Business Coach – Don’t Be A Salesperson; Be A Problem Solver

I tell all my coaching clients that sales is the one skill you have to master and it is not very hard to do.

Before I started my business, I knew nothing about sales.  Sure, if you asked me about pizzas, I could tell you why they’re fantastic, but let’s face it, if a person walks into a restaurant; they are usually guaranteed to buy something without your sales skills. So once again, I was entering into a whole new world.

What I did know was that I had a product that I believed was superior in the printing industry and I was ready to tell anybody who would listen. I was never formally trained to be a salesperson.  Everything I learnt was self-taught, and through my own experience, I gathered the relevant tools and skills which I think are most useful and effective when you are selling any product. Although I sold online, I would do door to door sales after work was finished. Picture this, I sell online to the US from 12 am to 8 am, get 3 hours sleep, then do door to door sales in Australia. It was exhausting and stressful but I didn’t care.

Failure was an option. I learnt pretty quickly that when I stopped trying really hard, sales would just flow. Whenever I tried to remember a script or tried to SELL, it rarely worked. It got to the point where I would turn up to a business owners door and simply say, “Hi, I know you’re busy and I don’t want to waste your time but I have something that that I think will really benefit your business” That was it, very simple.

This did 2 things. One, it made the prospect comfortable and he could relax and more importantly you have set up the scene for a potential sale. The biggest challenge for any kind of sale is the “I’m not interested” response. I have said it 1000 times myself and smile when I actually say it because I look forward to see what the salesperson says next. If it is bad, I will hang up, if it is good, I will listen. You literally have a short period of time to make a good impression and set the scene so there are a few things that I have learned over the years. Sales are without a doubt the lifeblood of your business, your oxygen.

If this runs out… well you know what happens, it’s over, real fast. This is business coach rule 101, sales cures all evils.