with other webmasters and bloggers who will link back to your site without you having to ask them to do so.


As guerrilla marketer you should focus on ways to add more pages and more content to your website so that it adds value to the life of your customers. This is due to search engines viewing bigger websites as more reliable and prestigious. This is what guerrilla marketing is all about. You must look at every conceivable avenue to direct you to find ways to make the most out of your marketing warfare, so that you have all the right tools to get you on Google.


What You Can Expect From Guerrilla Marketers

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Guerrilla marketing is a kind of in your face type of marketing where marketer would rely on either word of mouth or viral marketing to get the word out about their products or services. This form of marketing often catches people unawares as it pops in places where one would least expect it. You will find that guerrilla marketer manages to make an impression that is long lasting as people cannot stop talking about what they just saw or heard. To pull it off would often involve using your imagination and elbow grease (hard work). This way you get to maximize your ability to get to your target market without having to spend too much.

Some techniques would be to offer free information that is value packed, getting involved in public speaking and answering any questions with sincerity and honestly. For instance, If you do not know the answer, then say so.


Various website building experts tend to offer their customers a host of all inclusive website and hosting packages where customer of theirs can choose from hundreds if not thousands of very professional looking template to customize it the way they see fit. In addition, you may even be offered a site building service with e commerce solutions as well as various add-ons, secure e shopping carts, and so forth.


My question has always been, will all the bells and whistles on offer make you money in the end. Guerrilla marketing is about to change all that. After all, your marketing budget does not have to be all that big for you to boost your brand. That it the beauty of Guerrilla marketing. It is specially designed for to accommodate low budget internet marketers. This can be done in a number of very cost effective ways that would include things like comments, posting links, images and videos as well as using social media mediums like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.


Another way to make headway would be through posting guest blogs where a back-link to your website is in there somewhere. My aim as guerrilla marketer is to help you as small to medium sized business owner for find what is working for you in terms of internet marketing, using social media, and a host of other guerrilla marketing arsenal to shoot your competition out of the marketing waters so to speak. All this is not just a dream as I am living proof of it.


What Makes Guerrilla Marketing The Small Business Marketing Solution

Monday, October 14th, 2013

One thing is for certain, and that is guerrilla marketing has a whole new approach compared to traditional marketing methods. This is covered extensively in various guerrilla marketing resources such as our site over at


The main differences are the following:


Instead of spending all your advertising dollars on traditional advertising media, guerrilla marketing would replace this with time, imagination and energy. Many of these techniques are free to use and specially designed for small to medium sized businesses. While traditional advertising would focus on brand preference, brand awareness, and market share, guerrilla marketing would focus on making profit instead.


It is easy to see why guerrilla marketing is the perfect solution. Besides, it mainly achieves success due to building strong relationships with competitors, suppliers and alliance partners. There should be no doubt in your mind that as things are getting tougher, more and more businesses are finding it hard to market and sell their wares. This is why guerrilla marketing, being a low cost as well as no cost marketing method is where place where people will turn their attention to when things get tougher.


Guerrilla marketing wins hands down in that it is a great tool for helping you get ready for a recession. In short, the Guerrilla marketing plan for any business should be short and to the point for everything to do with your business. Do not fall victim and be called a sheep and not a guerrilla as far as practicing marketing strategies are concerned. This is especially true during recession time when a lot of business owners lay low as they would reason that people do not have money to spend, so why waste time and effort in going all out with marketing what you think would be a good deal. During this time, you should utilize guerrilla marketing as an unconventional way of getting involved in marketing.


Some Questions that Will Provide answers.

  • What kind of outcome are you expecting using guerrilla marketing?
  • Are there any main benefits associated with guerrilla marketing, and what are they?
  • Who do you hope to target?
  • How strong is your marketing position?
  • What guerrilla marketing weapons will be used?
  • Do you have a real identity out there?
  • Lastly, do you have a budget to help you make provision for any unexpected costs?

Overall, going with a reliable guerrilla marketer like myself and the members of my team would be considered as the best way forward.

Guerrilla Marketing Know How – Just How Important Is PageRank?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Just Enough Knowledge can prove to be Dangerous to the Continued Existence of your online venture of offline venture.

As a devoted guerrilla marketer I soon discovered that a lot of information is available for free online. However, it does require a lot of effort and money to sift through it all. In addition I found that your chances of being successful is so much better when you make the effort to test it and test it again, before you take out more money.


One of the biggest problems when wanting to be on the first pages of Google is to put your trust in so called SEO experts who lead others to believe that they’ve got it all and will take you to number one in no time at all. You will find that one expert will tell you that topic x is the most important thing to use. Another expert in SEO will recommend you use topic y or topic z. Yet another will shoot all these theories down, and come up with their own set of rules for SEO.


From my years of doing whatever it takes to get successful online, I discovered that many would be marketers will accept certain SEO advice as the truth. Scrupulous SEO experts would make use of one or the other dubious method to hook you into doing business with them. How will you be able to tell the difference? On a limited budget, it is very unlikely that you’ll survive long enough to find out what really works and how you too can improve your PageRank, so you can attract the ideal prospect to your site. It is best you opt for guerrilla training so you can learn all the ins and outs with regards to SEO and other well-known marketing techniques to give your business the boost it deserves and move up in PageRank.


Another effective guerrilla marketing technique is using well-optimized content. You need to pay close attention as to how many times your keyword shows up, and in what manner. This is so as Google would closely scrutinize keyword density and usage. Other factors such as the title length, your domain name, and the value provided by your content all play a very important role with regards to how well you will rank on Google. In our experience instead of wasting too much concerning yourself with link building, you should rather work at improving your site content and position your keyword correctly.


Guerrilla Marketing Brand Building On A Budget

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It is no easy task building, then marketing your brand. But luckily, you can make use of various guerrilla marketing strategies to give your brand the recognition it deserves, this much I can tell you. This is especially the case if you are just starting out as an online business person or company. You may find the following tips to be useful when attempting to expand your business and realize bigger profit margins:


Building your brand yourself


Building a web presence in an all-natural way using guerilla marketing strategies, then publishing your website to showcase what you’ve got in terms of product or brand would be in your best business interest. Unfortunately most wannabe online marketers find it to be daunting and costly, not to mention the many hours it will take to make this happen.


The good news is that it does not have to be so as there is help in the form of top coaching techniques by guerrilla marketers like myself. G Training is geared towards helping new and existing small to medium businesses find what will works for them.


Making use of a professional looking site that is geared towards attracting targeted traffic is one suggestion. Knowing what you need to do to make this site work for you will take a lot more marketing knowledge than you think. Let me and my team provide you with the necessary guerrilla marketing techniques to get you where you want to be.


Whichever way you look at it, the key purpose of branding always stays the same. You must communicate effectively to your customers as to who you are, what it is you do, and how you go about doing it. Using the web is the simplest and most direct way of accomplishing building your brand on a budget.


After all, every business owner in Australia should make a name of themselves using a website. It literally costs a few pennies as organic search is still the best way to driver traffic to what you have on offer. This is the case whether you are a small or medium sized business owner who does not have the time or experience needed to drive traffic.


As expert guerrilla marketers, we can tell you that your main good should be to focus on getting new business. It is all about how you relay any messages to your customers and defining the image of your firm in a positive light.

Guerrilla Marketer Show How to Build Your List When You Are Just Starting Out

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Everyone who is into internet marketing knows the importance of having and maintaining a list. Several budding internet marketers often overlook the importance of their one single most power marketing tool, their list of email addresses.


Just think about it for a moment. You may already have the email addresses of people who displayed an interest in what you are offering them. Guerrilla marketers like myself want to help you make a huge difference and show you how to do business using known marketing tools like email list building.


Having said that you must make use of the email addresses, it might not be the only thing you require. This is where I and my team come into the picture as guerrilla marketers. Did you know that there are as much as 70 tips and more on how to build your list effectively?

Many of the techniques that were successfully used by me and my team are a set of very interesting marketing tools that we like to call the tool box of internet marketing and list building. You need to remember however that it is not what you have, but how you use it that counts.


While the key to making online lies in having a list, it is not what is on the list as to how you position yourself that really matters. An extensive list of contacts who do not have a passion for what you stand for may not mean much to you.


One thing I have learned through the years is that you need to commit yourself in continuously working on your list of contacts, provide value and establish a relationship with them. After all, one of the largest expenses for any new internet and existing internet marketer would be attracting customers to what you have to offer.


Most prospects would be prompted into opening the email sent if the subject line proves to be interesting enough for them to actually open and read the email. Another very useful tip kept in mind by us guerrilla marketers is to ensure that any marketing emails only gets send at a specific time of the day. A good rule of thumb would be send out mail just after 8pm and before midnight the time zone of the country you are mailing it to. This is a prime time where most people are sitting in front of their computers.


You must always remember to be consistent in your efforts and keep on sending marketing messages without annoying your prospects by sending it too frequently.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 1 Building Your List And Market It

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Any entrepreneur that are without a marketing budget do not have to throw in the towel yet. There are always ways and means to spread the word about your business as one very important guerrilla marketing tactic covered over here will show.


Often times it takes a little creativity and being around the places where your target market is most likely going to hang out. This would mean using every moment or opportunity to gain more followers whether it be at a sports event, nephew’s wedding or wherever, you have to keep making conversation and promote your business.


Guerrilla List Building and Marketing Tactics


Ten to one you already have a website. You will find that some form of SEO is present, you need to ensure that it is good SEO to guarantee a steady flow of traffic. The main idea is to direct visitors who will opt in to your list which in turn will allow you to make use of various marketing techniques to establish a good relationship going forward. How is this done?


Guerrillas know how easy it is to attract targeted visitors to your site which is something that I have come to master over the years. Providing value and giving something away for free is the first marketing tactic you can use. What is more, is does not have to cost you anything.


You can have your free offer in place which can be anything from a podcast to an eBook. Adding subscribers to your mailing list is the name of the guerrilla marketing game.


Having a Guerrilla Marketing Plan


Besides, who goes to war without having a plan in place? You need to strategise and plan you every move when involved with guerrilla marketing. Write your plan down and do not just have it all in your mind. Consider what a famous Chinese sage called Confucius once said – “The faintest ink is stronger than the clearest memory” We should all take a page out of his book.


In order to be successful with your list building efforts, you need do your marketing well enough which is why you have to have a guerrilla marketing plan. There are seven indicators to show you that your marketing efforts might not be good enough. Here they are:


  1. Your target market is driven by price.
  2. Prospects cannot see the difference between what you are offering and your competitors
  3. You are using out of date sales gimmicks
  4. Your plan for delivering your marketing message is not unified
  5. Almost all of the sales leads are only coming from your sales people
  6. Customers are not aware of all the services you offer
  7. You do not have a customer base


To be successful, you have to spread the word about your products or services. What is really nice is that it does not have to cost an arm and a leg as various types of guerrilla marketing tactics are available to you.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying – Part 5 Marketing Your Business Through Print Media

Monday, October 14th, 2013

You can be very frugal (user friendly cost effective way of doing things) using only a printer and some paper to market your business with as part of your guerrilla marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts can be very guerrilla like in a way by not making your efforts to market your business look to obvious.


For instance, if you happen to run a shuttle service for school children, you could gain a lot more customers by simply slipping in a business card or two at the next parents meeting of social get together or market day at school. I have been in the game of sales for many years now, and I can tell you that the printed medium still works very well in spite of the powerful presence of the internet these days.


Heck, you could even have your marketing ads printed if it is something that appeals to women, then have it covered in kisses with colourful tear-off slips that hosts your name and contact number on it. After all, guerrilla marketing is a way of marketing where creativity in getting a new business of the ground plays a large role. Advertising on foot is not such a bad idea at all, and something I have done successfully before.


The whole idea is to post printed ads all around certain locations where public bulletin or notice boards feature. Even some coffee shops would have a place demarcated for this purpose. Do not just leave it up to your printed ads to do the footwork for your business, but make time to talk to others what you are most passionate about, your business!


Maxi media mediums such as direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, radio spots, and other forms of printed advertising are often overlooked as effective guerrilla marketing strategies. Just look at billboards as an example. Until now they have been seen as pretty dull and uninviting. However, have you noticed what IBM managed to pull off recently? What they have done it establish an effective way to interact and advertise at the same time by simply bending their billboards to serve the needs of people. One of the billboards act a ramp for moms struggling to get their strollers to the top of stairs while another one would serve as cover for when people get caught in the rain. How cool is that?


This is the end of our series of guerrilla marketing tactics. If you want to learn more inexpensive ways to attract feet to your small business, then please head over to our next coaching and training course page where we will gladly assist you so you can come out tops.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Try – Part 4 Why You Should Form A Joint Venture And Branch Out

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Never underestimate the power of joint ventures as a guerrilla marketing tactic of note. Doing so will allow you to share various marketing materials, lists and even offer special promotions on bundled products or services. Forming a partnership with another business owner who has the same interests as you, but without becoming competitive is the way some guerrilla marketers operate these days.


This is especially useful if you can tap into various resources and utilize the brain power of other powerful guerrilla marketers who like you think outside the box. Just think about it. It is a case of the one hand washing the other. Have you ever heard someone say “You wash my back, and I will wash yours” Giving a hand to other marketers by means of a joint venture is one way of branching out and reaching other horizons where you get to tap into their list of followers who may very well be interested in what you have to offer them.


What is more, an effective guerrilla marketing technique would be to feature links to one another’s webpages and mark it as related info or similar to this or the other product or service, and doing so on your homepage. This is powerful, and not something to be sneered at. You could label this type of information under a section called partners. It will show your visitors that you are supportive to other ventures and care about people in general.


On the other hand, you will be able to get a much need cash injection without worrying about how you are going to manage your marketing budget. When involved in any form of marketing which include guerrilla marketing, there is always a need which you have to fill from time to time.


What is more, the joint venture partners are often experienced in their respective niches, and have the ability to show you how you can avoid common pitfalls that is associated with marketing in the business world. On the upside, you may find that guerrilla marketing strategies cost you just about nothing. The downside however is that may not be as successful as you hoped you would be. This will mean you have to start spending some advertising dollars to push your visitors in the right direction. As this requires capital, making use of joint ventures may just be your best way forward.


You need to remember that your online business is exactly the same as any offline business would be. Utilizing the power of joint ventures to give your business the boost it needs might not be such a bad idea after all.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 3 Creating A Meme Or Fun Character To Promote Your Brand With

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Take a tip from an experienced guerrilla marketer. Most business people get so involved in their businesses that they start forgetting that people are not just leads, but they are people like anyone else out there. If you do not take the time needed to come up with something fun and creative that will catch their attention, then you may as well give up trying as they will not even notice you or what you have to offer.


After all, you are dealing and communicating with human beings who thrive on something humorous. So be fair, helpful and make them laugh whenever possible. This will mean so much for your business and is part of what we guerrilla marketers stand for. Even though helping others cannot always be free, the fact remains that guerrilla marketing tactics are often times open to you for very little money.


Creating a meme or cartoon character that resembles what you stand for is a very innovative way to create a brand awareness and get a smile on people’s dial everywhere. All it takes is a little thinking out of the box and some creativity, and wham! Very soon you will have all sorts of visitors flooding towards you as they see you as another human and not just another business out to make money. I learned to apply this one guerrilla marketing strategy very early on in my successful online career.


In order to pull this off, you need to have a knowledge of your market. From the moment you set up your business to researching what your target market would value, you need to buy out the time needed as a guerrilla marketer yourself to evaluate what it is they want. Having a thorough knowledge of the market you are targeting is invaluable and crucial to the survival of your business in the future.

Once you have a true picture of your customer base, you would be able to successfully assess the viability of your business, and guard against the temptation to just push ahead. Therefore, you should take the time needed to carry out an in depth search and analyse the results. You will soon discover if what you are hoping to achieve will indeed be possible or not.

One such guerrilla marketing technique would be the ability to identify your target market based on your products or services. For instance, who would you be selling to, their age, marital status, sex, income and lifestyle, should you be selling to individuals. If you want to target businesses, then you need to know the size, service requirements and their product buying habits. As stated in the beginning, try and differentiate yourself from what others do and make your offer irresistible by creating a meme of fun character when you are promoting your brand.



Five Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Worth Trying Out – Part 2 Using Social Media In A Visual Way

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Never underestimate the power of video and images in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Everyone nowadays are on the lookout for something visual they can share with their friends. As guerrilla marketer myself I can tell you that some of the best social media campaigns I used went viral due to fantastic images and creative video or photos.


Just of the top of my head, an effective guerrilla marketing tactic would be to turn the launch of your business into a short movie and posting it to YouTube. Through using Photoshop you could easily highlight your company name and position it at an unusual place like in front of a prominent landmark or so. With social media sites like Pinterest, you could post a series of photos and sort of tease your audience in looking forward to your next lot of photos. It can be real fun and result in a stream of visitors coming your way.


YouTube has always been a favourite medium for spreading the word about your business and should definitely not be overlooked as part of your guerrilla marketing visual strategy. You could even include a video within your weekly blog posts to help generate leads. Take a page out of my book, if you are going to feature in your video, then you should ensure you look presentable before going live.


Taking Social Media beyond the Ordinary


With so many business owners making use of social media as part of their guerrilla marketing arsenal, It’s simply not enough just to set up their accounts to then post some generic items once or even twice a week. Social media offers much more than that. Some business owners have really stepped up their game while others took a less serious stance.


How You Can Take Your Business to the Next Level through Social and Multi-media



Even though it has been reported that social media is a powerful advertising medium on its own, the most potent and innovative approach would be to combine all types of media such as TV, social media, and even smartphones. Nowadays, teens and adolescents make a habit of consuming any available media from the comfort of their laptops and smartphones. Therefore, it makes logical sense to integrate social media will all known media as the next guerrilla marketing tactic. Small to medium sized business who are able to get this under their belt will be the one who move forward.


Defining Your Competitive Edge

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

In my opinion, the most important a thing you will ever learn about business is Competitive Edge. What is your competitive edge? Why should I as a customer do business with you?

If you can answer this question, then you are already a winner. I have asked this question to many business owners and the majority of the time all I get is, “Well, I give good service”. That is not a competitive edge. Good service is expected. When people buy from you, they expect good service. Good service is paramount and is important but what is really important is the step before they order. What makes you different?

If I want to do roofing at my home and say I get 5 roofing guys to come over. What are they going to do to make me choose them over their competitors? Is it price? Is it the speed of their quote? I hate waiting forever for quotes. The faster I receive the quote the more chance I have with going with that company.

Is it the company who brings over a glossy brochure? Is it the way they present themselves? Do they have a showroom? Do they have superior products? Did they even bother to follow up their quote? Were they helpful?

All these factors influence the way a prospect thinks. Do not just answer the phone; give a quote and then hope. So many people do this.

Why not help the client? I mean really help them. Spend time with them; show them that you care, that you can save them money, that you really want the job, that you will solve their problem.

After you quote them, call them back a few days later. It is so simple yet many business owners do not do this. These are simple competitive advantages that you can have with a bit more effort.

I would rather give 10 quotes and get 3 jobs instead of quoting 100 and only getting 10 jobs.

Think about what you can do better than your competitors and your sales will skyrocket.

Membership Site Ideas – Reasons Why You Should Start One

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

One often come across internet marketers talking about membership sites, and how you could create a very good recurring income for yourself through creating a membership site. In most cases, you will see that there are all kinds of membership sites, and that most of them are thriving in terms of the amount of members who are onboard. You just have to think of SFI where thousands of people become members on a daily basis to know what we mean. That is all fair and well, but how will this help you? What is more, what kind of membership would be the best one to start? Another concern you may have, is the amount of money you need to take out for membership scripts, specialized hosting, etc.

Before we delve into some ideas as to what kind of membership sites you can start, you need to know that it is not as difficult as some would make it out to be. You just have to think of the ease of using WordPress blogs when dealing with membership sites to realize that it can be fairly easy to manage. In addition, membership businesses are not as vulnerable to changes within the marketplace as other sites. Its been said that health oriented and building an online business membership sites are among the more popular ones in the marketplace.

On further investigation it was found that a lot of people are keen to join some of the following membership sites; Camping memberships, Membership for gyms, Travel sites for members. fitness membership sites, health club sites, memberships site creator membership, and more…

You will see that you don’t need to be an expert to start a membership site, and it would be in your best interest in the long term should you decide to create a membership site as it translates into a very lucrative recurring income stream. Furthermore, it offers stability as members are eager to belong to a community, and would be quite willing to pay a fee for the privilege of getting what they need on an ongoing basis. The owners of the membership site has the satisfaction of being able to interact on a regular basis with his or her clients. If you have a specific idea in mind, then you might be able to turn it into a membership site. You could even coach or give training through using a membership site.

It has been said, but we would like to re-iterate it again, that internet marketing is not like most people believe it to be, no hard work. Anything requires work, even a membership site as you need to produce regular content, interact with your members, and so forth. You may have struggled to make money online through various affiliate programs, tried your hand at blogging, and created some sites, all in the hope of a breakthrough.

But have you tried membership sites? Did you know that membership sites fetch a high price from business people and even investors as they are conscious of the value in having a buying customer base. Know that information sells. That is what makes membership sites so powerful. It often serves to inform members of life saving information should you have it in you to run a health membership site. Is it really so that you need to utilize expensive membership scripts and have a lot of technical know how to start a membership site? It will make for a very interesting as well as informative read to see what the eBook “Worldwide Membership Cash” has to say on the topic of membership sites.

How to Make Your Video Blogging Profitable

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

While video attracts a lot of visitors to your blog, there are certain things you can do with regards to video blogging that will have your prospects view you as a profession blogger.

For this to happen, you would need to spend some money which will also make you money down the line. Ideally, you should invest in a very high quality camera and top of the range microphone. You might even look into getting your hands on some very effective lighting equipment. In addition, you need to come up with some highly optimized video material that truly captures the attention of your subscribers so that they will be back for more on a weekly basis.

At a minimum, you should strive to post at least one video blog a week, and gradually increase your video posts as it becomes more popular. Once you have mastered the art of video blogging, you should look at monetizing your blogs to get a return on your investment. One word that always come to mind is ‘marketing’. One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to open it up to advertisers who will be keen to place their adverts on your blog due to the kind of exposure you have.

As long as you remain true to yourself and your followers by not coming across as an advertising site, it can be fairly lucrative to provide a bit of advertising to prospective advertisers. Most internet marketers and small business owners would tell you that it is a good idea to make use of Google Adsense. At least your visitors won’t be scared away from coming to your blog as they have to face pop up windows and other intrusive advertisements that take up most of the screen. You have to be careful which advertisers you make use of and what you will allow on your video blog.

Google Adsense,if used correctly, can very quickly help you to pay your car installment or cover other household expenses. It works in that you get paid every time someone clicks on your Google Ads that are displayed on your blog post. Essentially, you need to place your ads in strategic places so your visitors would want to click on it.

You will find the eBook “Video Blogging Cash System – The Ultimate Video Blogging Profit Plan” to be the perfect tool in showing you how to make Adsense Ads work for you. This eBook will even show you where you should be getting your videos circulated besides YouTube. In addition, you will be shown how to optimize your video blog posts for maximum exposure so your visitors will be taking action immediately after watching your broadcast.

Highly Effective Video Blogging

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Video blogging is pretty much the in-thing these days, and are often referred to as vlogging (Video + Blogging). It seems to be the new holy grail in getting others to pay attention to what you are saying. To make the most out of vlogging, you need to follow a few essential tips, which will be discussed next.

Highly Effective Tips for Vlogging

Capture people’s attention with what you are saying and make the information you are sharing useful by presenting tips and tutorials that people can benefit from. For instance, if you were selling beauty products, you could feature some of the best selling ones, and give your viewers an indication where they will be able to find these. You may even want to review one or two of the more popular products by featuring the benefits

Knowing how to edit your video blog will keep the audience entertained and focused. The recommended length for any video blog would normally be between 2 minutes to 12 minutes. The saying goes that short and simple does it for you. The main thing to remember over here is to ensure that the key thought was brought across to your audience to get them to take action on what they have just experienced from your video blog. In order not to bore your viewers, you should make use of some cool editing techniques.

Invest in a very good digital camera to take pictures with. Nothing can be more off putting than poorly taken images should you wish to do a tutorial or DIY demo when posting your video blog. People will regard you as unprofessional if you don’t use a good quality camera.

Your message should come across clear and done in an attractive way without distracting your viewers with sloppy pronunciations or weird facial expressions.

In addition, you should be quick in responding to any comments made on your vlog posts, and doing so in a respectful and courteous manner. As with any form of media, you will find people who will bash your video blog. The key thing to remember here is to take it with a grain of salt and focus on the positive feedback you get from interacting with your viewers.

In order to make the most out of your video blogs, you should link it to you social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more…

There are a few things that you’ll need to get started with your video blog. These would involve buying a domain name, getting hosting, making use of WordPress, get yourself a YouTube WordPress plugin, and invest in a good video player in time to come. Other things you would need is a fairly powerful computer.

Having said this, most entrepreneurs are not technically minded and will not necessarily know what programs to use, how to edit properly, or even create effective video scripts to promote their products or services thereby retaining their prospect’s attention all the way through to the point where they are ready to purchase the product. You can find some very useful advice from the eBook entitled “Video Blogging Cash System – The Ultimate Video Blogging Profit Plan”

Going Viral Providing Quality Content And Products

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Every Blogger or internet marketer would like their content, that promotes their products, to go viral. This way it will be shared thousands of times resulting in a massive amount of traffic to your site or blog. The only problem that you as marketer would have to face is that your server might crash as a result. To avoid this from happening you need to put certain things in place.

In addition, your blog or site content needs to be of a high quality so that your fans or subscribers would want to share it with their friends. While there certainly is no guarantee as to how well your content will be perceived by others, it still is well worth trying to give it your all. One way to achieve this is to let the reader think that they are missing out. You could be listing a problem and provide the solution in the heading of your content. This way the likelihood of your content being shared with other is so much better.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your content goes viral would be to position old information in a new way so your visitors will see it in a different light. You may even say something that isn’t the most popular opinion right now. People by nature are curious and would not be able to contain themselves in sharing something that is unusual or that was never seen before. You can be sure that your content will go viral if you brainstorm and always look at finding ways to share unusual events or news with your followers.

You could achieve this by writing an unusual idea or thought down the minute it comes into your head. It could even be emailed to yourself to ensure it is there for you to use later on. Often times by simply using the word ‘You’ in your title you immediately attract attention to your content. You better make sure that the body of your content elaborate on the topic you mentioned in your heading to ensure you do not lose your reader halfway through reading your article.

Making your content easy to share is something else you should always strive in doing. For if it isn’t easy to share, it will be going nowhere no matter how good your content is. Being an established blogger will also count in your favor as you will be perceived as an expert in your field and gain the trust of your readers. They will find that they are not making fools of themselves in front of their friends in sharing content that is worthless. However, if your visitors can see that you have been around for awhile and the information you share is always very interesting and valuable, they will not hesitate one bit to share it with their friends.

Through consistently providing high quality as well as thought provoking content while ensuring that it gets updated on a regular basis will ensure that it gets picked up and indexed by the search engines. Quality content is just one of many ways as to how you can ensure your information goes viral. Did you know that there are 20 other very useful viral traffic generation techniques you can make use of. To get to know what they are and how it can help you go viral it is suggested you read the eBook entitled “Viral Traffic Generation – 21 Ways to Flood Your Site in Traffic” by Anthony Khoury.

The Wonderful World Of Video Blogging

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

People like the visual aspect associated with watching videos. So if you are not utilizing video in your sales letter, blogs and sites, you are missing out big time on making even more profits. Video blogging is probably the most popular way of engaging your audience. In order to be successful as a video blogger, you need to acquire a certain amount of knowledge, apply various strategies and use the right tools.

You just have to think of video based sites like Meta Cafe and You Tube to realize that text based media like books, magazines, and newspapers take second place. Video proves to be a very effective medium to generate leads with. It is the ideal way to redirect your viewers to your squeeze page. In addition, video can be used to improve your search engine ranking, get more traffic, promote your brand, make your customer testimonials stand out, and more…

As small business owner you may be wondering how much it will cost you to become a successful video blogger. Surprisingly, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. On the contrary, videos can be made cheaply, submitted in such a way that you would attract a lot of traffic and views. What is more if you make a video and showcase it on You Tube while ensuring it is keyword rich, you have a very good chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

The best way to establish yourself as an expert is through using video when blogging. As long as you remember to present your products or services in such a way that it shows your audience that you are an expert on the subject matter. Even though your videos do not cost much to make it should still be of a high quality.

The three secrets to effective video marketing would be to create videos that speaks of quality, submit it in the correct way, and then promoting it through the right channels. Its been said that there is no better way to attract visitors to your blog than through video marketing. Most internet marketers found that through utilizing video marketing they were able to propel more viewers into taking action than what would have been the case if they only used text based messages.

Using video in your blog posts adds life to the message you want to bring across to your viewers. It truly motivates your readers and get them to take action on what they experience. In addition, video helps to increase the value of your product in the eyes of your viewers. People would often comprehend things better through viewing visuals that go on to either demonstrate the steps they need to take or make things a lot clearer through proper instructions being given. The Video Blogging Cash Systems sheds more light on the subject of video blogging.

Whats up With Pay Per Click

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

PPC can be seen as a wonderful asset to any website, provided your site have good quality content in place. What is also important is to regularly update your website on a daily basis. What is PPC, and why should business owners make use of it? Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a wonderful and very powerful advertising technique used on the internet that is found on Search Engines, advertising networks and websites. It takes the form of sponsored links that are found in the form of text ads. These are generally placed close to search results for which an advertiser would pay a specific amount to any visitors that will click any links or banners that will redirect them to the advertiser’s website.

PPC is about bidding for the leading position on various listings and search engine results. Essentially, advertisers would either buy or bid on specific keyword phrases that are relevant to their product or service. Amazingly, the higher your bid, the better your chances of securing a higher spot on the search results. This increases your chances of getting found, and for people to click on it to get directed to your websites. Some people would call it “keyword auctioning. As advertiser, you would have to pay the bidding price every single time someone clicks through to your site. Other variations of PPC are; Pay per Placement, Pay per Ranking, Pay per Performance, Pay Per Position, and CPC (Cost per click).

Generally, PPC ads are quickly implemented as they can go online within as little as an hour once you won the bid and paid for it. PPC will provide your with good quality and well-targeted traffic. In addition, it will widen you reach as it provides extra traffic to your site, and not just from organic searches. You could also track your investment as PPC advertising uses a tracking system to give you a detailed overview of your visitors activities. This is extremely valuable when it comes to determining your ROI, conversion rates and acquisition cost-per-visitor.

Below are some important things to consider when planning on using Pay-Per-Click as per the eBook “The Pay Per Click Marketing Guide”

You get to ensure maximum Web Promotion using PPC. But there are certain benefits and drawbacks with regards to PPC

Due to very high rates in placing ads on TV and print, small business people are utilizing the faster growing approach that internet marketing brings them. In turn it brings their products and services much closer to people. One very popular internet marketing tool to help business people achieve this is PPC advertising. All it takes is to pay a fee every time that someone clicks your ad which is done through a bidding process. Should you be the top bidder, then you can be sure that your advert will take the number one spot on all the Search Engines.

As with everything there are various Pros and Cons associated with PPC that is discussed in depth by the “The Pay Per Click Marketing Guide” eBook.

But how would PPC advertising increase traffic, leads and sales?

This would take the form of Pre-qualified traffic, Instant exposure, and consistent top listings.

One thing any business owner should remember about PPC advertising is the importance of using the right keywords and phrases. In essence, you should select a specific number of keywords, 10 in fact, to give you the best traffic when users conduct their search. Secondly, you should ensure that your ad is creatively done and that you do not try and bulldoze your customer about what they can expect from your product or service. It should live up to its promise.

Important too would be to use lingo that is clear while including sufficient details about the price of your services or products. Do not forget to budget your bids as overbidding will make that you lose a lot of money. On the other hand, going to low will mean that your advert will never show up. You should always check your profit against your spending. If you do not see any progress made, then it would mean that you need to drop the ad campaign.

Even though PPC advertising is fairly new in online marketing, you can be sure that it will continue for many years still. This would mean less advertising expenses, more sales, savings, and a positive ROI as well as ad campaigns that are very effective.

The PPC Marketing Guide Book will go on to discuss how one can create a profitable PPC management campaign, how PPC bid management works, bid management tools to use, what does the PPC Appraisal Program involve, discuss two types of affiliate programs for PPC, and lastly should you opt for SEO or PPC?